Another Type Restriction Tournament - Round 1

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lost, gg. fun to see the elec spam, knew it xD
glad someone else brought electric spam, tbh I expected it from most players and I was afraid my lone assault vest thundurus wasn't enough. Luckily my opponent was stupid enough to bring a team that suffered heavily against volturn spam, so after turn 8 he forfeited saying "yeah i cant play these people hf being bad".

seriously though, the point of this tournament is to push innovation and quick adaptation to an altered version of the metagame, if you bring one of the few groundless teams you're using in regular ou play you deserve to lose to stuff like CBStaraptor + MManectric volturn chain.


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Nope guy. U just tried to fake the type that was banned. I asked u if was ground, and u said "it's fire". But it's ground. So maybe next time :)
a couple days ago when i told my opponent i would have to postpone for a half hour he didnt respond but continued to respond to other messages on him wall. Afterwards I messaged him asking if he was ready but he hasnt replied for almost an hour.
I missed my original scheduled date, and when I asked if my opponent would rather take the win or reschedule they suggested yesterday as a possible day.

I said that could work but still no response from them so far. Will update.
My opponent contacted me and I responded, but I still got no reply for the schedule. Hopefully we'll get the match done for this weekend.
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