Another Type Restriction Tournament- Round 2

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round I
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Another Type Restriction Tournament: Round II

Welcome to another rendition of the type restriction/reduction tournament! This tournament format tests your ability to build teams under limited typing conditions. A type will be banned from all teams at the beginning of the tournament, and you're challenged to adapt to further bans and required stipulations at the advent of each round. The overall restrictions are not cumulative, but the previous round's ban will be a required type in the proceeding round.

Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Single elimination tournament - one loss and you're out.
  • Matches should be played in the ORAS OU tier.
  • Matches are best-of-one (save and post replays for confirmation).
  • Every round, a new type will be banned (non-cumulative), and the previous round's banned type will be required, i.e:
    • Round 1 prohibits the use of Fire-types.
    • Round 2 prohibits the use of Electric-types but requires at least ONE Fire-type.
    • Round 3 prohibits the use of Fighting-types but requires at least ONE Electric-type.
1 Ground-type Pokemon required per team; Grass-types are banned.

Deadline for matches is 9/23.

SwedishBiscuit vs Bouffalant
FLCL vs Peli
metaphysical vs Shruggy
Mychael vs ArchPhantom
vs qsns
Dr Ciel
vs Wheezer
vs Vertex
Crash Your Face
vs Lfrs
vs Curtain
littlelucario vs Mounts
PikachuCandyツ vs Max Carvalho
ssjjynx vs Rollout Shuckle
-Snow vs NotAGymLdr
Catniss Everdeen
vs BelmontGabriel
Ruppy vs TewMew
Tricking vs Mael
Hec vs pokebasket
Genesis7 vs Alvis astley
Fire Blast
vs SparksBlade
vs teamsnickers
fleggumfl vs SamuelBestt
jacob vs TheInsanity
TheKingKarp vs The Idiot Ninja
TK67 vs quagback2qc
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opp missed scheduled time and even though both of us were on about ~2 hours after scheduled time he didn't bother coming to smogtours to play our match. I'm not going to chase him around to play this, I'll schedule a time and try to play the game if he does show he cares about this tournament, but just in case he doesn't and we don't end up playing, activity.
giving my opponent the win, just dont have time for tour.. i do want to say however that i was NOT on when he was on so idk if thats a smogon glitch, but i still give him the win
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