Tournament Anything Goes Premier League - Week 5

Won in three vs ice, really great series and I'm happy to bounce back after my horrible performance last week. I'll refrain from making a post on my experience I had this agpl for a bit, especially since yeets are still in it. Overall I'm happy to go positive and put my name out there more. And yes, I brought heatran. g1 g2 g3
Gl yeet squad, gl to playoff teams. Adios!


The turtle moves
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I did a big goof with the standings, thanks Skarph for catching. I had all the W/Ls right but I had Pichus down as tying in week 3 instead of winning. This means that they had 4 points going into this week instead of 3. Fortunately I don't think anyone was throwing the week because of an incorrect forecast since every team had a chance, but this does change who is moving on. Even with their win, Houndooms don't have guaranteed playoffs since the Pichus are guaranteed a better W/L. If Pichus manage to tie the week (which comes down to Thimo beating Chloe), then they'll still clinch third place and go to semis vs the Nidokings.

tldr if thimo wins, pichus are in playoffs. if chloe wins, houndooms are in playoffs. vivs go to finals, both teams would play nidos in semis

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