Tournament Anything Goes Snake Draft III - Player Signups [Auction January 21 @ 7 PM -5]

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Party rockers in the house tonight
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Player Name: GarrettOnSmogon
Tiers: SV, SS, SM, ORAS (all as sub)
Timezone: GMT-5
Foreseen Inactivity: I don't really have interest in any of these tiers anymore, but I exist and could play a game.


are you bored yet?
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Player name: pichus
Tiers: Signing up for all except SS cuz of tier lock, but I only want to play SV and Bo3 if you get me a SS tutor :).
Timezone: +5:30
Foreseen Inactivity: None, but I might refuse to play after w2 if my manager/sv support is inactive. Do not draft me if you wont help me prep at all.
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