Arcanigon's Art

Welcome to the studio!
I really like how simple your art is, it shows solid coloring and just a stoke to show highlights and shading. I like it.
For advice, I find many of the bodies to be a bit odd looking (i.e. your Latios seems a bit fatter than normal and Milotic seems a bit too thin) so to remedy this would be to use the Pokémon you are drawing as a reference and to examine them while you draw them. Also, I would also work on poses/proportions a bit too (I struggle with this too). For poses, you could do many options with that:
1. Get a manikin and use that to pose the pose you want (though it's not so great to use if you drawing quadpedal things).
2. Use yourself (or a friend, etc) as a reference and take the picture of it and using both the Pokémon and the pose and render both of them in.
3. Maybe look up some pictures of animals and copy their poses (i.e. typing in bird in flight could help you with drawing Aerodactyl).
Anyways, keep up the good work!

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