Art Stuffs from a Sunfish


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rem is a horrible love interest


Regional Rodents, based on hamsters that hide things in their fur

rare ocean mons. They have a unique ability to recover HP during Sunny Day

Fossil 2! Their breath is so cold, it can instantly freeze flesh

generic mountain mookmon

hangs around graveyards, giving people bad luck

they leave behind trails of sparks wherever they hop

regional psuedos, based on dragon/lion dancing and randomly assorted heating furniture

Other Art

My attempt at CAP24's Prevo contest (that got 2nd place ;w;)

my oc's

my artfight attacks on other people's oc's



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Oh I love it, the coloring's so charming
Out of curiosity, what is the green symbol? It reminded me a lot of Gym Leader Morty's scarfpin.
The green symbol is a "soul", something hugely relevant in my characters' universe!

last batch of oc's

first batch of attacks!

Vector by space_kangaroo!

Ziggy by OtterPower!

Whisper by Xiapher!

Scarlet by misnina! (Nina@Pokecommunity)

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