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4. The following are frequently asked questions. Please do not ask them.

How do I start my own server?

See this thread.

I use OS X and my battle window (and possibly other windows) are stretched and/or otherwise glitchy. What do I do?

See this thread.

Can I run Shoddy Battle on my iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pilot or other device that isn't a personal computer?

No, you can't.

Will there ever be a version of Shoddy Battle for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pilot or other devices that aren't personal computers?


When I try to go to, I get a blank page, or I get redirected to Google. What's wrong?

You probably have a trojan. See this thread.

How does the rating system work on Shoddy Battle?

See this thread.

I can't select an HGSS move, why not?

Build your team on the Smogon server or any other HGSS aware servers. The default metagame does not have HGSS moves.


Anybody is free to answer questions posted here.
Ummm...well, i don;t think this got answered in the old thread, so...

I noticed i can actually give all 510 EVs in one stat if i want, and that stat does increase by 1 every 4 EVs, so what's wrong?Coz i know this isn't meant to work like that
^I answered that right at the end of the last thread:

Naxte said:
You can type in any number you want into each box. However, if it's above 255, when you try to save the team, you should get an error message like this, which pretty much explains it all:
" ____ is an invalid Pokemon for the following reason: No stat can be allocated more than 255 EVS.

This error does not prevent you from saving the team,
but you will be unable to use the team in battle until you correct it."

If you don't get that error message, than yeah, something is up.
Yeah I asked a question in the Suspect thread I guess I'll ask it too here:

My Suspect Rating with my first account got up to about 1000 after a few wins and then suddenly was at 0.00 ... a kind user pointed this out to me in our battle and I was pretty pissed.

So I go to my second account and I get up to 1324. Now I check to see if I'm on the leaderboard since I got a higher ranking than other people, and no, I'm not. So I continue battling. 2 wins later, I want to see how I'm doing. I'm on a winstreak of about 10 so I feel like I'm going to get quite a few points off of those battles, but it's still at 1324. Still not leaderboard. Two more battles, 1324, no leaderboard. What's happening?

A note: My ranking moves up and down on both the OU and UU, but I haven't tested Ubers (although it's negative I assume that's okay and I just epic failed at some point.)
I somewhat assume it's too late for this, but were do I post suggestions for SB2? I had an idea that we should have a "friends" feature, for people that you frequently battle so you don't have to search 300 odd users to find the person you are looking for, and a feature that allows you to ask for battles from these "friends" in a non invasive way even when they aren't accepting challenges.
Can my rating drop from 1605 to 1599 in three days, because I want to vote for the UU suspects, and voting is in three days. I have to have a rating above 1600 and a range below 55. I know they both drop if you don't play, and I'm safe for the range at 45, but I'm worried my rating will drop. So how quickly does it drop if you don't play? I couldn't really tell from the thread.
Idk why, but I keep getting disconnected on the Smogon server. During battles, my timer will go down even when I make a move, and I can't talk on the chat. I know it's not my internet because I have like a near perfect connection. Is it something with my Java or what?
I'm sure you've heard this question all too often, but will you fix the last pokemon explosion bug where if you and your opponent each have 1 poke left and you explode and kill the opponent, you win?
That is not a glitch. The damage is delt to the opponent first, in a matter of priority. Shoddy views that as a 'kill' on the opponent. Before the user takes damage, shoddy ends the battle. This is so that if both pokemon faint on the same turn, it wont come out a draw.
I have a question.

When I log in to shoddy and win my first match, my cre drops.
Is this suppose to happen? After my drop of cre after winning, then i start to gain cre. Why is this?


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I have a question.

When I log in to shoddy and win my first match, my cre drops.
Is this suppose to happen? After my drop of cre after winning, then i start to gain cre. Why is this?
Yeah, its normal.

For me, that happens around 11:30 PM if I'm up battling. If not, it happens whenever my next battle is. I'm not exactly why this happens, but it probably has something to do with the statistics behind the rating system.
Not sure if this been answered before but how do you add,remove, and/or create moves, abilities, etc...onto a Pokemon? None of the guides actually talk about that in any detail.
This works for moves, not abilities. I forgot how to add abilities...

1. Open (idk where it is)
2. Find a move like the one your looking for.
3. Edit its stats to complete the move.
4. Add the name to the list of moves.
5. Save.
6. Open your patch and type...
*Pokemon to get move*: *move name*, *move name 2*;
*Move name 2 is if you add 1+ moves.
7. Save.
I'm trying to set up a server, but port forwarding and static ip just confuse the fuck out of me, particularly since they assume knowledge about things on that I have no idea about. Anyone able to help?
i cant seem to donload this program it says the pulblisher is unknown ive donlaoded it like 60 time but it will never appre in the start up mena or launch... i'll try the steps again...
I am using a laptop macbook, and sometimes when people challenge me, It says that they withdrew the challenge, when the person says that they have not.
has this happened to anyone else?
about 50% of the battles I do work, 50% don't

You can change the generation in the file.
I believe the metagames, built in are:

Advance.metagame (Advanced Metagame)
Jewel.metagame (R/S/E Metagame)
Platinum.metagame (Platinum)

Just Ctrl + F the for Platinum.metagame, and replace it with the above.
How would I go about editing or making new .db files containing species and movesets? I know it's stored in some binary format but I haven't figured it out yet.

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