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Skarmory, Hippowdon and Bronzong are the three that come to mind. Forretress/Steelix aren't as popular but can work. Really, it's all about the rest of your team, obviously you won't want Hippowdon if you use alot of Focus Sashs' or Skarmory if you already have a big Electric weakness.
Gliscor, Skarmory, Weezing, Slowbro are some good examples.

I need the answer to my question, please!

Is it possible to use Guard Swap in Single Battles? If so, does the effects stay even when the opponent switches Pokemon? I've got a pretty good Alakazam moveset that might work...
Wait... does it swap the Defenses or just the boosts, like Iron Defense?
Phoenix, I think that question is better suited to the research thread. And yeah, Gliscor and Weezing are also very good physical walls.


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The Syncro overworld ability would work with any pokemon. Just like you would, just save before you battle it. Catch it, and check the nature.

What moves does substitute block, or what doesn't it block if that would be easier?
Substitute does the following: Blocks all status affects that your opponent may try to inflict you with, I.E. Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, etc. It also prevents moves that carry an additional status affect from afflicting your pokemon, i.e. Burning from fire moves. It will not prevent you from causing those ailments to yourself, like using rest. I'm also almost positive it will not protect you from a pokemon's ability such as rough skin, effect spore, etc. It will also block your stats from being lowered, but the same rule applies, you can still lower your own stats.
This is going to make me sound a little bit dumb, but how do people calculate things like:
How much attack/special attack choiceband/specs will give you?
the same with choice scarf.
This is going to make me sound a little bit dumb, but how do people calculate things like:
How much attack/special attack choiceband/specs will give you?
the same with choice scarf.
Choice items boost their respective stats by one level. Basically, take 50% of a Pokemons regular stat and add it on.

Example: Alakazam has 300 SpAtk normally. With Choice Specs, it would have 450 (300+150).
phoenix, guard swap only swaps defensive boosts, not actual defenses. A lot of people have had the same idea as you since DP info came out, only to realize what guard swap actually does. Please look in the move descriptions in the DP analysis thread.

What is a good sp def stat for a bold sub/seeding celebi? What are some pokemon that celebi would want to ev for so it can damage back with psychic?
Assuming the giant substitute post is right, substitutes CAN be affected by Perish Song.

Does Flatter boost the damage of confusion? Since it only boosts special attack, I thought it didn't, but Swagger did...
Is there an item cloning glitch other then the GTS cloning glitch, that doesn't involve cloning pkmn, but only the item? =x
I grabbed a Smeargle on Emerald and already had it sketch Fake Out, Encore, and Thunderpunch. I might as well add on another egg move for a Jolly Infernape. Out of Fire Punch, Double Kick, Focus Energy, Helping Hand, Blaze Kick, Counter, what should I add? I'd rather breed only egg moves, not TMs. This way if I ever need an Infernape with any usefull egg moves I will have a clone of my final IV bred poke ready to be trained accordingly.

Edit: Fire Punch and Blaze Kick are outclassed by Flare Blitz. Double Kick outclassed by Close Combat. Focus Energy is almost never used. Helping Hand and Counter seem to be the only ones that could be useful. I'm learning more towards Counter, but might Helping Hand be useful on Infernape in 2 vs 2?
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