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5. Do not ask for Action Replay or other external device codes. Use Google for that.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does [move / item / ability] do?

Check the links in this topic before asking: (outdated, getting to fixing this)
Also read the first post here:

Is there going to be a suspect test?
We hold suspect tests on a need-basis. If you feel something is in need of being suspected, feel free to post about it in the current np: thread.

What Pokemon are NU?
A list of legal Pokemon in NU can be found here.

What is banned from NU?
You can see everything we've banned from NU here.
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it's a skorupi egg
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What are some good Pokemon in the current tier?
I mean archetypes or just single pokemon.
We have lots of good offensive Pokemon (stall is almost impossible js). Archeops, Feraligatr, Zangoose, Pyroar, Barbaracle, Sceptile, etc are just a few threats we have. Personally I find Spikes stacking with Accelgor/Qwilfish + pivot + wallbreaker + sweeper quite a good structure to have. I also like Sticky Web with Leavanny in our tier. Go read the np thread cos there are a number of threats explained there

is this the best tier ever
stupid question obviously yes


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Also is there a list of the pokes in the tier? I know the Sigilyph suspect page has RU stats for May, but if there is a pastebin list or something to reference that would be helpful


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^^^ yeah, but it doesn't have everything, like crustle or mightyena for instance. Still good pokes to use even if they didnt make ru cutoff

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