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This is a little vague but it could help you somewhat.
[In Pokémon Black and White, there are three move tutors in Isshu - one in Hodomoe City, one on Route 13, and one in Souryuu City. A man in his house in Hodomoe City teaches the newly-introduced Oath moves, which can be combined with each other in double and triple battles for additional effects. As before, the elemental Hyper Beam variants can be taught to happy fully-evolved starter Pokémon of each respective type, with the new move tutor being located on Route 13, and Draco Meteor is taught by Souryuu Gym Leader Shaga or Iris, depending on the game, with the same restriction as in Generation IV.]
Thank you, I was being vague because I wanted information about these types of tutors as well. Sadly it sounds as though this means the other types of move tutors haven't been found yet...
This has probably been asked before, but since I couldn't find an answer...

Can Rotom formes now be used in B/W wi-fi battles without the use of Action Replay?


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Thank you, but I do not want a list of Special Defence. I already know of the highest Special Defenced. I want to know what is the most effective special wall, as Shuckle, the highest on the list, is destroyed by Taunt.
Blissey is as good as ever in gen 5 and Burungeru is pretty good too thanks to his awesome typing and instant recovery.
you could try Cresselia but it gets destroyed by the fire moth, Shandera and it cant even switch safely into Sazandora sice it often uses u-turn, not to mention her trouble with Scizor and T-Tar.

@Bulbasaur yes you can use them over Wi-Fi now
If I kill my cover legendary (zerukrom I think) does it respawn after beating the elite 4? Also, where? Also, where is the ive check person and what symbols mean what ivs?
I feel salamence will keep inti instead of overconfidence for outrage
Okay, so I connected to Dream World for the first time today. It was fun, I like the minigames there. Still, I have a problem, because even if I succeeded in the minigames, no pokemon actually joined me. Where do I have to click to do it?(right after winning the minigame)

Or do I need National Pokedex for receiving DW pokemon?
Anyone? I really want to know. Please.
Has there been any serious discussion about standard clauses in B/W? Such as whether testing will be done concerning Evasion, OHKO, Sleep, and Species clauses?


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What exactly are Dream World attacks? Are these moves that Pokemon can only get in Dream World or are they nothing special at all?
Yes, they are, but they are still mostly nothing very special. There is a thread open at the moment.

Has there been any serious discussion about standard clauses in B/W? Such as whether testing will be done concerning Evasion, OHKO, Sleep, and Species clauses?
Yes, there has been discussion, but as with everything else it is all difficult when we know nothing at all about how the metagame will end up, and in addition we will probably end up testing other things first.
By serious, I meant like dedicated discussion, as in a thread with people who will probably have an influence on the whole thing chiming in. But you make it sound as if there is an assumed plan to keep them in place while individual pokemon are being tested.

I'm honestly only asking because of all the preemptive banlist discussions, and the rift between people who want no pokemon bans at the start and those who want to start with a banlist.

It just seems to me like no preemptive pokemon bans and no initial clauses are two ideas of the same mold and thus there'd be something good to read about it.


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I don't think there has been anything like you're saying. The closest is this, but that was a discussion about gen 4. They basically decide at the end to wait for gen 5 to decide completely, but I think that it will be like the Pokemon testing: a moot point for some time, because (a) we have no reliable simulator at the moment and it will be some time before we do, and (b) there is so much controversy elsewhere (DW abilities, banning etc.) that it will all probably take some time to work through, although I can guarantee there will be people asking for no clauses at the beginning, when stuff does end up being tested.


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Yes. Or, it did in 4th gen, and I don't think anyone has checked yet. I also can't imagine it would have changed.
Two things

1- Does friend code wifi battles have the same hack check that random wifi does?

2- Is it actually confirmed that anyone is working on a simulator for 5th gen?
So i'm having trouble ev training. i have pokerus, the power items and ev training in sports but i dont see the big increase. Also where exactly is ev checker girl in pokemon black.
Hello everyone !

Does someone know if there are more than 2 Exp.Share in the game ?
'Cause I lost mines very clumsily, and I'd really like to be able to EV Train more easily ^^".

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