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  • Are you getting Deino from someone else? And which nature do you prefer on Scraggy? Any EMs? If it's something I plan to put on them anyway, then I'll work on getting them as well.
    Oh sorry, I used the french name ! I already added you I'll meet you online, thanks a lot !
    If I can repay you some other time with some kind of service, do not hesitate, thank you :)
    No problem. I usually have a lot of Pokemon to breed and that need EV training, so if you don't mind helping me out with that I'd appreciate it. But no worries if you can't. Hope the Pokemon will be helpful!
    Oh :-(
    Sorry for being late, anyway if you need anything else ask away!
    I'm currently taking RNG projects (5th gen only, no roamers and no shinys, i'm kind of new in that)
    I have one dawn stone, this is my FC: 0862 5375 8993
    hurry up, hop to the wi-fi-club.... and give me your FC!
    Yeah, I know that method too, but my Join Avenue is... well.. empty. And no one to entralink with to fill my black city :(
    If you have B1/2 you can grab a Dawn Stone in Black City. You can also grab them in Join Avenue I think.
    Thanks for this post, it made my day. I'm flattered to hear my advice is helping others, especially when it's in a RMT they didn't even make!
    You can get a chople berry via Dreamworld but i have you can have but i cant give you it now im about to leave home.
    YAY! I'm happy we were finally able to trade! :) Thanks for the Reshiram. And good luck in the tournament!
    Oh no! I guess the time/math didn't work out. :/ you were online at 9:00 my time. It's 10:30 now, and I planned to be on at 11:00. We'll have to try again...
    No problem. If you were looking for a number, I'd say 40 if you're really fast to as much as 65 if you're slow.
    With non-cgear, there's an initial advancement of about 40-50 when entering the game. After that, the NPCs advance it pretty quickly and when an egg is produced, it advances as much as it needs to to find acceptable inheritance. This is for the PID RNG, of course.
    tell me if we can trade this weekend :3 edit: no rush just checking up on the trade
    yay bumped your thread THEM 5 gen rngs theyre beautiful i havent even seen hp ice on resh yet O.o
    cool thanks for responding ^^ i look forward to hear from you i realy would love that beauty for my team
    I made it to round 3 as well. Although that was Regionals. You complain about people coming from other countries, I complain about having to win two tourneys to make it to Worlds. And I lost to a misclick. Well, I'm not sure I would have won, but having the Reflect up instead of having that Shadow Force hit me through Protect would have made a big difference.
    I've steered clear of catching stuff until slots are out, so that's actually something. And how far did you get last year? I'm not sure I'm going to try this year. I don't understand gen5 well enough yet.
    And what's been new with you? Aside from trying to figure out this enigma.
    And yeah, I've had some mild success with GenV. Just Zekrom and Volcarona though. Nothing fancy.
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