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  • Gah! You need to get wifi! I can't imagine playing pokemon w/o wifi... how lonely it must be!

    Actually... you'll need it for when the GL goes online shortly!

    As for the thread - not necessary; the cloning I can do too! So if you can just find some wifi, we can do all sorts of business. Even if we don't end up trading, you still need to find a way to get wifi. :)
    I only made my way to Round 3, and lost to a Spanish man (I'm not so nationalist, but still, it's irritating that people come in other countries to increase their chances of qualification). Besides, his victory resulted from a miss with my Palkia's Spacial Rend.

    A lot of frustration, but I have a good feeling for this year ^^.
    Well, my only success in 5th gen so far is a Wargle, the other "flawless" pokes I RNG'd being crap (Adamant Woobat for the win !... or not).
    Will be trying Reshiram and Egg abuse soon ^^.
    And will try my best to qualify for the Worlds this year !
    First, congrats on the new RNG.
    Secondly, you would need your SID for that right? Would you be able to redirect me to whoever helped you with getting yours?
    I have three deer-like friends from events
    But why use the word retarded as an insult?
    You may use them in the pkathelonononon :)
    If you'd like.
    every pokemon that you had i was like man i have always wanted to make that set and ya it was pretty fun
    well i guess i concentrated more on the fact that its a hail based team and try to hax the foe with thunderwave from frosslass and then see if the rest could sweep a few pokemon.
    thanks but battles are battles and i suffered the consequences for not expecting much. :) thanks though.
    Thanks for your input! This is in line with what I've found and posted in the RNG research thread here.
    Hi volch, I'm wondering - do you still happen to have a lot of your rejected Munchlax? I'm curious about the nature/ability combinations the Pokewalker has generated for Munchlax, and the more data I can get, the better! Any information would be much appreciated!
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