Ask the Admins - Issue 10

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What would be you guys' wows and wonders of PS? Wows - things that just spark your interest. Wonders - something that just makes you ask a question; it leaves you mystified. Do these things contribute to y'all overall enjoyment and drive to comeback here?
For all:
  • How many times do people try to Private Message you guys, and ask for things you can't control?
  • Are you happy at your current position?
  • Do you guys have fun doing your jobs?
Sorry for the overflow of questions! I have so many, but I know your busy with the ones here! Maybe I could ask you directly on Pokemon Showdown!?
How do I submit move set ideas to you, because I have dozens of them including some for Hoopa's Unbound form? If I submit move set ideas, will you give credit to me since I notice that you give other people credit for various move sets such as the CroCune moveset? Thanks. Please answer promptly.


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we're about done here - thanks for the questions, everyone!

the new panel and answers will be featured in Issue 10 of The Player, releasing in just under two weeks. :toast:
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