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We're back again in Issue 10 with a new panelist of upper staff for Ask the Admins! This project involves members submitting questions for a panel of Admins/Leaders to answer. This time around, our panel consists of Okuu, Vacate, and verbatim!

In this thread, post any questions you want to see answered by the panel. These questions can cover any topic you'd like - you could ask about PS! ventures, Smogon, or just Pokemon in general. The best questions will be selected by The Player staff and will be featured, alongside the answers, in the article in Issue 10. If you have any inquiries, feel free to PM me. This thread will close in approximately a week to give us time to ask the questions and prepare to the article.

Ask away! Troll questions or anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted.


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What do you do on your free time?

Favorite user, room, metagame and server?

Interesting incident you encountered on ps.

Most unique nickname you've seen.
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What did you do to get Leader? What contribution to PS are you the most proud of?

What do you feel is the best way for a new user to get into the Pokemon Showdown community?


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If you could create any new public room what would it be?

If you wanted to make a public room an official room what would it be?
How did you find out about PS? What motivated you to stay around and contribute to PS?

For Vacate: How does it feel to lead The Player webzine?


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1) what questions are you most afraid of being asked?
2) have you ever tried to leave ps and smogon? if yes, how did you try to convince yourself?
3) what's the difference between how you saw the admins and their work before and after you became one?
4) if it's not too long, story of the origin of your name?

thank you for your time. :)


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You guys have been on showdown for a while, what motivates you to keep coming back to PS?

What's your favorite genre of music?


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What is your favorite aspect of Showdown? (Chats, Battling, Friends)

Do you like any other RPG's besides pokemon?

hi nevermind

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Which Tier/Metagame is the best? (lookin' at you verbatim)
Obviously Balanced Hackmons Fuck Yeah
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If you were in control of the production of Generation VII, how would you design the game?
  • Would you specifically create and rebalance Pokemon to improve upon the current metagames (specifically OU) by only creating useful Pokemon, or would you simply create whatever you were inspired to create in hopes of it not being broken or underwhelming?
  • Would you introduce any new game-changing mechanics (similar to Mega Evolution) that would change the entire focus of the current metagame?
  • What direction would you attempt to move the metagame in (offensive, defensive, or neutral)?
  • Would you rebalance any one of: entry hazards, setting up stat boosts, or weather?

(Continuing on the above) In what ways would you try to make competitive Pokemon more popular and accessible to everyone?
  1. Would you make IV Breeding and EV Training even more accessible and easier?
  2. Would you create an official service that allows for socialization online and battling in different formats? In other words, would you integrate Showdown! with the physical game?
  3. Would you sponsor large networks of official tournaments both online and in real life?

(Continuing with both of the above) What style would you make the game take?
  • What part of the world would the region be based on?
  • What types of environments would this imply for the game to contain?
  • What would this imply for the designs and types of Pokemon that would be created?
  • What types would the gyms be?
  • What types would the Elite Four use?
  • What would the villainous team be based off of and what would be their goals?


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Thoughts on user: Haunter?

How often are you forced to block PMs / go on an alt just so you can get stuff done without being overloaded with PMs?

Favorite room(s)?
Do you have a thread that you seem to have the most involvement in out of staff? Do you wish other could help out,or do you just enjoy it as it is? (verbatim,the bh thread?)


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Do you like music? If yes, what kind of music do you feel calms you down? Gets you pumped up? Makes you feel sad or nostalgic?

If you had to choose one global staff member to be for a day who would it be and why?
what was the inspiration behind generation 1 randbats and how did you all feel when you first added it to the site? did you feel it would be a success or not one?


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verbatim: What inspires you to keep coming back to Pokémon Showdown!?
Okuu: What do you dislike the most about Pokémon Showdown!? And what would you like to do to change it?
Vacate: What annoys you the most when you join the Pokémon Showdown! Lobby?

To all 3: What is the origin of your username?
To all 3: What is your favorite Pokémon design-wise and what is your favorite Pokémon to use in competitive play?
To all 3: What is your favorite metagame / format and what makes you enjoy it so much?

Can't wait to see this Issue! Keep up the good work.


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Should being active in public rooms (specifically lobby) be a requirement for PS admins in order to stay in touch with the userbase? Why or why not?

I think this one could generate interesting discussion as most of the people I speak to wonder whether it should or shouldn't be.
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