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For all:

Is anime going to prompt the ruin of the entire human race?

Do you feel your way of handling stuff here on Smogon (before and/or after you obtained your current position) has an impact on your real life behavior? If so, to which extent?
for all,

1. are there any big decisions you would reverse or at least look into again, possibly revisit?
2. what parts of working with other site staff do you enjoy? as a staff member myself in a PS! room, staffing has definitely made an impact on the way I view some things and think. is this the same for you all?


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Edit: a bit of a late submission I know, but the thread wasn't closed yet so :derp:

For Hikari:

What are you looking to change in the future to help make tiering decisions easier for the current councils?

What is your opinion on the proposal that we should change the way rises and drops work for lower tiers?

Do you think that we should change Smogon's current tiering policy? If so, what should we change? (I've heard some talk about how some specific complex bans could be healthier than others, so I'm interested in your thoughts on this.)

Regarding suspect tests, do you believe that there should be a consistent percentage of which the community needs to reach in order to ban something among the lower tiers? If so, what do you think that percentage should be and why?

What inspired you to take up this "job" of sorts of being the tiering admin?

Since you're current member of the Tournament Director team, do you think that the decisions that you've made as a collective group have reflected (some aspects of) what the community wanted?

How much do you value community input, not just as a TD, but a tiering admin?

Out of curiosity for myself, what exactly do you look into when reviewing tournament bans (you can answer this question elsewhere if you'd like).

Lastly, is there any decision that you've made as the tiering admin that you would revert / that you regret?
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