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ok not going to undermine the XY Sprite thread so I'll just post all of my scratch works from there here on the OP and then follow up with semi-decent pieces from my past.


***(technically only the backsprite on Tyrantrum is completely scratched, frontsprite is QC done using Quanyails' sprite as a base, and since I'm only posting original work here, only the backsprite is here)
******(technically Mega Scizor falls under the umbrella of QC, but the original sprite was a edit of Scizor's base form and I essentially made it not that anymore so its one of the few sprites on the project credited to two original creators, me and LegitimateUsername)

I've also done QC work on the following sprites, these being the most recently-made versions of which that I personally had a hand in creating.

And lastly, here are a few sprites not from the XY Sprite Project that I have some fondness for.

The above six sprites were created for various WSCs over on Serebii's forums, and are some of my most recent spriting projects outside of the Project.

I also worked for a stint on Wichu's Pokemon Amethyst project, but the only sprite I care about from there that wasn't heavy QC work and instead fully scratched is probably Eelektross.

So yeah, fun stuff. Feel free to comment or critique any of my work here or in the XY Sprite Project main thread, because improvement is always welcome. +)[/hide]
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Since I never really posted much about it in the thread, I worked on these two sprites as part of a collaboration with TrainerSplash , with the PS Pika being made solely as a joke and the UB Hoopa being made in response to the recent announcement of Hoopa. Boy were his arms tiresome. Also, the main post has been updated with a list of all of the most recent QC iterations I've made to some of the project's 22 sprites.

Anyways, I also revamped Mega Banette recently. +)

Until the next batch of pixels, Slainte!

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