Tournament Balanced Hackmons Banhappy Tournament (FINALS) - Won by Willdbeast


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Are you tired of seeing the same Pokemon on every second team? Sick of having to run Shell Smash counters on all of your squads? Do you wish your favourite garbage D rank Pokemon was actually viable?

Introducing the Balanced Hackmons Banhappy Tournament, a Bo3 Single Elimination USUM Balanced Hackmons tournament with a twist: when signing up, every player chooses to ban any one Pokemon, item, move, or ability, which will remain banned for the entirety of the tournament. Additionally, at the beginning of every round besides the first, every player remaining in the tour may ban an additional Pokemon, item, move, or ability.

  • Play your matches on main or smogtours
  • Matches are a best of three series, you may change teams between games
  • General tour rules and guidelines here, follow these please
  • Post replays
  • Rounds last for one week
BH banlist
BH discussion thread
BH resources

Some notes on bans:
  • Identical abilities are treated as one ability, as per the BH ability clause. I.e, banning Dazzling also bans Queenly Majesty and banning Mold Breaker also bans Turboblaze and Teravolt
  • Different forms of the same Pokemon are treated as seperate Pokemon. I.e, Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Mewtwo X have to be banned seperately, and if Primal Kyogre is banned, regular Kyogre remains legal.
    • Arceus is an exception to this: all Normal-type Arceus' are treated as the same Pokemon for the sake of bans. That is to say, banning Arceus-Normal bans any Arceus that doesn't have Multitype + a plate.
Signups last for a week.

Current banlist
Pokemon: Shedinja, Primal Kyogre, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Rayquaza, Giratina, Zygarde-Complete, Mega Mewtwo Y
Moves: Haze, Rapid Spin, Lovely Kiss, Stealth Rock, Shell Smash, U-turn, Spore, Spectral Thief, Baton Pass, Defog
Abilities: Contrary, Prankster, Imposter, Pressure, Illusion, Sturdy, Poison Heal, Normalize, Regenerator, Pixilate, Magic Bounce
Items: Power Herb, Focus Sash, Choice Specs, Red Orb
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In, ban Belly Drum

Edit: Also, if Illusion is banned by the time the tour starts Chessking's ban would become Shell Smash right?

Nvm I won't be playing for a while, remove me and my ban from the tour.
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