Tournament Balanced Hackmons Ghosting Tour I

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Apologies for the delayed posting, but Finals are free! Congrats to Paid Agents and cap'n crunch (ghost edition): click stealth rock here for making it this far.

Finals Match Up

Paid Agents (Codename C.A.T , Chessking345 , augustakira ) vs. cap'n crunch (ghost edition): click stealth rock here (Career Ended , Tanny89k , quojova )

Deadline is Tuesday February 7, 11:59 GMT -5. Since this is finals though, feel free to have a bit more wiggle room into next week if it's too difficult to schedule.

Good luck champ!
Won GG
Sorry no vid this time because my laptop broke halfway thru so I’ll post logs type for most of the turns
( pre turn 1 decided to lead ting Lu cause we can up on imposter and getting knocked doesn’t suck too hard
Turn 1: can’t stay in here. Imp sucks here so probably fc groudon or etern. We can’t afford to lose ability shield on groudon cause we’ll lose to opposing imp so we go etern.
Turn 2: up
Turn 3: beads palk. Scary. Luckily we have scales arc fairy. Hard switch
Turn 4: free glare
Turn 5: back to etern since reasons above still apply. Lucky to dodge here
Turn 6: torch to scare away enamorous
Turn 7: enamorous is actually very annoying to the whole squad so trading for etern is good so torch again
Turn 8: judgment does more to imposter so we click that but they’re scales chansey
Turn 9: up again is fine what’s this gonna do?
Turn 10: para ofc. We don’t have much to do here so ting Lu is fine on slow pivot or knock or cc so ting lu
Turn 11: slow Uturn hooray. We decide knowing the opponents set is good so we do that with a plan of back to ting lu
Turn 12: execute the plan. They Tera here so that’s good since they’ll die to moldy precipice at +2 now
Turn 13: slow Uturn into something better? Nope we nuzzled and they went to groudon which is guys. A little concerning probably just slow Uturn out here
Turn 14: 55 is a chunk. We decide knowing the opponents set is good we do that with a plan of back to ting Lu to slow pivot into something else. Getting a sap off on this makes it set up fodder for zacian. If we can enact that with a spike up it’s game
Turn 15-16: play around the groudon carefully, get etern in on the slow pivot
Turn 17: judgment puts this in range of Tera fairy pplate zacian so we just click it
Turn 18: back to ting lu
Turn 19: we decide to trade ting Lu for nuzzle to make sure we can keep a spike up. Bit sloppy but zacian is super winning here and can sd on para’d mon
Turn 19: this is the sloppy part:
Turn 20-24: we don’t risk zacian quo has a reason to not sd but in hindsight that also probably won there. We play around the groudon a little here with imp, wanting to get a layer up again.
Turn 25: I actually predicted para here. Up
Turn 26: up
Turn 27-40: arc fairy is cloak so walls this arc infinitely basically eventually we sac ting Lu for a second layer and bring in imp to force it out. At some point zacian comes in and clicks sd and kills everything but when our opps see they don’t have ways of making progress here they forfeit. GGs

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