Balanced Hackmons Mentoring Program

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Smogon Username: Pikachuun
PS Username: Pikachuun
Playing Style: Adrian levels of Stall [or as close as possible to said playstyle], Balanced
Experience: I played hackmons and am in a BH tourney. Is that good enough :S
Also I pp stalled a HO team to death if that's a good thing >_>
Timezone: GMT -5
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Smogon username: hexenjaeger
PS Username: hexenjaegar or Vantasflush
Fav play style: Offense/Balanced (Stall teams make me cry)
Experience: I've played for a little while, but I always get my ass handed to me on a silver platter. Help would be much appreciated.
Time Zone: PST (-8)
Smogon username: Peef Rimgar
PS Username: See Sig
Fav play style: Offense/Balanced (Wanted to learn stall as well but I'm already proficient at these so it'd probs be easier to teach me them)
Experience: Some late BW2 BH, but I was trash at it
Time Zone: EST (-5 iirc)
Just wanted to say that I won't be able to be online often for quite a while, anyone that wishes to learn more about stall, be sure to stay in the /othermetas room for more insight.


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Ok this needs to get picked back up.
Adrian Marin
E4 Flint
Keep it Playful
also I guess the minor mentors deserve a mention so
United States profile that I unfortunately don't know
My tour in this died but it was actually a really cool experience and I want other people to get involved in BH. Unfortunately, you guys are some of the only people to help the newcomers. So good luck with that.

PS: Sorry if I tagged you and you don't want to do this
If you want to strangle me for trying to get you involved again then please take it out on a tree or something and not me
That never happens except for hax. Believe me I've tried.
Adrian builds some of the best teams out there and is extremely skilled at what he does. I think in (one) of the last few matches against him I've played, unranked, I beat him. Now it wasn't on the ladder, and I did design my team in such as way to give me the greatest advantage against his (plus I knew his team fairly well because stall is more limited in the sets to be ultra effective). Adrian makes teams that are very consistent against most any of the common threats on the BH ladder, which is a feat in itself, but that consistency also comes with a few weaknesses. When all 6 of his Pokemon are alive, he's near unstoppable, but if one falls, especially the Chansey (the pink shinigami), it puts holes in his stall that he may or may not be able to fill. In addition, using the famous gtfo and cry % strategy, of tricking lots of scarfs (and assault vests) can really hinder or mess stall up. Also hazards can wear stall down because it relies on many switches. That said, it's no easy task whatsoever even though I know some of the weaknesses to his near perfect stall.

P.S.: I've also seen Adrian get bored against a stall team because it was taking too long xD so use stall teams everyone! jk
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