Tournament Balanced Hackmons Snake Draft [Won by the Malefic Mega Rays]

Balanced Hackmons Snake Draft

[General Tournament Rules & Guidelines (I expect all participants to have read this)]

Hello and welcome to the Balanced Hackmons Snake Draft. It is a team tournament inspired by the official Smogon Snake Draft wherein managers take turns picking from a pool of players in turn. After each team has acquired one player, the order is reversed and the team that picked last now picks first, and so on until each team has 7 players (5 starters, 2 substitutes). Then, teams will battle it out over the span of three weeks and the two teams with the most wins will play each other to determine the winner. In the event of a tie occuring, a BO3 will be played in SM BH and two additional formats (both teams pick one) to determine which will advance.

The tier lineup are as follows:
- SM Balanced Hackmons
- SM Balanced Hackmons
- SM UU Balanced Hackmons [using the banlist found in this thread]
- ORAS Balanced Hackmons
- BW Balanced Hackmons

The managers & teams are as follows:
- Highlighter & Cash's Cash-Money Cacturnes
- E4 Flint & GL Volkner's Malefic Mega Rays
- Halliday & Jrm115's Nice Natus
- MAMP & Funbot28's The TentaCOOLs

It is adviced that you also add the metagames you are comfortable in playing when signing up. For instance, here's an example:
Player: ScarfWynaut
Tiers: SM BH and ORAS BH
Signups will last for a week and the live draft will take place in the Other Metas Discord on the 4th of November starting at 8PM Eastern Time (May be subject to change - watch this thread to be alerted for any changes).

Join the BH Snake Draft Discord server for live discussion and team chats!

Concerning trades: If managers wish to conduct a trade, the managers of both teams must PM me (ScarfWynaut) on the forums for it to be permissable. Note that due to the size of the tournament, teams cannot trade players after the conclusion of Week 1.

- Rosters & Matchups
- Standings
- Week 1
- Week 2
- Week 3
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