Tournament Balanced Hackmons Snake Draft [Won by the Malefic Mega Rays]

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Shoutouts because a team tour isn't complete without them

Team Players
Catalystic - You rose up to the occasion and net us a finals win. I knew drafting you would be a great idea. I'm sorry you had no preparation for sleep whatsoever in tests and had to lose to Lovely Kiss so many times that I lost count before starting to actually run sleep checks. Jk :p You did really well in finals and I couldn't be more proud of drafting you.
jasprose - 3-0! Thanks for going undefeated, being overall supportive of the entire team and trying to contribute wherever you could, including BH UU and helping leru out as well. You're a really good player and should start being active again, like seriously where've you been :[ Thank you for playing for us even when you were going to go inactive, and hopefully this helped you find reasons to stay in OMs and keep playing BH.
Leru - You picked up a tier you hadn't touched before and you absolutely dominated with a 3-0. That takes skill. I'm glad we drafted you, you really helped the team out by contributing, tossing around new ideas that the tier hasn't seen before, pointing out mistakes in my building and finally getting me to use Stealth Rock in my builds. You net us an activity win that we needed and deserved, and I'm really grateful to that. Thanks for everything!
Piccolo Daimao - You may have only played once but you were very into that game, I'm sorry we didn't send you out to play more. Going 0-1 means nothing as you're still a good player and an overall cool guy.
Quantum Tesseract - Thank you for your contributions to UU, SM and ORAS. You helped out in a lot of ways that Flint and I alone couldn't have covered
sedertz - You're amazing and had a record that completely fails to represent how much you contributed to the team in building and testing. The moment you were drafted, you did your best to learn the tier and create a meta from nothing which is really fucking difficult, and yet you did a stellar job. Even in the later weeks you contributed wherever you could, and you also set up the team discord which was a cool thing to do.
nyan kat - You're the BW champ and I'm super glad we drafted you. Initially I wasn't sure what I was doing, but you're a skilled player, an innovative builder, an overall cool person and you were a huge asset to the team, not just in BW but in ORAS and SM as well. Thanks for helping us out so much.

Host & OM Forum Moderators
ScarfWynaut - Thanks for hosting, dude, you did really well for your first time and I hope to see you hosting more in the future.
Chloe - Thank you for taking over when SW was busy, tagging people and stuff and overall taking an interest in the tour.
The Immortal - Thanks for letting this happen in the OM subforum - If it had happened externally we definitely wouldn't have been as organized and it's overall appreciated that you let us

Other Managers
MAMP and Funbot28 - Being worthy opponents and overall cool people as well as letting us merge with your guys' tour, which was a really cool thing to do. This tour wouldn't have happened if you two didn't do that, it was really nice of you two.
TheBurgerKing99 and jrm115 - It was nice facing you twice. You beat us Week 1 which gave us a lot of motivation and overall you all were really nice people throughout the snake draft. It was nice playing against you two. Has niceness gotten annoying yet, by the way?
highlighter and the person who died - Mainly a shoutout to you, hl, for doing all of this alone which takes skill, perseverance and other admirable traits. Even if your record wasn't the best as a team, managing a team alone is still something really difficult to do and mad props to you for doing it while coping with the knowledge that I completely outclass you in YuGiOh with Gladiators.

Comanager, Best Friend, etc.
E4 Flint - No shoutout is complete without you. I'm glad I got to comanage with you and wouldn't have done it with anyone else. You contributed to all metas prolifically and helped jasp in finals by suggestingRegigigas checks, along with holding down the BW and ORAS forts down completely. You helped me with my confidence when I was low in it, took over when I was undergoing some issues irl and stuff. I could drag this on forever but hopefully you know how valuable you were and if not, lmk and I'll gladly tell you. Btw second time managing together, we won this one and we did well the first time too so I guess we really are amazing.
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Good Tour;

I found a new way of avoiding timeout controversies.
i already used it in another tour and with little thinking you can figure it out too.

Now i have Discord installed thx to Halliday and watched a bit of Yu-Gi Oh
for the first time in my life thx to Morogrim.

Isotonex spoiled the finals result cuz he knew Flints backstage work.
Like expected this Tour ended faster than MAMPs tour.

Congratulations to the Malefic Mega Rays.
Shout out to my team for helping me with the, uhh, teams. Since, my team building process is usually slow as molasses and I wound up playing BH UU a lot. Not saying who just in case I get paired with them in a future tournament, don't want to spoil secret strategies, like the power of Gligar (that didn't get used because Pikachuun brought Rain >.>)

Anyway funsies, I decided to compile a personal W/L record for everyone, mostly to sate my curiosity in how I stacked up against everyone else. These records do not count ties, discarded matches, nor activity wins. Apologies if I overlooked any matches that were played and counted while scanning the thread or miscounted somewhere. I'll update with Nyan and Sugar's match if they play. (And if Nyan wins, they can brag to be the only player in the tournament with three wins. No pressure!) Edit: Six minutes of pressure wasn't enough.

(Highlighter & Cash):

Morogrim 1-1
Transcendent God Champion 1-2
Dragongroudon9 1-2
Rumors 2-1
RNGIsFatal 0-2
partys over 0-0
pileosand 0-0
(GL Volkner & E4 Flint):

nyan kat 3-1
Quantum Tesseract 2-1
jasprose 2-0
Piccolo Daimao 0-1
Leru 2-0
Catalystic 1-1
sedertz 0-2

(TheBurgerKing99 & jrm115):

sugarhigh 1-3
Ztest 2-2
aki0s 2-2
Silver_Lucario42 2-1
GmU Pokeboss9 0-0
Highlord 0-0
(MAMP & Funbot28):

Klang 2-0
Pikachuun 0-3
Akashi 2-1
Balanced Frekmons 0-0
ihhca 0-1
betathunder 0-1
Ransei 2-0

Also, I am super disappointed nobody used Prankodon in Gen V. You all disappoint me.
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