Balanced Hackmons Ultimate League - Final Round

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Hello, I'm Balanced Freakmons and this is the first time I try to host a tour. With any further ado, here's the topic:
Gen 7 has come, and with it, many new Abilities and moves that changed the metagame quite a lot compared to what it was in the past generation. Balanced Hackmons (BH) is a really fun metagame where you can give wings to your imagination to create the best movesets with almost all the Abilities and moves, which causes it to be unbalanced yet entertaining. The BH of Gen 7 is marked by some changes in the metagame that has led to a lot of great Gen 6 players no longer being at the top and changed the playstyle of many other ones drastically. These facts, along with the fact that there are not many Team Tournaments in the BH tier, made me feel like hosting a BH Tournament.

  • This tournament will be a simple 3-person team tournament;
  • If a player wants to join, but has no team, no worries! I'll be keeping an updated list of the "free agents" that sign up below so the players can feel free to contact each other about forming a team together.
  • The format will be 'best of three', with each of the three players playing one game per round;
  • Players will have exactly one week to challenge their opponent. Extensions last three days. Any players that do not request an extension will get coinflipped. If an extension is requested but is still not used in the three additional days, the extension will be coinflipped as well.
  • PLEASE post replays. If a player fails to follow this, both players (or possible witnesses) will need to come forward and tell who won the game.
  • Players fight their battles in the Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons format on the Pokemon Showdown!
  • Single elimination tournament. Each round is drawn among the teams still in play.
  • BH battle rules, bans and clauses can be found here.
  • Signups close 1 week after today, so they close day 28th at the end of the day, considering an extension of 3-5 days if there are not enough teams.

-In order to join the player need to make a post like this one:

Team Name:
Player 1:
Player 2:
Player 3:

-In order to join as a free agent, just post:
"In as a free agent"

-Any doubt related to the tour just PM me and I will be happy to clarify the doubts.

Thanks for reading and participating,
Good luck :)

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