Battle City V - Round 1

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I'm doing the next wave of subs now. If you aren't already in the battle city discord, then I highly recommend that you join so that you can get your games done in a timely fashion.

Feliburn in for Lil Blaine
Vulpix03 in for Ash KetchumGamer
Sificon in for TomorrowTales
Ampha in for Flamita
sufys12 in for Slave Of Passion

Past that, I'm out of subs, so those of you that got saved by rng please just get your games done in a timely fashion, as there's only 5 more slots left in playoffs and this really needs to get a move on. I'm gonna tag all the participants that aren't at 0 or 8 chips again, PLEASE get at least one game done in the next couple days if not more, you've had more than enough time now and probably would've been subbed out if I had more subs available.
Due to the extreme amount of inactivity in recent weeks in conjunction with the lack of games played in spite of my prior warning and deadlines, I've gone ahead and made playoffs with the current top 16 in the standings to prevent the tour from being stalled further. If you're upset about missing out, then you should've played your games on time.
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