Battle Finder is Down, Ask for Battles Here (Locked)

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Anybody down to battle? BW OU, Legals Hacks, WL off etc... my FC is 2366 6655 4851. Im usually free from 4-6 and later at night like after 10 Arizona time lol
Looking for a B2W2 UU battle. Haven't had a Wifi battle in sometime so I might be rusty. lad to see the site is back up and running.

FC: 1034 9853 3620
Thanks for the games.

I'll battle you now.
Kool I'll be online and waiting. just to be clear it's standard UU with smogon ruleset for UU.

Edit: I am online now.
Edit #2: Reconnect and lets try again.
Edit #3: Looks like we just can't connect. Sorry man but my DS is about to die. We'll can try some other time.
Not open for further replies.

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