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Looking for an OU battle, will be my first time battling in 3 years and first time using the new generation. Friend Code is 2022 9971 9662. PM or reply if you're interested.
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I have the original black. I think it can battle black/white 2. PM me for OU battles; offering a free monster from my thread to anyone who beats me! :naughty:

I play standard rules, with item clause. Oh, I also use Thundurus, as I don't find it uber (it's available on standard match up), but if that bothers you, say the word and I'll swap it out for a Zapdos.

EDIT: I can also do Uber battles. Let me know if you'd like to battle!
Hey everybody. New to forums but the wifi battle finder isnt working for me. It wont show upcoming battles orrequested battles. Is it something on my end or just the server itself? Thanks in advance! Also message me BW2 OU fc is 0906-1839-5798
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