Battle Frontier R2

Second round is up! Mattapod and Eppie have been given until tomorrow, Kanon advances with activity win. If Mattapod doesn't contact Eppie until tomorrow, Eppie gets the activity win. You can follow the brackets here

Round 2

Eric Jiang234 vs Max. Optimizer
Eisenherz vs BrightFieldWyvern
locoghoul vs Kanon90
Eppie vs Xen

Deadline is Tuesday April 16th. Is your responsibility to contact and schedule with your opponent. If there are scheduling issues please let me know sooner than later. Let's have a nice tournament. You can use Smogon or Discord to contact your opponent, is up to you. We have a #tournament channel on the WiFi discord server. Check the sign up thread for a link or ask Nexus for one. If you have any questions regarding rules or others please DM me here or on discord.


1. All battles will be held with standard cartridge rules: 6v6 level 50 (autolevel)
2. All match ups will be best of 3, you can switch teams between games (make sure you are still using the same region)
3. In the case of a DC please try to work it out between you and your opponent. If it happens really early you can ask for a remake, if it happens late you can agree to a result, if unclear you can choose to completely just remake, etc. Point is to communicate.
4. Save your replays and post them in the thread.
5. Be respectful, polite and have fun! Please no drama, complains about hax, plays, etc


1. No Ubers
2. All Pokemon on a team must be from the same region (followed by Dex number)
3. You MUST use a starter
4. No Legends, Mythicals, Tapus, Ultra Beasts
5. Standard Smogon clauses apply (Species, Sleep, Baton Pass, Evasion, OHKO, Shadow Tag, etc)
6. Blaze Blaziken will be allowed (note that Blazikenite is still banned)
7. The tournament will be played on USUM cartridges ONLY
8. Eligibility for a region will be based on Dex number, not regional dex (Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251, Hoenn 252-386, Sinnoh 387-493, Unova 494-649, Kalos 650-721, Alola 722-809). Alolan forms of Kanto mons will be considered from Alola for this tournament.​
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As I mentioned on Discord, for those who have reported battle codes (replays), please try to send me the files so I can upload them on YouTube. All I need is the replay files from your SD, you don't need to have CFW or anything (although if you do it makes it easier for me). Either way just contact me here or on discord if you have any questions regarding how to extract the files. It won't harm your 3DS or your save file or anything.

Max. Optimizer

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I welcome the opportunity to announce that my opponent, Eric Jiang234, won the second round versus me in 2 games.
I feel like I could've had a shot in the first game with a tiny bit more luck, but you were clearly the better player in game 2 and you fully deserve to advance to the next round. Well played!

Game 1 - TMNW-WWWW-WWX5-MBA9 (Eric Jiang234)
Game 2 - X3BG-WWWW-WWX5-MBB7 (Eric Jiang234)

Good luck to all of the remaining participants and special thanks go to our host, locoghoul, for hosting the tournament in the first place.


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Guess since Eisen and Eric already played and posted the results for R3, I'll go ahead and post here too in order to save Loco a thread.

Ended up winning 2-1 vs Kanon90 in three great games. Sorta blew the second match, but match 1 and 3 both came down to the wire, and if it weren't for some unfortunate luck in the last round, the results could've been very different


GGs again man!

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