Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Player Signups

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I know you're dying trying to figure me out
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Username: Yoshizilla315
Timezone: GMT-4
Formats Played: ORAS BSS, SM BSS (not really though)
Availability: all the time

Since I've been dry of playing in tournaments all year I'd be dedicated to p much being active all the time. I can build for myself and while I don't have any experience playing on Smogon, I used to play a shit load in-game so ye lol.
Username: chemcoop
Timezone: GMT-6
Formats Played: USUM BSS > ORAS BSS >> GBU singles
Availability: anytime while I'm here, leaving Aug 15th for Africa and will have 0 internet. Will be back on Sep 2nd and can play in playoffs, so I'll miss Weeks 4 and 5 at best, 3-5 at worst.

P.S. plz don't overpay
Suh I'm in

Username: Broken phobias
Timezone: GMT - 6 if I believe so
Formats played: SM/ORAS BSS I'll try anything tbh just throw me in
Availability: college starts September 1st so like idk man it's a new thing for me so I'll try to make it on whenever

Note: builders are pretty helpful but I'm a pretty decent builder for USUM. Also pls dont overpay for chemchoop he is decent at best
Username: GroudonEmpire
Timezone: US Central
Formats Played: All
Availability: When life allows n I feel like it

2 managers cucked me last year by upbidding Sam. I coulda been here as a champ. But nah, they just had to upbid. You won't be getting a championship upbidding for me. Pls don't cuck me again tyvm
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