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~ I N T R O D U C T I O N ~
art to come

If you've been reading the forum and have been wondering where people get those fancy damage calculations from, what the heck PS! means, or where they found out their ranking for competitions etc. and want to use all these yourself? Then you've come to the right place! The following list will include resources for all your Battle Spot needs!

~ L I N K S ~

  • Pokemon Global Link. This is where you'll see the rankings of everyone playing Battle Spot in the world, as well as the most popular Pokemon and what moves, items, abilities and natures are most used on them! Clicking 'ΩRαS League' will take you to the page for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, whereas 'X/Y League' will take you to X and Y's page. Each pair of games has their own metagame, meaning that if you play on Omega Ruby, you will never play someone using X. This is due to the new Mega Evolutions that were included in ORAS not being available in XY. ORAS is also 'Pentagon Only' meaning that everything used there must have been caught or bred in any X, Y, OR or AS game, while the XY meta allows Pokemon that have been transferred from previous generations. You can use the pages to view the statistics of all the individual formats (singles, doubles, triples, rotations, special)
  • In-Depth Usage Statistics (courtesy of hetoord). This is a website which retrieves the data shown on the PGL, but without the limits that the PGL imposes. This allows us to see how often Pokemon are used outside the top 12, and see what other moves / items they're using outside their top 10. An incredibly useful resource.
  • Battle Spot-Specific Damage Calculator. This calculator has been custom-made to support the Battle Spot metagames. We have a bunch of relevant sets pre-loaded into it so you can calc way faster than using the official Pokemon Showdown one. It's worth noting however that the "Common Showdown" sets usually are not the best sets for Battle Spot, so be careful.
  • aaaapokemon blog (aka where to find the top teams each season). This is all in Japanese so you'll want Google Translate handy if you don't speak the language. To find the entries for each season, you have to scroll to the "Oct 31" entry to find where all the seasons are kept. Or you can ctrl+f for the season you want by using "シーズン15(レート)" and changing the number accordingly.
  • Finding Your Battle Box From an Online Competition. Why bother typing up what you used in your team when you can just have a really cool image representing it instead? After you've locked your battle box for an online competition you can go to your profile on the Pokemon Global Link, click 'Online Competitions' > 'Competition Entry History' > 'Battle Box', then simply get a screenshot of the page, crop it (I use the Print Screen command and Microsoft Paint) and upload the image either in your post or onto an image hosting website (I use imgur). Then you'll have a cool Battle Box image (like this) to share!
  • Pokemon Showdown! (PS!). This is the official simulator of Smogon, and all the Battle Spot formats are playable there! This is a great place to try out new stuff since you don't need to spend time breeding. The biggest advantage however is that ladders for upcoming Battle Spot competitions are added upon their announcement, meaning that you can practice and learn metagame trends before the competition has even started! Now you don't have to rely on theory alone when teambuilding, you can just try it out with no drawbacks!
  • Battle Spot Chat Room (PS!). Of course, we also have our own room on Pokemon Showdown! where you can come and hang out and talk with us in real time. This is where the fun is! We often play tournaments and joke around, and sometimes even talk about Battle Spot itself. We promise we're friendly and love meeting new users.
  • Ditto Giveaways: here and here. Breeding perfect Pokemon is an important part of playing Battle Spot, so to make your job easier it's definitely worth checking out one of the Ditto giveaways hosted by users Buckert and mostthe3rd. Make sure you follow the rules of their giveaways carefully and you'll soon have a perfect Ditto that will minimise the amount of time you spend breeding (and maximise the time you spend battling). If you need some help with breeding, check out this guide or the Quick Start Guide for ORAS.
  • How to get Legendary Pokemon with the right nature and good IVs. Ditto's may make breeding easier, but what about the Legendaries that can't breed? Just as breeding for perfect Pokemon is important for their success, having the right IVs and nature for your Legendaries is the same! The Soft Resetting guide will explain the process of getting the right Legendary for you. Please note that even if you follow the guide perfectly, you aren't guaranteed a perfect Legendary, there is still a lot of luck involved, the guide merely speeds up the process. There are many viable Legendary Pokemon like Heatran, Thundurus, Landorus, Cresselia, Zapdos, Latios and Terrakion so it is worth learning if you want to use them.
  • Singles Metagame Discussion. This is where you can talk about the singles metagame as a whole. What is giving you trouble there? What has been working for you? What trends are you noticing? All these things go here.
  • Singles Viability Rankings. This is where we discuss how well each and every Pokemon performs in the singles metagame, and place them in tiers for all to see. If you're wondering how good a particular Pokemon is then check out the list to see what tier it's been placed in; the higher the better! You can also post to suggest tier placements.
  • Teambuilding Help and Discussion. If you're trying to make a team for Battle Spot but need a little advice, look no further than this thread. We prefer that all Rate My Team (RMT) style posts go here rather than you make a whole new thread for each one.
  • Weird Stuff You've Seen While Playing Battle Spot. This thread is a a bit more relaxed, where we talk about some weird Pokemon and/or sets that you've encountered. Please note that weird doesn't necessarily mean bad, we don't want you posting stuff like 'today I saw someone using their HM slave from their in-game team' but instead stuff like 'a guy really took me by surprise using a Weakness Policy Vanillux' is preferred. If you're one of those types that likes to run sets like that yourself, then feel free to post in the Weird Sets You've Used on Battle Spot thread.
  • VGC16 Forum. VGC is a big part of Battle Spot, so big in fact that it has its own forum! Go there for discussion on the Special Seasons and International Challenges.
If you're looking for something that isn't listed here, or have any questions in general, feel free to message either Hulavuta or myself (cant say).


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I thought we might need this (and the mods approved), so here's the speed tiers list for Battle Spot! It's mostly centered around the singles metagame, but there are also some speed niches of other metagames included in the list. Bold font indicates an important speed tier that is recommended to pay attention to when adjusting the speed EVs on your Pokemon.

Stat = (Base stat +
• 5 if Pokemon has 0 IVs
• 20 if Pokemon has 30/31 IVs but 0 EVs
• 52 if Pokemon has 31 IVs and 252 EVs)
* Modifiers [Nature, Choice Scarf, stage boosts, Paralysis, Tailwind]

Where +Nature gives a 10% boost, -Nature cuts it by 10%, Choice Scarf gives a 50% boost, Paralysis cuts it by 75% (or brings it to 1/4 of the speed), Tailwind doubles the speed, and stage boosts follow the given table:

-6: 2/8 or 1/4
-5: 2/7
-4: 2/6 or 1/3
-3: 2/5
-2: 2/4 or 1/2
-1: 2/3

0: 2/2 or 1

+1: 3/2 or 1.5
+2: 4/2 or 2
+3: 5/2 or 2.5
+4: 6/2 or 3
+5: 7/2 or 3.5
+6: 8/2 or 4

So if you want to find out if a Scarfed base 70 Pokemon outspeeds a base 130 Pokemon:
70 + 52 = 122, 122 + 12(nature) = 134, 134+67(scarf) = 201
130 + 52 = 182, 182 + 18(nature) = 200
You'll see that max speed scarfed base 70 Pokemon (like Breloom) will outspeed max speed base 130 Pokemon (like Mega Gengar)

Effective Speed: Description (Common Pokemon that fit the description, if not specified)

Terminology (large groups like 80s, 100s, and 110s are in here for my convenience)
- Max Speed: 252 EVs, 31IVs, Helpful Nature. The maximum speed achievable from this Pokemon.
- High Speed: 252 EVs, 31IVs, Neutral Nature. The fastest speed achievable with a neutral nature.
- 4 Speed: 4 EVs, 31IVs, Neutral Nature. Usually the remaining 4EVs are put into speed to outspeed Pokemon with the same base stat. For this reason, 0EVs are not considered in this tier-list to avoid speed-creeping redundancy.
- Min Speed: 0 EVs, 0IVs, Hindering Nature. The slowest speed achievable from this Pokemon. Usually for Trick Room, but also for Pokemon like Aegislash to take advantage of its ability and Ferrothorn to maximize the power of Gyro Ball.

- Base 80s: (Mega) Venusaur, (Mega) Altaria, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Gallade, Glalie, Dragonite, Mamoswine, Chandelure, Goodra, Togekiss, etc. A really crowded speed tier that has a lot of viable Pokemon that Mega Evolve into the base 100s.
- Base 100s: Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Charizard X/Y, Mega Medicham, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Blaziken, Mega Glalie, Staraptor, Salamence, Volcarona, Entei, Zapdos, etc. Probably THE most important speed tier.
- Base 110s: Gengar, (Mega) Latios, (Mega) Latias, Mega Metagross, Espeon, Mega Gallade, Raichu, etc.

368: Max speed Whimsicott in Tailwind
356: High speed Talonflame in Tailwind, max speed base 110s in Tailwind (Latios, Latias)
308: Max speed Sand Rush Excadrill in Sandstorm
304: High Speed base 100s in Tailwind (Zapdos), high speed Mega Charizard X/Volcarona/Mega Blaziken after two boosts
300: Max speed Swift Swim Kingdra in Rain
294: High speed Sharpedo/Yanmega after two Speed Boosts
283: Max speed Mega Salamence after one Dragon Dance
280: High speed Sand Rush Excadrill in Sandstorm
274: High speed Swift Swim Kingdra in Rain, high speed Suicune in Tailwind
268: Max speed Cloyster after one Shell Smash, max speed Swift Swim Mega Swampert/Ludicolo in Rain
267: Max speed Choice Scarf base 110s (Latios)
264: High speed Chlorophyll Venusaur in Sun, high speed Togekiss in Tailwind
258: High speed Mega Salamence after one Dragon Dance
253: Max speed Choice Scarf Garchomp
250: Max speed Choice Scarf base 100s, max speed Mega Charizard X/Volcarona/Mega Blaziken after one boost

244: High speed Cloyster after one Shell Smash, high speed Swift Swim Mega Swampert/Ludicolo in Rain
235: Max speed Choice Scarf Landorus-T
232: Max speed Vivillon after one Quiver Dance
231: High speed Choice Scarf Garchomp
228: High speed Choice Scarf base 100s, high speed Mega Charizard X/Volcarona/Mega Blaziken after one boost

225: High speed Choice Scarf Hydreigon
224: Max speed base 50s in Tailwind (Azumarill, Mega Mawile)

222: Max speed base 150s (Mega Alakazam, Mega Aerodactyl)
220: High speed Yanmega/Sharpedo after one Speed Boost
219: Max speed Mega Gyarados after one Dragon Dance
217: Max speed Choice Scarf base 80s (Togekiss), max speed Dragonite after one Dragon Dance
216: Max speed base 145s (Mega Beedrill, Mega Sceptile)
214: High speed Choice Scarf Landorus-T, high speed Swift Swim Omastar in Rain, max speed Choice Scarf Diggersby
210: High speed Choice Scarf Excadrill
208: Max speed Choice Scarf base 75s (Smeargle)
207: High speed Choice Scarf Rotom forms
205: Max speed base 135s (Mega Manectric, Mega Lopunny)
202: Max speed Mega Tyranitar after one Dragon Dance
201: Max speed Choice Scarf base 70s (Politoed, Breloom, Cloyster, Bisharp)
200: Max speed base 130s (Mega Gengar, Jolteon, Aerodactyl, Crobat)
199: High speed Mega Gyarados after one Dragon Dance
198: High speed Choice Scarf base 80s (Chandelure), high speed Dragonite and Blaziken after one boost
195: Max speed Talonflame, high speed Choice Scarf Diggersby
194: Max speed Weavile
192: Max speed Noivern
191: Max speed Greninja
189: Max speed base 120s (Mega Salamence, Sceptile, Alakazam)
186: Max speed Choice Scarf Tyranitar
184: Max speed Whimsicott, high speed Mega Tyranitar after one Dragon Dance, max speed Choice Scarf base 60s (Abomasnow)
183: Max speed base 115s (Raikou, Azelf, Starmie), high speed Choice Scarf base 70s
181: Max speed Serperior
180: Max speed Mega Lucario
179: Max speed Thundurus-I, Tornadus-I
178: Max speed base 110s, High speed Talonflame
176: Max speed base 108s (Terrakion, Infernape, Galvantula)
173: Max speed Liepard
172: High speed Mega Salamence, max speed base 105s (Manectric, Lopunny, Mega Pinsir, Mienshao)

169: Max speed Garchomp
168: Max speed Thundurus-T and Landorus-I
167: Max speed base 100s
161: Max speed base 95s (Gliscor)
157: Max speed Landorus-T
156: Max speed base 90s (Kangaskhan, Lucario)
155: Max speed Vivillon
154: High speed Garchomp, max speed Excadrill
152: High speed base 100s
151: Max speed Rotom forms
150: High speed Hydreigon, max speed base 85s (Pinsir, Nidoking, Heracross)
147: High speed base 95s (Gliscor, Darmanitan, Sharpedo)
146: Max speed (Mega) Gyarados
145: Max speed base 80s
143: Max speed base 78s (Mega Blastoise, Diggersby)
142: High speed base 90s (Kangaskhan)
141: Max speed Heatran
139: Max speed base 75s (Smeargle, Mega Heracross, Mega Scizor, Beedrill, Absol)
137: High speed base 85s (Heracross)
135: Max speed Mega Tyranitar

134: Max speed base 70s (Metagross, Breloom, Bisharp)
133: High speed Mega Gyarados
132: High speed base 80s (Blaziken, Dragonite, Mamoswine)
127: High speed base 75s (Mega Heracross, Mega Scizor)
124: Max speed Tyranitar
123: Max speed base 60s (Aegislash), high speed Mega Tyranitar
122: High speed base 70s (Bisharp, Breloom, Cloyster)
121: 4 Speed base 100s (Zapdos)
118: Max speed base 110s after one speed drop
116: 4 Speed base 95s (Gliscor, Arcanine, Drapion, Uxie)
113: High speed Tyranitar
112: Max speed base 50s (Azumarill, Mega Mawile, Chansey), max speed Garchomp after one speed drop
111: Max speed base 100s after one speed drop
107: 4 Speed Rotom forms, high speed Blissey
106: 4 Speed base 85s (Cresselia, Heracross, Suicune)
102: 4 Speed Gyarados, high speed Chansey (note: many minimize variants run 252 speed)
101: 4 Speed base 80s (Mega Venusaur, Mega Altaria)
96: 4 Speed base 75s (Mega Scizor, Mega Heracross, Klefki)
95: 4 Speed Sheer Cold Suicune (Note: XY Meta only)
91: 4 Speed base 70s (Politoed, Skarmory)
86: 4 Speed base 65s (Scizor, Gothitelle)
82: 4 Speed Tyranitar

81: 4 Speed base 60s (Porygon2, Sylveon, Aegislash), min speed Cresselia
76: Paralyzed high speed Mega Blaziken after two Speed Boosts
71: 4 Speed base 50s (Azumarill, Mega Mawile)
68: 4 Speed Hippowdon
66: 4 Speed Conkeldurr
61: 4 Speed base 40s (Rhyperior, Rhydon)
58: Min speed Aegislash
54: 4 Speed Wobbuffet
51: 4 Speed base 30s (Mega Slowbro, Mega Abomasnow, Reuniclus, Amoonguss)
49: Min speed base 50s (Sableye, Mega Aggron, Mega Mawile, Hariyama, Azumarill)
46: 4 Speed Dusclops
45: Min speed base 45s (Conkeldurr, Marowak, Mega Ampharos)
44: Min speed Dragalge
41: Paralyzed max speed base 100s, 4 speed base 20s (Ferrothorn, Mega Camerupt, Escavalier, Mega Sableye)
40: Min speed Rhyperior
31: Min speed base 30s (Mega Abomasnow, Snorlax, Amoonguss, Slowbro, Mega Slowbro, Reuniclus)
30: Min speed Aromatisse
27: Min speed Dusclops
22: Min Speed base 20s (Ferrothorn, Mega Camerupt, Escavalier, Mega Sableye)

cant say
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How To Sign Up For An Online Competition

Since Nintendo has made the PGL a labyrinth to navigate and everyone seems to get lost when trying to register, here's the official "cant say's guide to registering for Circle of Legends™!"

1. Log into the PGL

2. Click on the 'Online Competitions' button on the left of the screen

3. Click on the competition in the middle of the screen

4. Proceed to the signups. This will bring up a checkbox so you can say you've read the regulations (not pictured)

5. No you're officially signed up! Nice job

Now you have to hop on your Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game on your 3DS and finish the registration.

6. Go to Battle Spot and then select 'Online Competition'

7. Now select to participate

8. The game will now download your digital ID to the game, this will take a few seconds. You are then asked if you want to register your battle box, this is where everyone messes up and ends up having to play with the wrong team. Simply chose 'quit'. This will allow you to come back and register your Battle Box when it is ready. You don't even have to do this before the competition starts! When you are ready to compete in your first battle, make sure your Battle Box has all the correct Pokemon, then you come back here and register your Battle Box!

That's all there is to it! Don't forget to join in with our discussion thread, or come hang out in the Battle Spot chatroom on Pokemon Showdown!
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