Battle Stadium General Questions Thread

There's one more season of Sun and Moon Battle Spot Rating Battles and I want to be #1 overall. The problem is that I need to fight and finish at least one battle in each of the four formats to have a chance. I already did two matches in Doubles and Special but I can't find a Championship Battle opponent. This is day 6 of the season and only 6 people have participated in that format as of now for a total of 3 battles. I need to find an opponent myself, since odds are I'll never run into someone randomly and I'm not just gonna search for hours on end. I was wondering if I could recruit someone to go onto the Battle Spot and search for an opponent on the Rating Battle Championship Mode at the same time as me to have a battle. They'd need to time it right and register their game with the Pokemon Global Link (which isn't a big deal), and go to the effort of doing so. It doesn't matter who wins, and I'd compensate them for their efforts with the gift of a Shiny Vulpix AND a Shiny Magnezone. Would anyone here be willing to help or direct me to somewhere where I could find an opponent?

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