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Referee request

I am posting another Beginner Battle, if possible!

3VS3 Doubles
Respond quick within 36 - 48 Hours, or you'll be DQ'd
2 recovery Moves and 1 Chill per pokemon
Arena Restrictions (if possible): Different items only (Only 1 use of the same item per round i.e.: you can't get Mushroom, then Mushroom)
Arena: Mario Kart Stadium (I am taking risks, oh well)
This isn't your ordinary battle. The match takes place on a racing track. The battlers will be driving two karts along the course. There is a pick-up truck between the two, and on the pick-up truck is an arena! The arena is 40 feet wide and 60 feet long, made out of solid cement. If Pokemon get knocked out of the arena, they will teleport back into the center, but lose 7 HP.

In addition, at the end of every round, trainers will hit an item box that will give them special items. The special items last for one action only, and trainers can only have one special item at a time. Here are the list of special items, and the probability of getting one:

Mushroom (25%): Decreases the energy cost of a move by 3.

Shell (25%): Increases the damage of an attack by 3.

Star (15%): Decreases damage done from enemy attacks by 50%.

Bomb-Omb (15%): Deals 10 damage to the foe, and 5 damage to the user.

Boo (10%): Takes no damage from an attack on the round that the item is used.

Inkblot (Blooper...?) (10%): Decreases the accuracy of the opponent's move by 30% for the next two actions.
You're on Lyris!

One ability
Bumping for referee
I like all abilities, but OK.
looking for a battle only with weak mon
2v2 singles
2 Day DQ
2 recoveries/5 chill
no items
all abilities
I'm just starting so weak mon for this battle
a wide open 200x200ft field in Kanto with a few boulders scattered across it, and a small pond in the middle of it, all attacks are o.k., weather is clear
I challenge the world in general.

1v1 Singles
DQ: 1 Day
Arena: Aperture Science Laboratories

Yup, we're going to Think With Portals in this battle.

GLaDOS has decided to let two trainers inside the Testing Facility in order to test the effects of Pokemon on various Aperture Science products.
The room is 50*50*50.
There are two intersecting lines if Propulsion Gel lining the center the the room, with Repulsion Gel at each end.
Aerial Faith Plates are scattered throughout the room, except they have been cunningly redesigned to mimic normal panels. If a Pokemon steps on one, they will be suddenly flung through the air.(5% chance of panel being AFP)
Ever since the events of Portal 2, the Facility has been in an...unstable condition. Therefore, GLaDOS wants to prevent too much damage to the structure. If the ref and/or GLaDOS deems that the line has been crossed, (which could happen fairly easily, as the panels that make up the room are fairly fragile) then the offending Pokemon gets a small burst of Deadly Neurotoxin. This works like Badly Poison, except it gets its own counter.
The computer could also set up a few turrets to attack the Pokemon at the end of each round, in random positions. (15% setting up 1 turret, 10% setting up 2 turrets, 5% chance setting up 3 turrets)

Type: Steel

Ability: None


HP: 35
Attack: Rank 3
Defense: Rank 2
Special Attack: Rank 3
Special Defense: Rank 2
Speed: 75

Rapid Fire(Steel, Multi-hit, 3 Base Power per hit, Physical, No Contact; a quick stream of bullets is expounded at foe)
Note: Turrets can only attack when opponent is in front of them. Turrets are also quite light.

I'm here again and looking for a quick 1v1
DQ 3 days (extensions are cool with me)
On a stormy meadow, at the end of each round a lighting as a chance to strike to combatants
2 recovers/ 5 chills


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Originally Posted by Fat DFrog
I'm here again and looking for a quick 1v1
DQ 3 days (extensions are cool with me)
On a stormy meadow, at the end of each round a lighting as a chance to strike to combatants
2 recovers/ 5 chills
I'd like to accept this challenge, please.

All abilities
No items
i'd like to post a beginner battle to the world of asb
2 vs 2 singles
2 day DQ (ref can have 3)
2 recoveries/ 5 chills
Arena: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory- The Battle Room. sound fun? take a gander at the hidden note for info :)

A massive fighting space, Mister Wonka has taken interest in pokemon battles so much that he spent an enormous amount of money to create an amazing battle arena. It is situated in the back of his factory, and it is set arena style, so that when on break his numerous oompa loompa workers can enjoy an exhilarating match. The arena is shaped like the circus maximus, and although it is the same width (387 feet) Mr. Wonka had to shorten the arena to fit, making it 1,018 feet long (the arena is also covered by the thick metal walls covering all the other Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory facilities). Surrounding the arena is bleachers, able to contain over 50,000 oompa loompas. The interior of is the arena matches Mr. Wonka: creative and extraordinary, yet crazy and chaotic all in one masterpiece. He designed the field to remind him of the chocolate waterfall room: everything in the arena is edible (even the pokemon, but my dear children that is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in today’s society), but pokemon will hardly have enough to eat here. The floor of the arena is mint grass, trimmed so that all around it is four inches tall. Many different kinds of plants grow in the arena, and here is a list of most of them:​

  • Gummy bear Willows: eight foot tall trees, with a trunk width of eight inches. Resembles a weeping willow, though instead of green leaves they are purple and at the ends are one foot tall gummy bears, dangling above the ground
  • Pumpkin Oozers: short but large plants that are filled with sweet but sticky goo. The pumpkins are three sizes (three feet tall and three feet wide, two feet tall and two feet wide, or one foot tall and one foot wide), and if cracked goo will attach to the pokemon, making it’s speed drop
  • Candy Cane Lumber: this candy-tree hybrid gives off no limbs, and is pole-like, standing straight up. There are three varieties- four foot, six foot, and eight foot. All sizes though are nine inches thick all the way around. They can be broken, and when so all the oompa loompas in the crowd will shout “TIMBERRRRR!’
  • Candy Apple Willows: another willow-candy hybrid, this one is shorter (six feet tall), yellow with no leaves, and is only found near the chocolate pond’s edge. Most are covered in candy apples, which are the size of ordinary granny smiths (though they are red and full of sugar)
  • Candy cane Twisters: unlike their relative, the C.C Lumber, the C.C twisters twist and curve like an oak or maple tree would. They are one foot thick, and their branches extend seven feet outwards in many different directions. This plant breaks easily, as it’s structure and composition is brittle
  • Mushroom Juicies: A large candy-tree that resembles a mushroom. They are usually nine foot, but they all droop, making the highest part of their cap fall to seven feet. They are all red with white spots, and their caps are made of small circular candies. The candies can be removed and eaten or used (they are big enough to fit in a human’s hand snugly)
  • Truffle Bush: a large bush-like candy plant, they are four feet tall, and rounded so that they resemble halves of spheres. They are five feet wide and long, and have orange leaves. On each branch there is a cluster of truffles, each a different color and flavor. There are so many truffles on the bushes you cannot see the leaves (they basically look like big mounds of multi-colored chocolate)
  • Squigilly Goos: One of the stranger candy-plant hybrids, it looks like a sea anemone out of water. They all stand three feet tall, with a chunky stump of ten inches. They look like thick cylinder blocks, except for at the top all around its top perimeter large tentacle like tendrils extend. On top also it caves in slightly, and a mound of fluffy goo resides. The delicious gunk can be eaten or flung
  • Bubble ballooners: made entirely from scratch and not combined with a plant or tree, the Bubble ballooner is made up of three components: the “anchor”, the “chain”, and the ballooner. The anchor is a sturdy, heavy biological piece of genius, keeping the special “plant” from floating away. It’s roots are dug deep into the tasty ground so it can’t be uprooted. The chain connects the anchor and ballooner, and like the anchor it is very tough, though it will eventually crumble(it is only a plant, kinda). The Ballooner is the most special part. There are two sizes of ballooners, six feet tall and six feet wide, or three feet tall and three feet wide (they come in pink purple yellow red blue green and multicolor). When you break the chain the ballooner will drift away, and a pokemon can grab onto the chain and take flight! The smaller ballooner can hold pokemon up to one hundred pounds, and the six foot can hold pokemon up to two hundred fifty pounds! When they pop large globs of sticky gum will fly everywhere, gluing wings to backs, trapping limbs, etc.

Mr. Wonka comes up with different candy plants all the time, so the arena gets more exciting every day! Besides plants there are chocolate ponds dotting the arena. None get larger than thirty feet by thirty feet, but some are kind of large. Liquid chocolate is the only liquid here, so pokemon will have to provide or make their own water. The ground can be dug into, but the chocolate dirt only goes fifteen feet deep. Mr. Wonka does not tolerate earthquake generating moves, for it scares his workers. Since the arena is covered, no weather moves can be used. However, Mr. Wonka keeps the place brightly lit, so there are no dark places in the arena.​

i like making arenas ^^ it's fun


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I challenge the glorious HD [once he finishes a battle, which is apparently soon]!

1v1 Singles
3 Day DQ
2 Recovery / 5 Chills

Droplet Pond said:
Above a quaint little village is a hill, and on top of that hill lies Droplet Pond. Formed by decades of rain pounding against it, the completely flat stone surface has eroded quite significantly in the middle to create a pond in which water-type Pokémon can swim easily - it probably isn't enough for a strong Surf though. The stone is impossible to dig through, and grass licks the edges of the arena.
Also note that we've agreed Beheeyem vs. Braviary.
Open Challenge:

3 vs 3 singles
2 day DQ
1 Recover/ 5 Chills
Location: The hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ. An infinite white space (not infinite...more like the size of the Earth) with absolutely no trees or lakes or anything other than the floor (not-diggable BTW). The gravity is intensified (aka, the effects of the move "gravity" occur permanently and can't be driven away) and Ground-types pokes have even more difficulty moving around, resulting in +2 energy for each move. Since its a closed space, all weather-changing moves are rendered useless, as well as moves that require big masses of water. Everything else is good to go. The battle is happening far away from the entrance, so we don't get stuck in the chamber in case someone decides to destroy it.
In other words:
- Permanent Gravity
- non-diggable floor
- Ground-type pokes waste +2 energy per action
- Weather changing moves/abilities or attacks that rely on masses of water are useless.
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