BBP Sword and Shield Tournament: Group Stage

The time has come for our first Gen 8 BBP tournament to begin! Thank you to all who entered! I hope that each and every one of you has a great time participating!

As a reminder the format for the tournament, the battles, and the rewards can be found below

Tournament Rules

The tournament will be swiss format with 4 randomly determined pools and the top player from each pool will advance to the semi-finals of a single elimintation bracket to compete for the grand prizes. There will also be a 3rd/4th place match with 3rd and 4th place prizes.

The points awarded for each section of the swiss tournament are as follows:
Win: 2 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

In the case of a point tie, the tiebreaker priority is the following: Head-to-head > Total HP percent remaining in games won > Total EN remaining in games won > Coin flip

Battle Rules:
4 vs. 4 Singles
(Stage 3+)
DQ: 48 Hours
Abilities: All
Items: Rental
Megas: None
Z-Moves: None
Recoveries: 2
Chills: 5
Substitutions: 3
Legendaries and Ultra Beasts are not permitted.


All battles reward standard prizes in addition to the following:
4th Place: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4
3rd Place: Advance two participating Pokémon to Stage 4
2nd Place: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4, and advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 5
Champion: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4, and advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 5, as well as a choice of Uxie, Azelf, or Mesprit at Stage 4

Being DQ'ed or forfeiting will forfeit all prizes.

The tournament battles do NOT count towards your 3 battle limit.
The groupings for the tournament can be found here
With 12 participants we have four pools of three, with the top player from each pool advancing to the semi-finals​

The following are the battles that will take place in the group portion of the round.
A coin flip conducted by the ref will determine who sends out first for each battle.
When it comes to DQ players will have 1 Warning for the entire tournament, after that, their opponent may claim DQ in this thread

Group A
かたわれ時 vs Gemini Taurus [Referee: Sivanandi]
YellowAdminSilver vs かたわれ時 [Referee: nightblitz42]
Gemini Taurus vs YellowAdminSilver [Referee: Dogfish44]

Group B
Mowtom vs Dogfish44 [Referee: YellowAdminSilver]
Maxim vs Mowtom [Referee: Gemini Taurus]
Dogfish44 vs Maxim [Referee: Sivanandi]

Group C
nightblitz42 vs Sivanandi [Referee: Mowtom]
P2X7 vs nightblitz42 [Referee: Dogfish44]
Sivanandi vs P2X7 [Referee: YellowAdminSilver]

Group D
Toon vs S0L1D G0LD [Referee: Gemini Taurus]
TMan87 vs Toon [Referee: nightblitz42]
S0L1D G0LD vs TMan87 [Referee: Mowtom]

Participants, please send in your teams of 4 to your referees, feel free to look over your opponents' teams in the other thread and plan accordingly!
You have 3 days to send your teams into your referees. Referees, please use the "Tournament" tag for your battles.
In addition, if a subref is required, please post in this thread and tag me.

Best of luck to each and every one of you! Feel free to use this thread to talk about the tournament, post your predictions or just wish your competitors luck!

If you have any questions let me know!
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Y'know what, I'll try to do some tournament predictions.

Group A: This one is hard to predict, but I'm gonna bet on YAS's team of heavy hitters. Pangoro may have trouble with the Fairies on Snom's team, but can easily dispatch the other 4, and the Mamo/Kit core has a good matchup against GT's team.

Group B: I feel like Dogfish gets the edge by skill alone, but bringing mons with big HP pools will certainly play a role given that HP is the star stat this gen. If Mowtom can apply matchup pressure with her powerhouses she may have a chance.

Group C: Definitely rooting for nightblitz here. I'll be watching closely how Thievul fares, given how niche of a pick it seems. His team basically prevents P2 from using Cursola at all and pressures Siv's. The latter's matchups are a bit too volatile to trust him not to choke as well.

Group D: help me
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Tourney predictions? Wynaut

Group A: Subby > Yassy > Snom
Subby isnt as new or rusty like his opponents. Let's see if they can prove me wrong

Group B: Corgi > Mowmeow > Maxie
That 5* Kangy makes me cry, Mowmeow brought some stabby sticks tho, but I also like Maxie team, but he also gotta get rid of his rust

Group C: P2 > Blitzie > Siv
P2 surprises me with new ways of getting through his opponent Or maybe I'm just that easy, But Blitzie knows how to get funky with Zoroark. Siv is just newer outta of the two

Group D:
Battles in the group stage of tournament will be using the newly implemented weight based move changes. Please keep this in mind.

Because of this if you have already sent to your referee please either send your new choice of 4 or send a follow-up stating you intend to keep the team you have already sent
This is a reminder that you have a little over 24 hours to send in your teams to your referees, please make sure you do this so we can get the group stage going people!

Because I don't know who has sent and who has it just tagging everyone who does not have both of their battles posted to keep everyone reminded, if you've sent in to both of your battles, please disregard this.


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