BBP Sword and Shield Tournament: Signup Thread

Battle by Post Sword and Shield Tournament

Welcome one and all to the first BBP tournament of Generation 8! Myself and Torii will be your gracious hosts for the time being, so come join us for a fun time and the chance to win a prize of legendary proportions!

Participants will have two weeks from the time of this post to build the best team of 6 that they can. Once their teams are decided you can PM them to Torii, and no edits will be allowed as of two weeks of this post. From those teams of 6, participants will send 4 pokemon to the refs of each battle.

Tournament Rules

The tournament will be swiss format with 4 randomly determined pools and the top player from each pool will advance to the semi-finals of a single elimintation bracket to compete for the grand prizes. There will also be a 3rd/4th place match with 3rd and 4th place prizes.

The points awarded for each section of the swiss tournament are as follows:
Win: 2 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

In the case of a point tie, the tiebreaker priority is the following: Head-to-head > Total HP percent remaining in games won > Total EN remaining in games won > Coin flip

Battle Rules:
4 vs. 4 Singles (Stage 3+)
DQ: 48 Hours
Abilities: All
Items: Rental
Megas: None
Z-Moves: None
Recoveries: 2
Chills: 5
Substitutions: 3
Legendaries and Ultra Beasts are not permitted.

All battles reward standard prizes in addition to the following:
4th Place: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4
3rd Place: Advance two participating Pokémon to Stage 4
2nd Place: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4, and advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 5
Champion: Advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 4, and advance one participating Pokémon to Stage 5, as well as a choice of Uxie, Azelf, or Mesprit at Stage 4

Being DQ'ed or forfeiting will forfeit all prizes.

The tournament battles do NOT count towards your 3 battle limit.

Entry fee: 8 JC
Referee compensation: Standard (assume each player pays 2 JC per battle)
We will need plenty of refs for this tournament so if you are interested in reffing battles, please PM me!

To sign up for this tournament please post in this thread indicating your interest to participate and send your team of 6 to Torii in the next two weeks. IN ADDITION, post a link to the prize claim where you pay the 8 JC to sign up.

Best of luck to each and every one of you, and have fun picking your 6 pokemon to challenge with!

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or reach out to me on discord!

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