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Insert that Pokepaste where yonitet had a gajillion Flygon sets, ranging from standard to fringe to heat. I'm sure that's all the heat this thread needs.

Also, I've heard "Specs Flygon" way too many times for it to not be mentioned here.


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Pardon the rude awakening, but there's BDSP tournaments going rn so new heat is droppin


Espeon @ Leftovers
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 216 HP / 252 Def / 12 SpD / 28 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Stored Power / Dazzling Gleam
- Morning Sun
- Calm Mind
- Curse

BDSP UU (i guess you could pull it off in ou but dont try too hard)

With one of the most prominent psychic type banned fom UU (celebi), Espeon finally has it's time in the morning sun. This Espeon set is without a doubt extremely gimmicky, however it does have a great amount of potential. With Calm Mind, Espeon is easily capable of sweeping many unprepared teams, but with Curse, its capable of even walling many teams anchoring on physical attackers like Metagross and Flygon. With Dark and Steel types being less prominent due to Celebi's ban, this Espeon set has a legitimate shot at sweeping many unprepared teams. After a Curse, this set is capable of setting up even on the likes of Adamant Metagross spamming Meteor Mash, Snorlax Spamming Body Slam etc. Magic Bounce makes this set especially annoying, as many teams rely on phasers, toxic or taunt to deal with setup sweepers, but Espeon is immune to all of the following. It does however struggle with Haze users like Milotic, but Milotic isn't immoveable and can be taken advantage of by many pokemon that enjoy Espeon's presence like Sub Taunt Gyarados.

Overall I'm still not too sure on whether this set could take off, but I faced it in tour and almost lost to it and now I must tell the war story.


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Ubers heat woohoo

Arceus-Ground @ Earth Plate
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 120 Def / 252 SpA / 136 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Calm Mind
- Judgment
- Recover
- Gravity

BDSP Ubers (obviously)

Ubers is a tier filled to the brim with Ground immunities but very few Ground resists, which this set decides to take advantage of with Gravity. Once Gravity is set, Judgment hits the entire tier for at least neutral damage with the exception of Arceus-Grass and Shaymin-Sky (Arceus-Bug is fake and unviable). This set's main function and appeal compared to the usual Ice Beam in the fourth move slot is that it lures and destroys Ho-oh, who would otherwise check Calm Mind Arceus-Ground and phaze it out. Lastly, Gravity's accuracy boosting effect helps teammates such as Groudon who rely on semi-innacurate moves such as Precipice Blades in order to deal damage.
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