Tournament BDSP Sendoff Tour - Signups [$50 Prize Pool]

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Welcome to the BDSP Sendoff Tour! As generation 8 comes to close and BDSP as well, we can have a farewell to BDSP to welcome in the ninth generation of pokemon. The following formats will be played in this tournament: BDSP OU, BDSP Ubers, BDSP UU, BDSP RU, BDSP NU, BDSP PU and BDSP LC.


How the tournament will work
  • Of the seven formats only three will be played, to be determined in a BAN-BAN-BAN-BAN-PICK-PICK fashion as follows:
    1. Use !pick name1, name2 to decide who bans first.
    2. The person picked bans one of the formats, then the other player bans one.
    3. The second player to ban a format picks one of the remaining formats, and then the other player does so.
    4. This continues until there is three formats left, !pick between the remaining three for game 1, after which the loser of game 1 shall pick out of the remaining two formats for game 2 and this continues until either player has 2 wins.
    5. The later rounds may include Bo5 but that is up to the host's own discretion

Reply with "in" to sign up. Any questions regarding this tournament, either message my smogon wall or my discord Timman#0047

Signups close Saturday 8 October 11:59pm GMT +1

$50 is also up for grabs for the winner of this tournament so good luck to all!
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