Be Unpopular or Die! PE Umbreon Dan wins!

oh! what's this? a couple of packages arrived in the mail for me?

what could they contain? well, let's open them up!

wow! who sent me all these goodies?

i wonder what's in the other box?


oh, i get it. it's a giftbasket!

everything together:

the complete spoils:

3 vintage batman action figures
2 boxes of tea
3 scented candles
3 bottles of body lotion
1 brie cheese
1 can easy cheese
1 box rice crackers
1 whoopee cushion
1 ball-and-cup
1 deck of trick cards
1 glowstick wand
1 nintendo gamecube controller
1 coupon for a back rub, good anytime, expires never

huge bow to vonfiedler for actually seeing this through (especially after such a long time!)

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