[Beginner] Back to the Basics Mafia - The Many win!

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Ray told me already. Apparently, he didn't like the way somebody on a mafia talked with him, so he decided to ally himself with the village. I have honestly never seen such a stupid thing ever.

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also known as Darkwing_Duck
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WHat? Hooked you? Stole from you? That is NOT a reason for you to just decide to auto-lose, a better stategy would have been to ally with the mafias, and stab them at the end, not stab them right away.
Good game everyone. I'll keep most of my comments for the postgame, but I loved playing with all of you. And why does Alan find it? Maybe I wanted to find it!!!
I must now put my opinion on every player in the village leader's point of view.

The Many:

ABT620: Solid inspector. Not much I can say. Did his what I told him. I passed him the BPV and had the BG on him. Didn't want him dying. :D
Darkamber8828: Didn't really have an important role, but he amused me with his unique lynching style.
Alan: Also didn't have a very important role, but was a quick claimer and someone who actually had some sense, so good job!
chaos_sorc: I'm pretty sure he screwed the Mafia over with his hooking. He targeted RaRe555, Uberriffic, -Mind-, and ~NJ, if I recall correctly, and he saved us about three villagers.
LightWolf: Had some amusing announcements, and he helped me with leading. He gave excellent advice.
Starkiller2/VulcanFenrir: I can't really say much about either of them. Starkiller2 was always idling and VulcanFenrir didn't have enough time in the game to do anything.
Hitmonchan: As A_G said, smartly guarded me Night 0 and was a quick claimer. Best villager in my eyes, along with chaos_sorc.
Flamestrike: Was responsible for me finding out about four Mafia altogether. Also my voice when I was kidnapped.
J-squared: Helped me figure out that badalcristiano and Blue_Tornado were lying. Also chatted about the game a lot with him, so that was good.
Aquamarius: My second backup leader after the Coronis. Not a very useful role, but, like J-squared, was willing to chat about the game.
Coronis: The absolute worst player. :D Not really. Was my first backup leader, but then he died. Not much else he did, except for taking away my ops!
J-Man: Believe it or not, J-Man was the one who probably won the game for us. He may have been a pain in the beginning, but he figured out ~NJ's messup and reported it just before he died. I probably would have never found the last Terrible without him. Good work, man.
coolking49: It's unfortunate how he died, and he didn't kill anyone either. But he followed orders, even if he wasn't able to pull them off.

The Monsters:
It's a shame how their luck was. I kept hitting right on those inspects. ;)

-Mind-: Didn't claim anything. At least we got him out of the game before he could wreak any havoc.
hailflameblast: Was it you or badal who kidnapped me? Well, you did have me fooled for a bit, but that wasn't long enough.
Uberiffic: Had an extremely faulty role PM. It's very obvious you're lying when you spell the host's name wrong. :/
TPM: Claimed role copier. I didn't suspect him at all, as his fake role PM looked flawless. But your "I don't trust the leader" act put you under inspection, and that sealed the deal. The best Monster in my opinion.
Blue_Tornado: Didn't do anything to put himself under suspicion, except for trying to get me godkilled when kidnapped. To be honest, he was one of the three people that weren't proven, so I had to inspect him. Pretty unlucky.

The Terrible:

Acklow: Had a role PM full of mistakes. I'm glad we got rid of him quickly.
Xyphang: Gave me a run for my money. In my opinion, he should have faked a role PM instead of stalling until I had no choice but to inspect him.
RaRe555: Claimed inspector with an amazing faked role PM. Even faked an item to boot. But I had two full inspector claims, and one had to go. :/
badalcristiano: Did what every mafian should have done. Gave me a decent fake role PM and lied low, trying to be forgotten. Like B_T, he was one of the three unconfirmed, and his inspection results gave him away.
~NJ: Completely faked me out until Night 5, where J-Man and Ray helped in persuading him to admit that he was mafia to Ray. You have no idea how bad he faked me out. Good fake role PM too. Best The Terrible, in my opinion.

The Wolf:
Rayquaza2233: Mixed feelings here. If he had to ally with anyone, he should have allied with one of the Mafia factions and betrayed them in the end. I don't really know why he allied with us. :/ But he was helpful to the village, to say the least

The Host:
Aura_Guardian: Where do I even begin? ;)

Good game everyone. Thanks, A_G, for the game.
Memory may be serving me wrong, but I'm pretty sure I was Latios, not HFB :P

Anyway, yeah. Wolf siding with village made this game way too easy for the village and the mafias didn't have much of a chance. j-squared and I considered leading but when Spiffy stepped up we decided to just clean him and claim, which we did. After that, it was just a matter of following orders, except that one cycle where Spiffy was kidnapped and I had to piece everything together from what people had told me. I could have been more aggressive with the leading, but I figured we had a large lead anyway and since I had none of the info I just made sure coolking had his target and talked to anyone who wanted to talk to me.

Like I said earlier, Spiffy did a great job of leading and deserves most of the credit for the win, but at the same time, Ray, wolf should never side with village, unless you're moling, and even then you should have been looking for an opportunity to backstab us. At least by siding with the mafia, you can hide until the mafias and village are all whittled down then pick the rest of the players off. By siding with the village you gave us extra powers we most definitely did not need, and once the mafias were gone you had no chance of overcoming the odds. Even if we didn't know your identity it was only a matter of time.

tl;dr-Village leader system worked like a charm, Spiffy did good, wolf siding with village broke the game
I can finally say that i killed myself martyring myself on NJ... so i can take back what i said earlier... -_-' anyways, i didn't want the mafia to win per se, i knew they had no hope, but after being cast from the village (suspected as mole), i wouldn't have minded being lynched and causing some kind of rucus before spiffy layed the axe on the mafia, but NJ just seemed somewhat a bit suspicious, so i ratted him out to spiffy as a last ditch effort to regain village favor... i think that is all...
Way to leave the guy that won the game for you out of your postgame, Spiffy. ;_;

So here's my postgame, pretty sure you'll all find it a laugh of disastrous decisions and beginner's idiocy (for those who don't know, this was my first mafia game not in #fluodome)

Night 0 - Got my role PM, Spiffy was leading. I was like "oh this is too easy" and went for the kill on him and the inspect on Mind because he was on top of the player list. Turns out the second decision had a pretty big impact on how my journey as wolf was.

Day 1 - Curses, foiled by a BG. "well, as lynches go, i'll go with the flow, doesn't really matter who dies, just one out of my way" I decided to claim to Spiffy since I had immunity for the first two cycles and could possibly bluff some kind of conditional immunity to lynches so he would leave me alone after I backstabbed him. I also claimed to TPM for god knows what reason. I left the item I had in my role PM to test his loyalty, and he threatened to take it. He also claimed to be Kirby on the side of the many. When he said "i don't want a village-allied wolf to die", I had a strong hunch he was mafia. Coincidentally, mind PMs me on IRC that he knew what role I was because my inspect gave my role away too, which it didn't, I confirmed that with A_G early on. From this, my guess that TPM was mafia became fact and he was also in the same faction as mind.

Night 1 - Mind offered to collaborate, and I kept his proposal in mind as I killed him by Spiffy's request, since TPM probably knew about it too and I could probably invent some kind of reason as to why I killed mind and then work with the mafia from that point. I believe I inspected Xyphang on this night as per Spiffy's request. The other thing on my mind here was to test TPM's loyalty - would he steal the item or not?

Day 2 - TPM steals my item, probably through Xyphang. From hereon in, I stopped trusting the Monsters and started going through all of them in the slim chance of getting my item back. Why did I try to kill all of them? Who knows who could have the item at this point?

Night 2 - Inspected TPM to see what he could do and as requested by Spiffy (again) and killed hailflameblast (also Spiffy's idea). This was the night where I would decide where my allegiances lie, and they certainly didn't lie with the Monsters. I didn't know who was on the Terrible, so I only had the Many left to stick with.

Day 3 - It's a day, I just lynched target of the day, and chuckled when Coronis died since he was a pack of ghosts, and I'm pretty sure #fluo visitors know what happens to ghosts in those mafia games. RaRe555 contacts me, tells me that the two mafia factions were working together, or at least trying to co-ordinate kills. I wanted no part of this, as the Monsters were still standing, and I told him that. He asked me to kill Alan/Breloom. I picked up a Life Orb from HFB and lost it again, I had no clue what that was about.

Night 3 - I got rid of TPM, hoping he had my item (he didn't), and inspected J-man on request of Spiffy. I think I inadvertently had something to do with the finish here, reading Spiffy's postgame up there.

Day 4 - Again, lynching person of the day.

Night 4 - At this point, there was really no point in trying to ally with the Terrible, since they were crippled beyond belief. I correctly guessed that NJ was a mafia member, but kept that to myself in the event of a miracle. Got rid of RaRe, inspected darkamber.

Day 5 - Lynch of the day, etc. I picked up some kind of treasure detector here overnight.

Night 5 - Killed NJ, inspected and treasure detected Spiffy.

Day 6 - The game ended.

There's my postgame, I guess. I learned a great deal about how to play and to not play wolf, but I doubt I'll ever get wolf again after this fiasco of a game. xD

EDIT : Le fu- I thought nothing of the fact I was told "you know there is no role name checker". I was supposed to claim as that? ;_; I can see how this would've panned out if I actually realized what that meant.

EDIT AGAIN : Looking forward to the next Beginner game coming up, I was thinking of moving up to standard but that seems to be a bad plan.
Now for my recap:

As some of you might know, I was Flamestrike's twin. Flamestrike thought about leading the village, because our roles we almost perfect for that: the mafia would be afraid to kill one of us, because that would give us another vigilante that could kill as needed, no ammo required. Thus, Flamestrike wouldn't need a BG on him, and I could be his trusted back-up leader if anything did ever happen to him. I think I even mentioned to Spiffy before I claimed that I also had a role suitable for leading.

But, Spiffy decided to come out as leader N0 (which I kind of think was stupid), so we decided to clean him with Flamestrike's ability and then claim. I think it was stupid because if the mafia had a SG (I don't know if mafia's usually do, but it could happen), they could have used it on Spiffy, and nobody would have been able to clean him, leaving the village in disarray. I thought it was fishy of Spiffy to ask for an inspect on coolking instead of cleaning him. Also, I think it was dumb to ask people to claim N0 (even flavor claims?), when they have no idea if you are clean. Somehow, I think this put me under suspicion early, but it all worked out. HFB asked me to claim to him because he was working with Spiffy, and this made me very suspicious of him.

I kept a spreadsheet for myself, and between the stuff Flamestrike and I learned, I was able to determine for the most part who was clean and who was fishy. This kinda helped when Flamestrike had to lead, which was the most fun part of the game for me. I learned through him that ABT620 was suspicious of me (WTH?) and wanted to inspect me. With this new info, I was able to play games with people (like TPM).

Overall, I had fun, even though the game was lop-sided. It would have been more fun if the game was closer though.
I actually want to note that when giving out results, HFB got the Life Orb one night and instead of saying "you should get rid of this" a_g "typoed slightly" and said "you should keep it" instead. -______________________-

Also it's like at least one of us was inspected each night. And for the record, idiotquaza, if you're a wolf or a neutral that can't win with the village, YOU DO NOT CLAIM TO THE VILLAGE. GOD YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT. You should have faked a role or something, and if you wanted spiffy dead so much claiming to him wouldn't have been different than just waiting until he didn't have his bg on. Also, you didn't "check TPM's loyalty" because you already declared to him that you're working with the village. And btw, I was the thief, and I actually did a really good job, stealing your axe and two ammo. But bleh, luck and idiocy from the likes of uberiffic and hfb were the biggest downfall to the monsters. So it's a shame to see people posting "you played terrible" when it was actually mostly luck based and based on the fact that THE GODDAMN WOLF SOMEHOW WORKED WITH THE VILLAGE, GAVE THEM A KILL + INSPECT AND PRACTICALLY "GAVE UP" ON NIGHT 1, OR SO HE CLAIMED. HOW THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT MAFIA TO CONTACT YOU, AND WHEN THEY DO (WHICH THEY DID) YOU DECLINE LIKE AN IDIOT SAYING "I'M HELPING THE VILLAGE OUT OF NO REASON, I CEWL (H). Seriously, this is the first and last time I'm joining a beginners game :D
Well at least you had fun, B_T. :D
This is why they call it beginner's. It's so people can learn from their mistakes. For instance, you learned that you will never join a beginner's ever again. Everyone learned something new!
If anyone gives a shit about my thoughts.

Shitty role. Claimed to Spiffy. He said I could be a thief (I wasn't). Lynched stuff. Did nothing.

Beh, lynching people was fun. Should do that more often.

EDIT: Spiffy, that was a total rout. And it was awesome. It was a paragon of what a leader should do. Conglaturations!

It was so completely one-sided that winning held no satisfaction for me.

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