Beldum's Bonza Bash (Mods Please Lock)

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Hello Smogonites, Captains has a *special to him* giveaway!

Got myself a very special breed here, been trying a while, and have finally got a worthy Beldum! So.. I thought I'd make it avaliable to those creative Smogonites.

Quite simply, to win this Beldum (see below), you must first make a post with alliteration to match Beldum. For example: "Bonza Beldum,"

Then you must next post a message to Beldum, with a nickname for it.

Bonza Beldum!

I would absolutely love, to nickname, YOU, "MegaMan".


The best 3 nicknames will win a copy of this Beldum, nicknamed to that nickname, and will recieve it on Monday 23rd July. Good Luck all, you have till Monday to post!


#374 • Steel/Psychic
Hatched: Skyarrow Bridge, 17/07/2012
31/31/24/06/28/31 • Adamant • Clear Body
OT: Apollo • 00772
Nicknamed: MegaMan
Notes: Bred Myself
Generation 5
Great Entries so far, it's going to be hard to decide!

Note: I will judge and choose the winners on Monday 23rd July, 13:00PM GMT+1
Bolstering Beldum!

By the fiery pits of Mordor from where your destructive ingot was forged, you shall be now be recalled as Precious.

Smeagol loves you buddy.
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