Best Luck in Pokémon

I think there is an increased likelihood of finding a shiny Pokemon during the "night hours," but I digress. That is still a great feat.

I cannot believe I had this moment happen to me. I had a 31/31/x/x/x/x male Phantump and a x/x/31/x/31/31 Ditto. The first batch of eggs included a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Phantump...which is a 0.000004% chance, if mind serves me right. Question to game: why can't I be this lucky in real life?
Except you were since this was real life. ;)

Joking aside, I had a similar thing happen to me when breeding Rotoms. My Rotom/Ditto Parents didn't have any overlapping perfect IVs. On the second batch, 6 IV Rotom. I was amazed.
Best luck would have to be beating Cynthia's Garchomp with a crit when I was all out of full restores back in diamond. I'm not someone that has a ton of luck with shinies and stuff like that.

Worst luck? A wild shiny Basculin appeared in Black 2. I throw an Ultra Ball right away. It breaks free, and uses... you guessed it! Final Gambit. fffffffffffffffffff
Best luck? my Yveltal gets frozen, I use an ice heal, I get frozen again by ice beam, as in right after using the ice heal. I use another ice heal, I freeze again, another, I freeze again! I switch to my Blastoise, I get frozen again, use an ice heal, frozen again and then luckily, the Kingdra uses Scald and I thaw...
Best luck? wasn't in this game, but was when i was going to soft reset Azelf in its cave....... first enocunter was shiny and my ralts worked to syncronise modest.
Best luck? wasn't in this game, but was when i was going to soft reset Azelf in its cave....... first enocunter was shiny and my ralts worked to syncronise modest.
lol some of my worst luck was with azelf in black 2 I spent an hour chucking balls at a false swiped paralyzed azelf before it struggled itself to death. Funny, on platinum I caught azelf in the first quick ball.
Not knowing the mechanics of Magic Bounce and switching Espeon in on a Ferrothorn that used SR which lead to me winning (and learning how to use Magic Bounce).
Going through BM Super Doubles with my Trick Room team, I ran into an Aromatisse that spammed Attract and Sweet Kiss (literally all of my team members were male and the Aromatisse was female). It haxed out my entire team...except for Reuniclus. It destroyed the thing with Psyshock and carried the team on its back, taking down all three of the opponent's other team members on its own. (My moveset was Psyshock, Shadow Ball, TR, and Protect, and it was holding a Life Orb)

Also, I love getting doubles of what I'm looking for while breeding. For example, I got two 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Technician Scyther (from 31/31/x/x/31/31 Scizor and 31/31/31/x/31/31 Pinsir) and two 31/31/31/x/31/31 Careful Heracross (from the same Pinsir and an I-don't-remember-the-parent Heracross). Both were one of each gender.
The story's a little hazy, but I'll try to recall the details.

I was doing the Platinum Battle Tower. I had Leif the Roserade out; the opponent had something I don't remember out. We were both on our last mon. The foe attacks first. Leif's HP bar goes down... and down...

And stops at 1 HP. I then OHKO, saving my streak.
I spent 5 hours continuously breeding Rotoms with a x/x/31/31/31/31 rotom and 31/x/x/31/x/31 ditto. everything had 3-4 31 IVs until I hatched my last batch for the day. The second egg from that came out to be 31/0/31/31/31/31! the 0 in attack is flawless in my eyes especially for a rotom
A few days ago in my Pokémon Y, I had decided to go back to the lottery in Lumiose City to try my luck for at least a PP Up - instead of a stupid Moomoo Milk.
By this time, I had already Wonder Traded several (~6 or 7) boxes of my Froakies, and had just released everything that had little to no value to me.
This brought me down from about 9 boxes full of other peoples' Pokémon, to 2.
Anyway, I went to the lottery and... all 5 numbers match one of the 'mons I had kept!
So, long story short, I have 2 Masterballs in my bag - one from the story, and now one from the lottery.
So I was in a 9-battle streak (pretty butch, huh?) in SSB Battle Maison, all good and dandy putting plebeian battlers into their rightful place. And so it was, until I stumbled upon a team of Escavalier, Barbaracle, and Carracosta. To put it simply, it was a haxy battle especially with that damned Barbaracle being the most headache-inducing sunuvabish evuhrr. He had a weird moveset; something along the lines of Double Team / Stone Edge / ? / ?. The ugly barnacle just kept alternating between those moves, dodging my hits left and right even with only one Evasiveness boost under his belt and critting with Stone Edge. Worse thing is, it outspeeds all of my team which is pitiful to say the least. I had like Goodra, Azumarill, and Aegislash at the time. Let's speed things up and now, it just came down to my Goodra at yellow health and his Escavalier at about 80% health. At this point, I was giving up already. I clicked Thunder, it hit and paralyzed the opponent. He was then paralyzed at the same turn. Next, I clicked Draco Meteor as a last resort and it brought down the Escavalier at yellow health. It used Swords Dance in turn. Thank Arceus for stupid AI After that, it was just pure haxy goodness. I used Thunder again, it missed; Escavalier was still paralyzed. Phew. Thunder, paralyzed. Thunder paralyzed. And at the last turn with only 1 pp of Thunder left, I tap that sh*t one more time and it hit, KO'ing the Escavalier!
So I was breeding Scatterbugs to get a competitive one for my gf for her birthday, whose favorite mon is Vivillon. Her 3DS gives her Vivillons a Modern pattern, while mine is JP so I have Meadow pattern, which she doesn't have. Imagine my surprise when one of the Scatterbug eggs, the last one I hatched after a few dozen, is SHINY. Non-Masuda method. And it has good IVs, 24-25/x/31/31/31/31 with a Timid nature.

Definitely a good present.

Edit: Somehow, the shiny Scatterbug evolved into an Elegant patter Vivillon, not Meadow.

I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining.
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Breeding 9 perfect Togepis across three different natures with nasty plot in less than a day while starting with one 3 IV pokemon. I was beside myself at how fast that went.
> breeding for competitive froslass
> dumps def/spa/spe ditto and hp/spd snorunt into daycare (quiet ditto with knot, timid snorunt with everstone)
> gets snorunt with all the listed IVs on the 9th egg


Plot twist: It's a male.


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Finding out the Timid Xerneas I caught in my X file had 31/31/31/31/13/31. If only the Sp Def IV was a little higher and its nature allowed it to go mixed, I would have been in total awe at the capture. And this was my 2nd attempt at a capture (wanted a good nature).


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Almost had my winning streak cut short since a Maison trainer's Walrein lucked out on 2/3 of my team with Fissure, leaving Tru-Ant last. By some sort of divine miracle, I managed to be in possession of enough luck to win a lottery twice over since my Choice Scarf-locked Iron Head Durant was able to win the battle for me because Walrein was missing every single of its OHKO attacks.

I am pretty sure it takes an exceptional amount of good fortune to screw a Battle Facility in terms of luck. It sucks I didn't know how to save the video until it was too late.
While training against Audinos in the friend safari, I managed to run across a shiny Lillipup, it has pretty crappy IVs though (31/25/18/15/31/2) and a bad nature to go along with it (Timid), but I don't care because I FINALLY have a shiny now in Y version, after about 200 hours or so, so i'm pretty pleased with that. Besides, maybe I can come up with some weird defensive role that doesn't rely too much on speed, or something? (Probably not)

Yesterday, completely out of the blue, I hatched a shiny Timid Vulpix with Drought, Hypnosis, and Heat Wave, with perfect IVs in Defence, Sp.a, and Speed.

Well, time to make a sun team... :D
Damn it why are you so lucky, it makes my stomach congested.

EDIT: While EV training my Stoutland, I actually got a shiny Whismur! Unfortunately it has HORRIBLE IVs, but whatever, a shiny is a shiny, so I guess i'll just keep it in one of my boxes to look at.
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