Best Luck in Pokémon

I thought that tipping thing was just a myth and was there for aesthetic reasons. Congratulations on the shinies though.
Well, I've tipped another 5 times and gotten nothing so far, I've gone back to chain fishing, I'll update if I find another shiny within the hour. And thanks for the Gratz ;)
Edit: Yeah, I've found nothing, must be a cap or something, I can't be so lucky to findn3 shinies within an hour of eachother :/
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Said it before but the very first pokemon I ever found in the wild was a shiny hoothoot. I was like woahh since it sparkled but didnt know shinies were so rare at the time.
After failing to Masuda Method a shiny Beldum in Black and Black 2, I got a Beldum from a Wonder Trade and decided to try my luck a third time. First I bred a regular Beldum with decent IVs and an Adamant nature to give my future shiny the best chance possible of being competitively useful, then I threw the Beldum in the Daycare with a Japanese Ditto and started the MM.

My sixth egg hatched a shiny.

But wait, there's more! The shiny is Adamant thanks to its parent Beldum's Everstone, and I used the Judge to check its IVs. What was its IV spread? 31/31/31/x/27/31

But wait, there's more! I hatched the remaining 5 eggs from that run, and just for kicks I checked the IVs of the remaining 5 non-shiny Beldums. One had a 31/31/31/x/31/31 IV spread, and another was a PERFECT 6 IV Beldum! That's three Beldums with perfect or near-perfect IVs, one of them shiny, in 5 eggs. I can't remember the exact IVs of the parents, but the parent Beldum had 3-4 perfect IVs while the Ditto had 2-3 so I wasn't using flawless parents.

Goliath the shiny level-100 Metagross is now the pride of my team and the terror of my local multiplayer matches. The 5 IV Beldum was traded to a friend who was planning to use it for his own Masuda Method while the 6 IV Beldum will eventually be traded to my brother. And I don't think I'll ever get that lucky with breeding again.
When xy came out I went with a friend to go purchase my copy. He was just getting back in to Pokemon after not playing since rby(both in our mid 20's). Less than a week into playing i trade him a DD dratini to start his breeding chain. No bullshit third egg is a shiny dratini with acceptable 4IV spread....been playing since rby, comp since RSE, and have never hatched or encountered a shiny.
My biggest for Gen 6:
Wasn't expecting Lysandre's Gyarados to be a DD variant. Was looking down the barrel of a heavily-boosted Megados ready to obliterate my whole team. Golurk was last pokemon. Quick claw triggers and he scores a kill with Hammer Arm.

Accidentally bred a shiny Eevee via MM. My only HA breeder for Eevee was Japanese and one of the offspring was shiny. (Too bad it was also horrible for any form of combat use.)

Bred a 5IV Metagross off of a 4IV Beldum and a 3IV Ditto. That made me happy.
Just hatching two 6-31IV pokemon in a row. Of opposite genders. Too bad I wanted a 0 Speed IV for them, but should help on my way to getting to perfect, as now I'm in dice roll town.
I wanted to get the Mewtwonite X, meaning than I had to catch Mewtwo first. Because I hate catching legendaries with sucky stats (thanks God for this automatic 3IV31 mechanic for legendaries in gen 6), I started soft-reseting for a good special-based Mewtwo (because Mega Mewtwo X sucks without previous gen moves).

I feel insanely lucky: in less than ten soft-resets, I obtained a 31/11/31/31/29/31 timid Mewtwo. It made my day :D
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I'm pretty terrible with a PokeRadar; in regular grass, I have a hard time noticing the decoy patches so my chains keep ending with me accidentally stepping into a patch in which there were no Pokemon.

Two days ago my highest chain was 15 for Drifloon. I got pretty frustrated that the decoy patches kept breaking my chain, so I flew over to Route 5 and tried to chain for a Gulpin (Swalot is my favorite Pokemon ahaha). However, I couldn't seem to find any Gulpin... Bunnelby and Pancham kept popping up instead. Exasperated, I stepped out of the grass (I didn't want to use a Repel until I started chaining Gulpin) to reset the Radar.

And then when I ran back into the grass, a random wild Pokemon popped up... A SHINY SKIDDO. It is sooooo adorable and even has a shiny yellow nose! First random wild shiny in Pokemon X >u<

Instead of chaining again, I spent the rest of my night playing with the little guy.

Next day I got to chain 40 with Zoroark in Pokemon Village and eventually got a shiny Zoroark. I love purple and yellow Pokemon... *coughSwalotDriflooncough*

(I still want a shiny Gulpin though... maybe it'd be easier in hordes?)


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Decided to start a breeding project make a specially-based Lucario, so I threw a 5 IV special attacker male w/ Timid and my 5 IV Female Lucario (who was a physical attack, and had her relearn Vacuum Wave) in the Daycare. End up getting 2 5 IV (31/xx/31/31/31/31) female Riolus in the first three eggs.

Guess onto Tyrunt next.


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Reading this thread recently makes me cry...

But I did get an Unown on Waonder trade after looking for one for ages :P I also got some good Treecko's too ^_^

Still no shinies yet though :(
So, I was hatching Shellder for a 5IV... And out pops a shiny. Yeah, not as good as some people, but considering that A. I don't have either the shiny or oval charms B. I wasn't specificity going for a shiny and C. This was on my second batch, it was okay. (As for the stats, x/31/x/31/x/31 Adamant and HA. Kickass)
Ran into 3 shinies in a row (I'm not kidding) on the Friend Safaris I have looking for certain Pokémon and ended up getting a shiny Minccino, Panpour and my favorite a shiny Charmeleon :D
Said it before but the very first pokemon I ever found in the wild was a shiny hoothoot. I was like woahh since it sparkled but didnt know shinies were so rare at the time.
Shame you didn't have a Pokédex.

The best luck I've had was finding a Shiny Doduo just five minutes after my brother found a Shiny Ponyta. And we were both training Larvitars at the time.
So Swalot is my favorite Pokemon ever. I've spent many hours hunting for shiny Gulpin in hordes, but I haven't found any shinies in hordes so far.

After quite a few hours of that, I gave up and decided to train some Pokemon in Friend Safari instead. Since I was training Ground types, I decided to go to a Poison Safari. I absentmindedly train while doing homework on the computer and I hear a sparkle... a shiny Swalot appears.

So amazing Q_Q
Last night, accidentally hatched a shiny 31/X/31/31/31/X Quiet Aroma Veil Spritzee.

I wanted a shiny for my TR VGC team, I guess I have it.

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When I found out you couldn't soft reset for the pokebank Celebi I just figured it'd be useless, I'd play with it in amie for a minute then box it forever. Ended up getting a bold one with 31/x/31/31/31/x so yeah pretty pleased with that
I was breeding a 31/31/31/31/31/xx and 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Fennekin, and I bred one with 6 IVs and a hasty nature (I wanted Timid but did not have any such luck with my 100 or so prior Everstone-less breeding rejects) within a few days. Now lets see if my luck holds up with breeding Froakie.

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