Best Luck in Pokémon

Unintentionally got a shiny Lampent in a Friend Safari last night. Checked IVs:

28/7/31/28/28/31 (which is HP Ground)

That's pretty much perfect for a Chandelure. Nature is Serious, but at least it's a neutral nature and not something that decreases an important stat? He's gorgeous~
I caught Xerneas with a poké ball at full health. I only had 3 pokéballs and that was it. :3
Lord Ghetsis used Rain Dance!
"Xerneas has a high catch rate, or so I'm told. Basculin are (apparently) harder to catch."
It's super effective!
As for me, I got a Timid Protean 31/x/31/31/31/x Froakie. I was too lazy to breed it, so I use it now.
And now I've hatched a 5IV shiny arcanine! His non-flawless stat is HP, and somewhere in the mid-twenties, so it's not flawless but close. Arcanine is my favorite pokemon, and I've always wanted a shiny. I'm happy. :)
Good luck: Got a crit-capture on Zygarde with a Poke Ball. It was the last ball I had.
Bad luck: the IVs on that Zygarde were 0/0/0/0/0/0. And a Modest nature, to add insult to injury.
I was battling Lysandre on Pokemon Y in my sorta Wonder Trade challenge.
I was down to Hawlucha, and he was down to Pyroar. I used a Revive on Swampert, and Hawlucha lived a Hyper Voice. The next turn, I used a Hyper Potion on Swampert and Hawlucha fainted. Then, I sent out Swampert. Pyroar used Hyper Voice, and Swapert lived at 13 HP. Then, I used Water Pledge(Yes, it knew Water Pledge) and KOed. I was amazed and proud of my Swampert.
I've gotten pretty lucky these last two weeks. Haven't gotten my shiny charm yet but I hatched a shiny dratini 31/31/31/x/30/31 (Adamant w/ HA: DD and ExSpeed) not using the masuda method. Then 2 days ago I hatched a perfect IV shiny smeargle 3rd egg USING the masuda method.
I'm absolutely on a tear today. First, a random Froakie I traded on the GTS actually WAS Protean. Then when breeding it, I was able to get a female Protean on my fifth egg. Three eggs later I hatched a SHINY, Timid, Protean Froakie with perfect special attack and speed to boot (terrible HP though.) Another five eggs or so later, I was able to hatch a Protean Froakie with all perfect stats except for attack. This was by breeding a 4-IV male (missing attack and defense) and a female with only speed as the perfect stat.


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I got 2 shiny quillidins at the friend safari in a time span of half hour. Then after that I started breeding for good Chespins and got a shiny on my 9th egg. I ended up giving one of them to my gf as a little gift for her :] (it also had Bullet Proof with a relaxed nature)


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The thing that jumps to mind for me (the only thing I can really remember) is some really strange "good" luck I had when trying IV breeding in X&Y for the my first little while.

I had this happen to me THREE different times btw. It's just weird.

Ok, so I'll be trying to breed a "perfect" 5 IV Pokemon and I'll be at the last step, but I just won't be having any luck getting exactly what I need. Whenever I do get 5 IVs one of them will be in the wrong stat or I'll have the wrong ability or gender or whatever. This continues on for something like 30 eggs, even though the probability is like 1/12 of me getting what I want. Then finally I get what I need... TWO OR THREE TIMES OVER. You see, when IV breeding I hatch 5 eggs at a time, and what'll happen is after going forever not getting what I need, I'll finally get what I need... twice. In the same batch. Or in the case of my Gengar I was breeding, THREE times in the same batch.

So I end up with duplicate perfect Pokemon. The thing that really kills me though, is when I do the ratio of perfect eggs to eggs hatched after I get those batches with the multiple results, the ratios even out exactly to what they should be. So the odds are lined up right... technically. But it does so in such a way that it screws me over since I only want one perfect Pokemon of that type, not 2 or 3!

Now the good news is that I was able to trade my extras for good stuff. So really, despite it being frustrating in it's way it was still "good" luck. Just trollish good luck. if that makes any sense at all.
My best luck in x and y was my shiny yanma. I had been hunting via horde encounters for about an hour, I had stayed up late just to have extra time hunting. I was just sure that the game was going to troll me and give me a shiny nosepass, but no. About 200 encounters in I captured my shiny timid yanma with perfect special attack and speec ivs (maybe not perfect but good) and it was my free bragging right at school for the next week. I LOVE IT!!!
I usually only lurk here, but i wanted to share this.
A month ago i was just breeding chanseys trying to get to 5IV slowly and hatched a shiny one. Then the next egg i hatched another shiny chansey. They both had really usable IVs too.

Now today i continued on trying to hatch a shiny 5 IV Quiet Honedge. At the 100th or so egg i looked down at my 3DS and saw a beautiful purple sword.
..Unfortunately it has the worst possible IVs, all 31 except special attack, which is 0-4.
But another 20 eggs later i hatched another shiny Honedge which has near perfect IVs, all 31 except speed!!!
Can provide proof if you are interested :D

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