Suspect BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

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I forgot how to crop because it's late. I'll probably vote no ban since I don't think PH is more overtly busted than normal, but definitely the combination of PH and Tera is formidable. This is just compounded by the fact that taunt shuts down all ph counterplay now assuming you're faster, since core enforcer has been dexited. Then again my reqs are slightly biased since I farmed dead hours and lost 3 times to a covert cloak spamming John Wick lacking a PH mon entirely. I haven't played enough of the meta to truly have a stance here. Next time BH does a suspect I'll try to record reqs and voice my thoughts audibly in a nice BH live.



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ok now im actually done LOL, voting ban fs tho, mix of pheal + setup + taunt/bad mu is just unfun and often impossible to deal with. not the most broken thing in the meta, but its like #3 for me.

s/o to tea for the team and giagantic for catching my error
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