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BLT V: Finals (Won by the Sunyshore Snorlaxes)

Ok folks, this is it. Last round of matches to confirm our winner for the Fifth BLT.

So the current matchups are as follows for the tiebreaker

Snorlaxes VS Weaviles

VS TRHurricane

OU 1
Sanjay VS Jrdn

OU 2
Mysterious M
VS Le Sabreur

Once again, no time limit and enjoy.

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Snorlaxes VS Weaviles
VS TRHurricane - ESM has showed why he is one of the best players in this whilest his opp only played one game so far and didnt looked too strong
OU 1
Sanjay VS Jrdn - idk about sanjay in ou and jrdn is pretty good
OU 2
Mysterious M VS Le Sabreur - pretty sure this will be the decider as these two are both about the same level imo

EternalSnowman VS TRHurricane - I really can't see esm losing this one, better player all round and he's hungry as fuck to win this tour

Sanjay VS Jrdn - bolding jrdn solely cause hes played more ou recently. This game can easily go either way though especially as it's essentially must win for jrdn if weaviles want to win this which puts a lot of pressure on him

Mysterious M VS Le Sabreur - Mysterious m had a really good showing in wcop in ou and I expect him to continue that form here. Le Sabreur has also used an rmt or a team that can be found in forums somewhere every game so far afaik which should give mm an extra advantage
I’ll just make this quick
TheWall Roseybear u guys are great managers thanks for drafting me and im glad to be part of the team :psyglad:
Microwavable literally the best teammate ever unfortunately he can only play randbats :cwl:
BigBoy038 jasprose OminousDraco BelmontGabriel Twixtry Simbo it was nice being on the same team with u all even though it would’ve been nicer if we had round robin :blobshrug:

ESM VS TRHurricane
Congrats to the Sunnyshore Snorlaxes for winning BLT V!
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won for laxes, a great season of blt, thanks for the great 11 game series weaviles!


I'll put out a video sooner or later, but first shoutouts!

Kyotoshi Even though we couldnt pickk up anyone we wanted for ou at the beginning of the draft, we lucked out and managed to get you for cheap and you played pretty well down the stretch and contributed, thanks for the season

Abyssal Ruins :goat:, one of the steals of the draft for sure who completely destroyed and had an amazing record in a tough group! I hope you have more success in the future, you were also a pleasure in the teamchat

Ark Even though you only managed to play 1 important game, you won that game and were helpful to prepping other tiers too, always nice to have a fellow fgo goon in the chat

SANJAY One of my best friends on this site, and a great pickup for nu, you performed down the stretch and although I know you will be busy with other stuff soon, I wish you the best of luck with that

Ninjadog13 Another great pickup, and people were writing you off before BLT, but you showed them up and had a good season, sorry about that Ubers Open series though ;-;

kythr sorry for rating you as the worst player... I didnt know anything about you, but you showed up big in the early weeks and picked up big wins, and I can confidently say that you were one of the big steals of the draft for sure

Silver25X And the actual biggest steal of the draft, I know you didn't really play DOU coming in, but that was like me and Ubers a few BLTs ago, and you improved so much and managed to take wins off big players, I know that you can keep it up and become a great player soon!

Mysterious M my bro <3, I was so happy that I got you for our sub slot as a friend, but you even contributed and won a clutch tiebreak match, wish you the best of luck in snake (i hope you get playing time u deserve it)

MJ Hamhamhamham samjo and all the other goons, thanks for the support, gotta love that server <3

finally last and certainly not least Trace, another BLT win for you, and a great season, it was so fun for me and I think for the rest of us too, managing with a close friend is always a big pleasure! I hope you get okita man, daishouri!



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another year, another BLT w, for real tho, i'm extremely happy to team up w/ you lads, hope you'll continue performing on smogtours or tours room in general, you're all the fucking best, and w/ another W, there comes a shoutout :blobnom:
EternalSnowman -san daishouri!

Kyotoshi i know you might be disappointed over your finals performance but don't let it get to you, you're a cool guy and you have potential to do more, i know you can do it! thanks for being in this team.

Silver25X you might be upset that you're put in DOU since it's not your main tier and i just pushed the role on you, but i'm glad you're our doubles player, you defied all expectations by putting in some solid Ws, hope to see more of you in the future, thanks for being in the team!

kythr i think you already know what i'm going to say to you since we talked earlier today, you might be disappointed over the final game but damn you are one good player lol, i know it might seem weird that we drafted you after ranking you last, that ranking was a huge af mistake and by no means it reflects on your capability as a player, thanks for being in this team!

Abyssal Ruins the 5-0 :goat: himself, you were my first pick for UU after what ark said to me, not only you lived up to the expectations but you also surpassed it, you're a fucking great guy too, would love to team up w/ you again in the future, thanks for being in the team!

SANJAY the tiebreak game might not go pretty for you but i don't ever regret picking you up as one of your player, good friend and all, i know you're burned out of mons but i'd like for you to come back again in the future, thanks for being in the team!

Ninjadog13 lc goat, i'm glad we got you over any other LCer, you went for like 11k? that's a fucking steal for being one of the best LCer in the tour lol, finals game were not exactly pretty but you did extremely well overall, be proud! hope you do well on other tours and all, thanks for being in the team!

Mysterious M fucking goat as a sub, you fucking did it when we needed you the most, I know i wanted to have you as our sub first pick w/ all of ur experiences and such and i know you way back when we're still on PO, good luck on snake and thanks for being in the team!

SolarflareRo sorry that you didn't manage to play a game, thanks for being in the team anyway.

Eien lmao thanks for helping our monotype and being on the chat, let's fucking win om snake together now :]

gotta leave the best for the last

Ark you're one of my best friends in this site and you know exactly why, when you qualified i instantly knew i have to get you in the team, you only managed to play 1 important game yet you won the game convincingly, thanks for everything! sorry if this seems short but i don't want to write an essay and you'd already know what i want to say though :blobshrug:

EternalSnowman there's a lot of reason why i asked you as my co-manager, you become a good friend of mine pretty quickly and we have a lot of the same interests, obviously you had to be my first pick as my assman, i haven't regret asking you to manage with me one bit, not even for a moment. you're probably upset over not being drafted on SSD but i know you can do it! thanks for accepting my request and selfishness and all.
thanks for everything man, this BLT was such a blast. :blobwizard:
Finally this BLT I was able to win some games coming off terrible 0-3 last year. Thanks a lot Zorro349 and lightning1870 for drafting me it was fun.

Zorro349 : always active on discord and keeps on motivating whatever the result was. Great guy, glad I got to know u

lightning1870 : always pming anyone u could find on PS to post something on discord since u cant access it, making teams for everyone. It was clear how much u cared about this tour

Hurricane69 : Finally we played a teamtour together. I have known u for so long (like 4 years?) when everyone was picking subs I messaged mihawk to get u first. Sad u couldnt play the whole season but you did what u could do. Don't beat urself up just because u lost the final game (Stop crying lmao).

leo05051998 : Dubs goat. Amazing guy ready to test any tier even at like 3am. Helped me a lot with tests. Hoping to see more great stuff from u

Jrdn : You didnt got to play ur main tier much and yet still u got us most important wins and proved why u were our Star Player!

peachycl0uds : omg Clutchyclouds. Clutched us the win whenever we needed. I knew u from last tlt when u knocked me out. Gl for TLT u are gonna win it this time!

Le Sabreur : u played some amazing games and were always dependable. It was nice teaming up.

Raftel Reshirams : You improved the most from w1 to finals. Also u were major reason we reached playoffs with 2 crucial wins. Keep that up dude.

Skelos : You got some tough matchups and it didnt go as u would have wanted but still got us some nice wins.

Hell Rayquaza3000 : u never talked in discord but still u helped when neg was away in initial weeks thanks for that!

special shoutout to Rasberry Pie SG you helped me build literally every team I used and also Ninjadog13 Fille for some help!

Congrats Laxes! I had a blast playing this blt. Sad we couldnt win it after being called worst team ever but still im glad I was part of Weaviles.

Robb576: everyone thought the eevee group was the powergroup, but it were the pikachu's all along
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Grats laxes for winning BLT!!
It was my first blt and I had a blast. From drafting the #8 team to reach the finals and almost winning it, it was really fun. Unfortunate that some games didn't go as we planned but happens.
lightning1870 : Man Man Man. Can't thank u enough for what u did. Awesome manager, great player and member. Helped the team a lot. Ur semis game was crazy and the hype that u created after that was just indescribable. The sheer fact that it gave us chances to reach finals was enough to make everyone work so hard.unfortunately, we couldn't do the same in finals ;/
Jrdn : first of all I'm really sorry for putting u out of ur main. U were one of our stars, delivering whenever we needed u too. Sad that the mu was not the best in the finals, but that tie breaker was absolutely dominating.From helping others to pass teams , u did everything. Once again thanks and glad I bought u
Mikaav : LC GOAT! MVP for us through the groupstages. Those w1 and w2 wins were crazy dude. And don't get me started on that finals game. Literally couldn't have asked for better lc player. Thnx for helping other people through tests and provide teams.
Le Sabreur: another GOAT. Wasn't familiar with u when I bought u, but I'm glad I did. That paras and thunder miss sucked but it's the game we play. Can't thank u enough and I hope people realise how goat of a player u are
peachycl0uds : CLUTCHYCLOUDS!!! Man those clutches. We always left it to u for the finish and every time u clutched it for us. If it weren't for u, we wouldn't have been even in the finals and even would have played the tie breaker. Legit goat who carried us whenever needed.
Skelos : didn't get to know u as we never talked but thanks for everything u did. I know u were frustrated with the team drafted but glad that u didn't quit. Unfort that games didn't go ur way, but it happens and I hope u win the classic
leo05051998 : 14K OVERPAY!!! jk , I can't describe how important u were to the team. A great friend to me and helped everyone with the tests. Those plays in the finals were amazing and shut down all ur haters.a big thanks to u for helping RR. He wouldn't have the record he has if it weren't for u.Gl with ur exams and I hope everything goes well for u
Raftel Reshirams : RR GOAT. despite u not playing ubers, u practiced hard and cared a lot. That finals game was soooo amazing.U almost won but sad that hax came in the way. I can see u going a long way if u keep it up.Hope u get to play tlt as well.
Hurricane69 : couldn't have asked for a better sub. U along with Leo, are the reason why RR did well.i know u are sad that u couldn't win the final game but don't be sad man, u did a great job. The fact that u helped everyone whenever u can and managed to keep the chat alive is already enough for me. Hope that u play more and come back as even stronger ubers player.
Hell Rayquaza3000 : play more and u will eventually get better. Sorry u had to go 0-2 but I'm still mad about w1 >.>
GXS : there u go nerd. Ur first shoutout. But srsly tho thanks for saving blt and being an awesome host. It was hella fun to annoy u and I hope to see u again as a host. TLT II :eyes:

S/o to peeps who supported the weavs - micro(at least through the groupstages), spitfire, bdov and all my ps friends. Couldn't have done this without ur support
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blt in september :blobastonished: but for real tho grats to the laxes. special shouout to my boy icy 5-0 :goat:

now team for team shootouts:

Zorro349 thx for asking me to be ur assman in my first blt (jesus why'd it take me so long) and holding down the entire fort while i was gone

leo05051998 mr 14k. helping basically everyone with just about everything. couldn't have asked for more from u dude. don't regret a thing, well maybe a little (that price is kinda high :blobshrug:)

Raftel Reshirams ah the one with the 6 disc accounts. for just getting into competitive mons, u did p good. solid record throughout the group stages and picked up users p quickly thx for being on the team (p.s. hmu if u ever wanna learn how to use the calc lol)

Skelos unfortunately i didn't get to interact with u all too much due to my disc situations but u did help us out throughout the group stages and I'm very grateful. thx for being on the team and gl in nu classic finals. go weavs

Le Sabreur the frenchman. definitely pulled ur weight this season. u defied the odds and won with a team i built and I'm super glad u were on the team. always super helpful. thx for everything

peachycl0uds mono beast. spared us in the semis, sorry od, and tore it up the whole season. fun presence and showed a ton of team spirit. thx for everything dude

Mikaav u were previously marked as the lowest ranking lc player in the strongest pool of lcers blt has ever seen and u really did boss up. winning crucial games, always helping out the rest of the team, pulling us through and giving us a shot. thx for everything

Hurricane69 u were a great sub. couldn't have asked for more from u. always giving input to better the team in a tier we were lacking in. thx for everything dude

Hell Rayquaza3000 thx for filling in for me while i was away. unfortunately i didn't get to talk to u much either but i don't doubt that u didn't do ur best in ur games. see u in tlt. not losing to u again :)

last but certainly not least Jrdn easily one of my best friends on this site for years. the role i gave u at the beginning of the season, pray for him, really does sum up how blt v went for u. u were the anchor of this team and couldn't have done this without u. ur the best

thx to everyone else who helped build and test for the team, tww, bdov, etc...

finally i just wanted to apologize to my for not being there the whole time due to stupid irl shit but regardless i had a blast

grats again guys, lax never loses, thx for a fun and entertaining season, and see u next blt :D
Well , Our run has finally ended in the finals. If i say i'm sad then i'm lying. Now then it's time for shoutouts!.
I want to start off Thanking GXS for hosting BLT V. All of this would have not been there if not for you.

Raftel Reshirams Damn man Let me call you a 3k GOAT. If there's anyone who turned the Odds for us making playoff's it you. Had fun spending time with you. Waiting to see you get your vengeance against ESM soon.

Le Sabreur You were great to watch in all of your games. I have no doubt that you'd grow into a even greater player soon.

Jrdn I have no doubt when i say you would have gone unbeaten if you played Ou. Yet You got all those important wins and It comes without saying that those numbers are just faulty to judge you as a player.

Skelos You were a very good Nu player to start with. Sad that you did not get to show what your really made of due to bad match ups nevertheless you had some good wins.

Mikaav Yay Yay Yay Beating Fille n Luth in the first two weeks and getting your revenge in the finals. Damn i wish that Shellos did not exist , If not for that you were Invincible.

peachycl0uds Looking for someone to Clutch the series...look no further. You were absolutely amazing through out the BLT and i'm glad that i got to know you.

Hurricane69 You were always there when ever anyone needed you , totally active and kept the discord alive. Dont be even a bit sad about the finals ,You did your best.

Hell Rayquaza3000 Dont feel sad about not getting a win. You do know that you won R1. Just should have read the fck'ing rules so that you could have had it on paper.

lightning1870 Zorro349 Two Bad Managers who bought me for 14K. But when i think of it that was the reason for my team being ranked #8 and this BLT would have not been as fun as it was if not for that to happen. I couldn't thank you both enough whatsoever.

bdov I blame you for the loss. We would have won if you stayed till the end :/

SMB and SocialSocialSocial Thanks for the team n testing help dudes.

Shoutout to EternalSnowman for all the videos and stuff he did for keeping this interesting.

Microwavable Dj Breloominati♬ RaJ.Shoot Complexities ..and everyone of my other friends on Ps .Thanks for your support , I believe it was due to that we made it so far.

Even if it's all a game i still wanna say a sincere sorry to all the Poli's for what happened in the semi's. You Guys were my personal favourites to Win.

Finally Grats to the everyone in the Snorlaxes specially to keeping it icy for going 5-0. Now i have no choice but to admit #Lax never loses.
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Well, unsure how to start, and I'm sure this will end up cheesier than The Cheesen One, but let's go. Had a lot of fun this tour, mostly because I got to screw around. My team was so busted I didn't have to play a single important game until finals and could even bring the Swadlooniest of them all week 1, sad that didn't pan out. But really, couldn't have asked for a better team, so let's go!

SANJAY Didn't get to talk much but I was really impressed by your play; not the luckiest player but always able to mount a great comeback. Tiebreaker didn't go well but that happens to all of us, and you played amazing the entire season. Glad to have been your teammate!

Silver25X A beast at doubles, picking it up quickly and playing great even when things didn't look great. 5.5k was way too cheap for you.

Kyotoshi Another player that was way too cheap at 3.5k; loved watching your games. Was a pleasure!

Ninjadog13 Not just a ninja, but also a dog. That's a great combination and it really showed. Keep it up!

kythr I played a couple of games with you before your finals match, and while I was sure you could turn any favorable MU into a win after watching you play before, those games blew me away and I just couldn't see you lose. It's unfortunate you couldn't overcome that MU in finals but your ability to bite the bullet and just start outplaying is amazing and I hope to see more of you. Definitely a fan.

Eien While we're at monotype, the friendly neighbourhood TL that hung out in our chat to support the #fgo cause. Thanks!

SolarflareRo You didn't get to play and I'll be honest, some of your ideas in teambuilding were odd. I've been noticing you have great instincts, but you don't always plan ahead, and while your general teambuilding ideas are great, you sometimes have odd ways of fleshing them out (e.g. Sitrus Berry Guzzlord). This isn't meant to be anything bad, we've all come from somewhere and we've all definitely made mistakes in the past. I'm still glad you were on our team (and your name is cool, which is a plus). If you take your time thinking more about why you should use or do something and what it accomplishes, I'm sure you'll improve and become great. Hoping to see you qualify for TLT and become a BLT starter next year!

Mysterious M Always ready to sub in, and a great player to boot. Having a sub as strong as you was reassuring, especially since there's a couple uncertainties surrounding my life right now. I knew that if anything were to happen, a better player would take my place, and it was honestly reassuring. And then in the finals tiebreak, you stepped up and won a really tough matchup to keep us in this. Thanks for being on the team.

Abyssal Ruins Before going into this, I knew a certain idiot would get me no matter the price, and I told him if he wanted the best UU in the tour, he should go for you. I first noticed you when I saw you in suspect tests, taking note of you getting reqs, seeing you on the ladder, and watching some replays out of curiosity, so it's not like I didn't know about you before. I've been quietly a fan for a long time, and am really glad I got to work with you. Your approach to the tier is unconventional but everything you do has a purpose and I really liked seeing what you could come up with, and testing with you has been amazing and definitely my favorite part of this tour. I'm really hoping to see more of you in the future, it has been a blast.

EternalSnowman I don't know how or why you were like "ok trace, I'm fine with you spending our entire budget on this mediocre lower tier player", but I'm glad you let him. Got closer to you through this and #fgo, and I'm happy. You're a great person, and I had a lot of fun. And obviously, you're an amazing player. Once I saw tiebreak was 1-1 with only you remaining, I was at ease, because I really couldn't see you losing. And hey, looks like I was right!

Trace The ALPHA weeb and hentai artist (don't take this too serious pls don't kill me) Trace, you are one of my best friends on this site. I told you I'd be mad if you spent a lot for me, especially since I was deadset on RUing. You did anyhow, and I was mad. But I was still glad you did, valuing me that highly and giving up 4x what I'm worth. And you still managed to draft a team so broken, it carried me to finals before I had to take this seriously at all. We've talked before the draft and I gave you my opinion on players, and it led to you drafting the one player (other than a certain Ishtar fanboy) I wanted to be paired the most with. You enabled me to an unhealthy degree, and it all worked out. I really can't thank you enough.

As for some non team shoutouts

Kreme you shithead. I wouldn't have bothered qualifying without you going for it, and I had a blast talking with you. I remember me not playing for a couple days because life + fgo so I only barely clutched qual there, but what really drove me was wanting to play in another tour with you. Sad both of us went for stupid prices, and sad no one brought the Raikou Honchkrow core vs you. I don't know if you'll continue playing but I really hope once you settle more into college life, you'll get into a better state of mind so you can tap into your potential instead of being dragged down by the demons of your mind.

Eyan Another reason I qualified since you and Nat made me appreciate the tours room more, and I heard you helped out with hosting when some odd decisions were made. You're a bit busy now with life, and you seem happier, which is great. Thanks for being my friend!

GXS for hosting. I could tell you weren't always sure on how things were handled properly and what the etiquette / precedent was, but we all grow into our roles and I think you did so admirably. Thank you.

lightning1870 You seemed stressed in the finals game and I really wish it could have been better, but don't let this drag you down. Your semis game was amazing and it pushed me to try and excel in finals, since our week 3 game was close and really enjoyable. I was excited to face you, and I hope I get to face you again in the future and I hope you don't lose your passion for this game.

To everyone else who played, thanks for making this tour what it was. I tried to watch as many games as I could and had a lot of fun watching you all, or playing you. Sad I didn't get to play my week 2 game, and I apologize for that. This could have been avoided if I tried to schedule for an earlier day more actively, and I will take the blame for that at least.

To all my tours room friends, thanks for cheering me on. I know it must have been boring to watch me, but you still did and didn't lose faith.

It has been a blast!
I guess ill continue this wall of shoutouts. Prior to BLT i was pretty hyped for it as i made my first friends on this site in toursroom and this was gonna be my first BLT. Even though I was somewhat disappointed at the start to not be drafted by one of the goons, it still ended up being a blast to team with the diancies so ty for that. Time for shoutouts:

martha i shoulda picked up that manager spot to have more money lol. No but in all seriousness, u were super nice and supportive in discord so thanks.

Robb576 not sure whether to call u blobb or dutch guy nowadays, anyways as always great presence in discord and defo helped albeit maybe not pokemon wise. You should think about removing those numhers tho ;p

Bedschibaer already heard a bunch about u from mj and also played u for that dpp tour so despite there being no gen1 ou I felt like u were defo gonna be a strong force on our team. And hell yea i saw some wild plays from u, uturning with torn on a koko :o

Kreme despite a pretty bad run this blt, i really liked the way u look at uu and how friendly u were. Tbh haven’t been able to get to know u too well cuz 3 weeks blt. The uu talks between u and silvio were really nice to read and defo helped me improve in that tier myself.

DarkAngeallenq.q morgan or not, u were a wild ride. I enjoyed helping u build and test in ru. Unfortunate u didn’t get to finish any of ur games, im sure u will be able to finish one next blt though! ;)

Go0d also enjoyed helping u prep and build in nu. Unfortunately u had some though opponents but still super actice in discord and always willing to help.

Fille lc goat. Honestly im sad for u that ur blt didnt go as expected for u. The way ur able to analyse lc opponents and the sheer knowledge u shared on lc’s meta was super impressive. Defo glad to have learnt more about lc from a lc goat. ~also ty for the open teams :)~

lkapkd1 u were a lot less active in discord, but im glad u decided to take my advice to use naganadel w2 vs mm, getting u ur first win in blt ever (right?) Next time try to communicate a bit more in teamtours and im sure you’ll get to pick up some more Ws.

Dj Breloominati♬ spitfire arcanine, the winner of the team. Going unbeaten in a tier based so much on matchup is super impressive, and it was super helpful to always have at least 1 W under the belt. I hope you’ll play blt again next year and good luck in TLT.

SilvioGuacamole super solid player getting his one dub as a sub. Very happy to have teamed with u since u always seem up for some banter and were super helpful in uu. Tell harris im rooting for him (and luth) in slam :)

Lord Booty Milk didnt really get to know u too much so cant say too much either m, but u were always ready to sub in which was great.

Now to some non diancie s/o: the goons, u know who u are. Its always a blast talking to u guys about whatever so thanks :blobaww:
The Cheesen One when voice? Such a good player, i hope u’ll get ur breakthrough in dubs soon. Spl next year y/y?
GXS despite some problems with the hosting im glad u were there at least to prevent blt from going on even longer. Ty for hosting.
Congratulations to the Sunyshore Snorlaxes for winning BLT V.

Well played by all this season and especially well played to the White Forest Weaviles.
Thanks to all who has played and to all who has assisted everyone to make this possible and be a complete season successfully. I was a honoured to be able to be allowed to host such an event for the Tournaments room joining those whom have come before me. I wish to extend the same gratitude and respect to the individual who will take on said task next year.
For those specific people that the general thank you can't do justice

Eyan I can not thank you enough for your assistance with me for this tour, a lot of these choices that i was either unsure of or even just in terms of functions for a large scale tour like this I'd be left treading water with nothing to my name. So once again thanks for all the support you have provided to myself to make this BLT work and to run in a smooth manner.
EternalSnowman In terms of prep for the tour ESM had given quite a lot of assistance in terms of what can/can't be allowed in the tour due to his own personal experience on what can be done. I know we had a few disagreements but mainly only due to me not knowing or feeling like what you were doing wasnt really needed. But regardless you still assisted in getting this thing rolling in the first place.

sirDonovan For allowing myself to literally return from a large resignation that I had done last year in about October to then come back and find out that there is no BLT host and for giving this opportunity. In general outside of this tour you still do an amazing job of keeping everything in check and keeping things running smoothly in terms of the room and keeping Monita going. (I'm pretty sure if Monita didn't exist or any bot made by Dono, running the tours room would be a lot harder than it is now.

I apologise if there was anyone else who specifically assisted with me for this BLT, but I'm currently groggy and waking up....

The next set of shoutouts are being placed in group formats, just for ease of use.

The Players: Thank you for all your participation in this even this year and for playing some really wonderful matches all through the tour. This Tournament is made for you to be played for you and to give everyone their own chance to stand out on their own. Once again thanks for playing.

The Managers: Thanks for coming up with novel teams names and for assisting in getting this tour run with minimal issues on board. Also thank you for getting your players to be playing each other in a rather, *AHEM*, speedy manner. But no keeping your own players in check and making your subs when needed to get things still rolling was always a good boon.

The Tournaments room Staff and Auth: Good lord there are too many of you to list and mention all in one go... but regardless, you all still make the Tournaments room an enjoyable place to be and exist especially both on/off discord. You all also assisted myself and the other managers to get this thing rolling and started in development, even before I had returned to the room in an active manner. For that I'm grateful that you were also welcoming of me returning at the time and to also pick up the position of host when required. Thanks to you all.

Also Special thank you the RO's whom ran the Auction for this BLT as i was unable to be there due to being extremely tired that I was actually unable to focus in any manner of it and would not have run it to the same degree they did so for you all.

That's it from me now, once again thank you to all whom hast partaken in this years BLT and assisted everyone for both their teams and skills on what should be done and how to play.

And once again Congratulations to Sunyshore Snorlaxes for being the victors for this tournament.

We shall see you again next year for BLT VI hosted by someone else, maybe, probably... who knows.
ok apparently my team didn't win it all but you guys did an amazing job. i'm definitely the biggest doubter of this team and good thing that i wasn't right. i honestly felt bad that i've put 0 effort every week and you guys went all out in testing and building stuff and carried my ass in here.

Anyway Raftel Reshirams you're probably the biggest surprise to me since you played really well and i saw some good talent in you and i'm pretty sure you could continue your good work. As for peachycl0uds Mikaav Jrdn you all proved to be really good players on your own tiers and even if jrdn is an om main he can blanket a lot of tier and yeah. leo05051998 you've probably been considered a big overpay in this tour but you could easily won more ames if you've kept your focus and composure and soon you'll be much more than your worth this blt. i honestly don't remember you all and i have no idea how many users i can tag but i think it's all lightningnumbers and zorronumbers magic that made this happen.

just a bit of a side note, i think this format of blt isn't particularly great and reverting to the old one would be fine. i think it's natural to lose interest on team tours especially that you yourselves (if i'm not mistaken) said that even things like uupl for example loses steam in like the 6th week or so. i feel that loss of interest happens obviously when a team's chance of making it to the next round, and that was kinda evident in the third round of the tour when everybody's just making predicts and less friendly banters. this is just an opinion but i think this is better.

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