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Time for the last poll! Remember that these changes will impact Miasmaw. Here's the reasoning for every option on this slate:
Dex's was the tamest submission of the entire slate. The small stat adjustments make its speed tier more favorable into matchups against Tapu lele and Urshifu-R. SpD was increased to help take some attacks more favorably. The calc provided shows it taking a Tapu Fini Moonblast, but this SpD also helps into something like Ice Beam from Slowbro. U-turn was a rather universal addition for most submission. It is valuable utility and alleviates some of the issues regarding needing to predict once in. Dragon Darts rounds off the set by providing Miasmaw with a nice power increase without having to further increase its absurd attack stat.

Voltage's submission was next to be slated. U-turn and a minor speed increase are also present in this adjustment, but the most notable changes come from the increase to SpD and Gunk Shot. The power increase from Poison Jab is very noticeable and gives Miasmaw a great option into fairies that would stall its progress. The change in SpD helps Miasmaw take a slew of attacks more reliably, and, in conjunction with its coverage, it should be able to force switches more easily.

Final Submission

+11 SpD
+6 Spe
+Dragon Darts
-17 SpA

The basis for this buff is fairly straightforward: allow Miasmaw to generate momentum via U-turn and its coverage. I would imagine a set for this mon would be something like this:

Miasmaw @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
- U-turn
- Dragon Darts
- Poison Jab
- Taunt / Recover / Earthquake

This goes all in on Miasmaw's excellent stallbreaking potential with Neutralizing Gas. Poison Jab allows it to fish for a poison against Clefable, which it would then proceed to beat. Dragon Darts is given in support of Band sets and also to do more damage to Arghonaut. Originally I had Gunk Shot added too, but I feel like Poison Jab is honestly the better move due to accuracy. The extra SpD allows it to take max SpA Tapu Fini's Moonblast from full with no investment:

252 SpA Tapu Fini Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Miasmaw: 260-308 (83.6 - 99%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

U-turn allows Miasmaw to generate momentum on Regen pivots it likes to switch into.

Speed increase is so that you can pivot on Urshifu-R.

+ U-turn
+ Wild Charge
+ Gunk Shot
+ 7 Spe (92 -> 99)
+ 20 SpD (85 -> 105)
- 27 SpA (115 -> 88)

Admittedly, my spread isn't that much different than what a lot of people have suggested. As previous posts have noted, Miasmaw lacks a "spammable move" that so many wallbreakers enjoy, so by giving it U-Turn, Miasmaw can punish pivots while also providing some pivoting itself. I know that during the process we were hesitant of making Miasmaw the premier pivot by invalidating others, but I think with this buff package, Miasmaw will act similarly to Dragapult, but being slower and more physically offensive. U-turn allows for forward progression.

I think Wild Charge is especially useful for the justification Jordy and Quziel provided. The coverage of Bug / Dragon / (Ground/Fighting) / Electric is actually good coverage, and Wild Charge offers coverage at the cost of longevity which to me is a fair trade-off. Miasmaw already has some pretty serious 4MSS, so it forces the player to choose between a greater offensive presence, and longevity. Gunk Shot is a similar choice because it gives Miasmaw a reasonable option to hit Fairies that it outspeeds, and generates more offensive pressure than Poison Jab.

I opted for 99 Speed instead of 98 speed so that we're guaranteed faster than Timid unboosted Hydreigon, giving Miasmaw a defined speed tier, while still being slower than any three digit Base Speed Pokemon. I'm not ultra-married to this if people prefer 98 Spe instead to tie with other Base 98s

Adding 20 SpD ensures that an uninvested Miasmaw will be able to reliably switch into Heatran at least once whether that's a Magma Storm or even a full-power Eruption. It also lets Miasmaw live a Hurricane from Tornadus-Therian, and mandates that Miasmaw run at least 4 SpD as to not risk the OHKO from Venomicon-P.

Removing 27 SpA is done to maintain a total BST and focus more on Miasmaw's physical capabilities, while not completely destroying its potential to use powerful Special Attacking moves like Draco Meteor if they so desire. I personally think we should lean into the plethora of physical attacking options that Miasmaw has, and this package still allows us to run a plethora of options without worrying about contact damage from abilities like Iron Barbs.

I've opted to not include Knock Off or Toxic in this package if only because I think Knock + U-Turn is a niche already easily filled by Tornadus-Therian which objectively does that move combination better. I understand the merit of Choice Banded Knock Off + U-turn, and I also understand that Miasmaw is being oriented more as a stallbreaker than Tornadus-Therian, but I think that Miasmaw's coverage with these buffs is more than enough to warrant a niche in the metagame.

Like Dex, I think a set with HDB will become the most viable option, though there's still definitely merit to running a Banded Fimp set with U-turn and then two coverage moves. There's room for creativity as well, especially since Miasmaw maintains Recover, Taunt, and some interesting coverage. I think this entry is pretty conservative with all the other spreads being posted, but I also think it's a reasonable buff package all the same.


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The voting options are:

Package 1 by dex
Package 2 by Voltage

This poll will be open for 24 hours.
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