Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

On Pokemon Showdown, my opponent woke on turn 1 twice in a row, but bw sleep mechanics mean that u cna't do that. could someone fix that please?
I'm fairly certain this is possible with the B/W sleep mechanics; I believe it's random between 1-3 turns, meaning two first turn wake-ups can happen.
Mummy Speed Boost

I gave a Sharpedo the Mummy ability with my Cofagrigus. At the end of the turn he did not get a speed boost, but after switching out and back in he got one. Am I just confused on Mummy mechanics? Even if it is just that, I moused over and the pop-up display said it's ability was still mummy. Here's a replay: http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu13191264 Sharpedo gets Mummy in Turn 2 and gets the speed boost in Turn 17.

Edit: Ah nevermind. I just looked up Mummy mechanics and see that it ends when switched out.
I have two bugs to report. The first is this:

I have a connection, yet I can click "join battle" and nothing will happen. I have been forced to watch my opponents complain and my timer click down until I lose the match more than once. The only way I've discovered to deal with it is, upon disconnection, going to the lobby and finding the battle in the list of battles. That does the trick.

The second is this:

Think I might have 150 seconds to make my decision.

I think I disconnected and reconnected, maybe that has something to do with it.


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When ever something was OHKO'd, it said that it lost 98%, instead of 100%, on my screen and a viewer's screen, but it said 100% on the opponents screen.
This was a display bug which has now been fixed.

Another incorrect % was displayed on turn 8. It showed me that I had 11% left, when on the replay and on my opponents screen, 10% was shown, causing both of us to act differently.
This is not a bug. You know your Pokemon's health to a greater precision than your opponent does.

This is not a bug. The Pokemon's displayed health went from 75% (36 pixels) to 79% (38 pixels). 38 pixels of health means that the Pokemon's health satisfies 79.166..% <= x < 81.25%. The difference between 81.25% and 75% is 6.25%, which is how much leftovers is supposed to heal.


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My gengar was under the effects of torrment. I used shadow ball the turn before and when whimsicott encored my shadow ball, I still got a shadow ball off. Is this a bug?
(See turns 23 and 24)
It's not a bug, no.

Torment is unlike effects like Disable, Gravity, and Taunt in that it doesn't actually prevent the affected Pokemon from using the move, rather it prevents only the selection of that move. So cases like getting Encored into a move during a turn that you have actually selected a different move, or Outrage's second and third turns are situations where your move decision is either changed or made for you, so Torment does not come into play. (Note that had the Gengar stayed in for another turn, it would have been forced to Struggle because the combination of Encore and Torment would leave it with no legal moves to select.)
Hello PS devs and Smogon.

I'm unsure of this mechanic, but my opponent's Starmie died to my Ferrothorn's Iron Barbs by using Rapid Spin (in hopes of clearing entry hazards for his Aron to come in) but since he got KO'd by Iron Barbs damage the hazards did not clear. Are the hazards supposed to remain even on dying to the hit?


Replay turn 20.
This reflects in game mechanics; if your Pokemon faints then hazards will remain on the field.
Pokemon Lvl 1000

My Pokemon Teams Are All Lvl 1000 In Custom Games. :(
At First It Was Just My Team "Red's Team"
Then Yesterday, All Of My Teams From Newest To Oldest Were All Like That! D:
The People I Challenged Were Annoyed With Me.
Cause No Matter How Supper Effective It Is Or Anything.
It's Damage To My Pokemon's 2% While My Attacks No Matter How Ineffective They Are Are 100%.
But The Spike Attacks Etc. Still Works.

Please Reply Me Soon Or Something. I Really Miss Challenging My Friends To Custom Modes... Though I'll Miss Using Lvl 1000 To Beat Theirs. . . >u>


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~ The Insane-Hybrid (The Name Of My Game Account.) :toast:


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So I've been laddering in randbats under the account tehy@randbats5. Whenever I /ranking, It shows me the rank for... tehyrandbats5. Which is different from my actual rank.When I /ranking tehy@randbats5, it show me my true rank. Tehy@randbats5 seems to be my actual name, and it shows up everywhere but there. So what's up?

Edit: Now that has stopped working as well.
While watching a battle, I came across a minor visual bug. In the screencap below note the two visible Scizors under Solblaze's avatar. It seems this was caused on turn 4 by Scizor U-Turning out and coming back in on the same turn due to its partner fainting.

Here is the text log.

SolBlaze joined.
qwaszxerdfcv joined.
Doubles VGC 2013 (dev)
Rated battle
Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokemon
Item Clause: Limit one of each item
SolBlaze's team: Garchomp / Cresselia / Thundurus-Therian / Metagross / Salamence / Scizor
qwaszxerdfcv's team: Metagross / Ferrothorn / Hitmontop / Latios / Rotom-Wash / Cresselia
Ziggs joined.
Battle timer is now ON: inactive players will automatically lose when time's up. (requested by SolBlaze)
[DEBUG] cutting down to 4.
Battle between SolBlaze and qwaszxerdfcv started!
Go! Garchomp!
Go! Thundurus-Therian!
qwaszxerdfcv sent out Metagross!
qwaszxerdfcv sent out Cresselia!
Turn 1

qwaszxerdfcv has 120 seconds left.
Garchomp used Protect!
Garchomp protected itself!
The foe's Metagross used Protect!
The foe's Metagross protected itself!
Thundurus-Therian used Focus Blast!
The foe's Metagross protected itself!
The foe's Cresselia used Trick Room!
The foe's Cresselia twisted the dimensions!
Turn 2

Garchomp used Protect!
[DEBUG] Success chance: 50%.
But it failed!
The foe's Cresselia used Swagger!
The foe's Metagross's Attack sharply rose!
The foe's Metagross became confused!
The foe's Metagross ate its Lum Berry!
The foe's Metagross snapped out of confusion!
The foe's Metagross used Meteor Mash!
A critical hit! It's not very effective... Thundurus-Therian lost 100% of its health!
Thundurus-Therian fainted!
Go! Scizor!
Turn 3

The foe's Cresselia used Ice Beam!
A critical hit! It's super effective! Garchomp lost 100% of its health!
Garchomp fainted!
The foe's Metagross used Earthquake!
[DEBUG] artificial immunity.
It doesn't affect the foe's Cresselia...
[DEBUG] Spread modifier: 0.75.
Scizor lost 63% of its health!
Scizor used U-turn!
It's super effective! The foe's Cresselia lost 60% of its health!
Scizor lost some of its HP!
Scizor went back to SolBlaze!
Go! Cresselia!
The foe's Cresselia ate its Sitrus Berry!
The foe's Cresselia restored HP using its Sitrus Berry!
Go! Scizor!
Turn 4

qwaszxerdfcv withdrew Cresselia!
qwaszxerdfcv sent out Hitmontop!
The foe's Hitmontop intimidates Scizor!
Scizor's Attack fell!
The foe's Hitmontop intimidates Cresselia!
Cresselia's Attack fell!
The foe's Metagross used Protect!
The foe's Metagross protected itself!
Cresselia used Calm Mind!
Cresselia's Special Attack rose!
Cresselia's Special Defense rose!
Scizor used Superpower!
The foe's Metagross protected itself!
Turn 5

The foe's Hitmontop used Detect!
The foe's Hitmontop protected itself!
The foe's Metagross used Explosion!
The foe's Hitmontop protected itself!
[DEBUG] Spread modifier: 0.75.
It's not very effective... Scizor lost 27% of its health!
[DEBUG] Spread modifier: 0.75.
Cresselia lost 88% of its health!
Scizor fainted!
The foe's Metagross fainted!
Cresselia used Psychic!
The foe's Hitmontop protected itself!
Cresselia restored HP using its Leftovers!
The twisted dimensions returned to normal!
Ziggs: Is anyone else seeing two scizor in SolBlazes pokemon list?
qwaszxerdfcv sent out Latios!
Turn 6

The foe's Latios used Draco Meteor!
The Dragon Gem strengthened Draco Meteor's power!
Cresselia lost 19% of its health!
The foe's Latios's Special Attack harshly fell!
Cresselia fainted!
qwaszxerdfcv won the battle!
Ladder updating...
Ladder (probably) updated, but score could not be retrieved (corruption).
SolBlaze: gg
qwaszxerdfcv left.
SolBlaze left.

Here is the replay. http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/replay/doublesvgc2013dev13482738

Hope this is adequate.

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Tier Shift currently has no Sleep Clause. You may want to check with PureQuestion whether it's supposed to. Actually I'll just ask him right now.
Speed bug?
My opponents rotom-wash was faster then my thundurus-t and slower then my gliscor. Check it out:

Furthermore, he was SPECS. Here are my gliscor are thundurus EVs

EVs: 6 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
IVs: 31 / 30 / 30 / 31 / 31 / 31

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Spd
IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
Next time take a replay of the match (you shared the link of the room)..maybe there was trick room up

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