Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

Two bugs that I found while playing Gen 6 Beta.

1. When someone uses Substitute, and a Noivern with Infilitrator attacks it, the Substitute won't work.
Pyroar used Substitute!
Pyroar put in a substitute!
Pyroar lost 24.9% of its health!
Turn 3
Pyroar used Return!
[DEBUG] randBW(100) = 26.
[DEBUG] randBW(16) = 12.
[DEBUG] randBW(16) = 14.
The foe's Noivern lost 37.4% of its health!
Pyroar lost some of its HP!
The foe's Noivern used Dragon Pulse!
[DEBUG] randBW(100) = 99.
[DEBUG] randBW(16) = 15.
[DEBUG] randBW(16) = 6.
Pyroar lost 65.2% of its health!
Pyroar fainted!

2. I believe Greninja doesn't have a back-sprite or it is bugged?
#1 is NOT a bug. Infiltrator has been changed in Gen 6 to bypass substitutes, Sound moves such as Hyper Voice and Boomburst also bypass substitutes.

#2 is not a bug either, but a result of no backsprite having been drawn for him as of yet. Eventually he'll get one whenever someone makes one.


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Dream World abilities are screwy right now. It's telling me that Weak Armor is illegal on my Kabutops entirely (although its fine in battle). In addition, the Pokemon list looks incredibly cluttered right now in the abilities section as it appears there is no space between ability two and the dw ability.

There have been several others who mentioned similar problems, but my Mega Absol doesn't retain Magic Bounce after switching. Looks like there's some sort of problem with megas' abilities after switch in general.


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All Mega Pokemon lose their ability and it gets replaced with their non-mega ability when switching out. This is an issue that many have noted, but I'd like to clarify that this is a general mega issue rather than a specific issue.

Edit: Tough Claws is applying to all physical moves, not just contact moves.
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That is how it is supposed to work. It always uses the base form speed the turn you mega evolve.
And what everyone else on this page said: Megas(with different abilities) are not working after i switch them out.
replay with Mega Mawile:
replay with mega pinsir:
Would this apply to MegaCharizard Y bringing in drougt to make Excadrill loose his ability?

mega lucario getting outsped by normal speed tier, unscarfed garchomps. In game switching to mega evolution raises the stats then does the attack, this works for speed too as my blaziken wouldn't outspeed golbats on the first turn unless I mega evolved it first.

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