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Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

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10MVT is a Z move that use Thunderbolt as base move. Nothing can learn it naturally so the validator is correctly telling you it can't learn the move. If you actually want to use the move give a cap Pikachu Thunderbolt and the crystal, go in battle and click the Zmove button and it'll let you use the move.

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turn 26 toxapex gets hit by earthquake and goes below 25% health but it doesn't eat its payapa berry. The tyranitar is sandstream not unnerve.
That's because Payapa Berry halves the damage done by super effective Psychic-type attack with no HP requirement. Shuca Berry is the one that reduces super effective damage done by Ground-type. You might also be confused it for pinch berries such as Petaya (for stat boost) or Iapapa (for 50% HP recovery).


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Teambuilder does not allow you to import teams into folders via "Backup all teams from this folder" because you can't type into the text box, like you can in the "Backup/Restore all teams" button :((


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Lots of mechanics bugs!

EDIT: Speed ties for multiple Pokemon triggering Eject Button, Red Card, or a combination of the two are broken LightningRod-style, not via coinflip (i.e. whichever Pokemon that has held Eject Button / Red Card the longest is the one who goes first in the case of a tie). Same thing happens for Emergency Exit (though of course, Eject Button and Red Card activate prior to Emergency Exit).
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On turn 9, Cofagrigus has Trick Room set up (move set: Haze, trick room, shadow ball, pain split). Walrein uses surf and outspeeds cofagrigus despite the trick room. Cofagrigus was trying to use pain split. Both pokemon have leftovers.
Are you sure you didn't click Trick Room by accident? Because TR has negative priority and would make Walrein go first.
Maybe I did. I don't think I did though because Trick Room was on the far left side and I could've sworn I clicked on the 2nd from the right.
Checked the input log, you did use trick room by mistake.

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