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Currently it seems that Tera is bugged with transformation pokemon (and I tacked on a stuggle issue). The two which I have primarily tested are Aegi and Palafin. Both do slightly different things, but it seems to trigger on switch in. There are plenty of replays down below to reproduce the issue to help explain what is happening.

Essentially, the wrong tera type is assigned to Palafin, and Aegislash is... well... as buggy as ever.

## Original Incident:

Replay of source of bug: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-1717773470

## Notable turns:

Turn 16 - Palafin teras into Psychic Type

Turn 23 - Palafin switches back in and is now Water type

## Steps to reproduce

1. Have a Palafin with a tera type which isn't water.
2. Tera Palafin into said tera type (in the replay example, this is psychic)
3. Switch out Palafin (this works with both flip turn, and just switching)
4. Palafin transforms
5. Palafin switches back in and tera type will now be water

Isolated reproduction: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-1717782638

## More incidents:

### Aegislash

Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nationaldexag-1717789017

Explanation: Aegislash will switch in as the form that it was tera'd as. In this case it was sword. It only retains its tera type if it is in sword form. It will switch in as sword form despite how it was switched out.

Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nationaldexag-1717794701

This ones shows how Aegi works when you tera as shield form. You never get to get your tera back until you switch out and back in.

### Struggle

Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nationaldexag-1717797002

In this replay I was testing Ditto, but it seems to work as intended(?) where you get the tera of the mon that you transform into (I cannot confirm if this is the in game behavior).

However, I was then struggling after getting taunted. I could not tera my ditto at that point. It was struggle or do nothing. Tera wasn't an option. I'm not sure if that is an intended mechanic, but I figured I'd report it anyways to check.

This seems to be an issue with how transformation pokemon are handled, and/or when tera is checked when you switch back in a pokemon? I didn't see this on the bug roadmap. Sorry for the Markdown formatting, I originally was going to submit this as a github issue but found this thread instead.

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This (potential) Bug came from an attempt to use the new move rage fist in combination with population boom to get a 550 bp move, however despite this it barely did 71% against a pincurchin, which when calced gives:

At Best:
0 Atk Primeape* (No Move)** vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Pincurchin through Reflect: 386-455 (162.8 - 191.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

At Worst:
0 Atk Primeape* (No Move)** vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Pincurchin through Reflect: 247-291 (82.3 - 97%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

* modified to have annihlape's stats and typing, ** custom 550 base power ghost move which should be what rage fist's BP is

the same thing happens with grimmsnarl

At Best:
0 Atk Primeape* (No Move)** vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Grimmsnarl: 526-619 (158.9 - 187%) -- guaranteed OHKO

At Worst:
0 Atk Primeape* (No Move)** vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Grimmsnarl: 312-368 (79.1 - 93.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

* modified to have annihlape's stats and typing, ** custom 550 base power ghost move which should be what rage fist's BP is

i have provided a replay with both occurances of this in action at turn 2 and 1 for pincurchin and grimmsnarl respectivly https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9doublesou-1717796638

i also have checked various websites for information of rage fists and the way it works with the only found is that the move counts each hit of a multi hit move as 1 hit, with places like bulbapedia saying as such https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rage_Fist_(move)

maybe i am missing something but it just doesn't seem right

BUG STATUS: FIXED by cooshaug
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Seems the legality in Gen 9 BSS is a bit wonky. Specifically, I got a report regarding Scald being legal on Toxapex in gen 9 BSS. I tried with some other Pokémon as well that I know tend to run Scald and quite a few were legal. See screenshot below.
I think it might still be using gen 8 legality?

BUG STATUS: FIXED at some point (I could have sworn it was Kris but I can't find the commit)
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Think I might've encountered a visual bug:

I'm fairly sure this is shed tail specific, but my substitute wasn't visible after being passed by shed tail.
This seems to corrected in the replay of the battle, but in the player itself doesn't seem to reflect the substitute.
The "Faded" message from the substitute getting destroyed correctly appears however.




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Fissure plus No guard machamp in natdex, it lost fissure as a transfer move in gen9, it still cannot legally have the combination of fissure and no guard. fix pls

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, this is because of the new Ability Patch item (DaWoblefet)
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For gen 9 ou, it says Zangoose is illegal with Night Slash. Despite Zangoose being able to learn the move in SV.

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Replay link

I believe there seems to be some issue with grafaiai's unique move doodle when it's used on a turn where truant's turn skipping effect is meant to activate.

After using doodle to replace truant with ice face, not only did truant continue to activate, but it treated ice face as it's "base" ability afterwards.

uPDATE - after testing with a friend, it seems to have this strange glitch with all form changing abilities, etc disguise and zero to hero, not just ice face

BUG STATUS: FIXED at some point to prevent Doodle from attempting to copy permanent Abilities like Ice Face (DaWoblefet)
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I think that the ability electromorphosis is bugged. It is supposed to give the user, bellibolt, the effect of "charge," which bulbapedia says, among other things is supposed to raise your special defense by 1.5. However it doesn't seem to and I've noticed this in multiple games. Here is a replay and a video demonstrating what I mean. Actually it says the video is too large to post so I posted an image of the crucial turns. An attack hit my bellibolt doing 40, then the next one did 40 again without a crit or anything.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, although it gives the Electromorphosis user the Charge effect, that doesn't include raising Sp. Def (DaWoblefet)
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Full Metal Body prevents stat drops from Moody if a pokemon has both abilities. Full metal body shouldn't prevent stat drops you inflict upon yourself. Turn 4 and beyond.


BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, we don't have any way to test this interaction on cart. Besides, with Shared Power, you're using another Pokemon's ability, so it's not your own source and therefore is more like using Bulldoze on a Full Metal Body Pokemon in doubles, which won't lower Speed even if it's your ally (DaWoblefet)
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Smoliv and Dolliv do not work in the /statcalc command, presumably because they end in "IV".

BUG STATUS: FIXED by dot-comfey
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I dont know where else to go with this information but Im just gonna write it here in case it hasnt been noticed or spoken about. Theres an error in how Pokemon Showdown treats the Booster Energy item. In my game if my Iron Valiant (whos Speed is its highest stat and its second highest is its Attack) goes into electric terrain, its Quark Drive boosts its Speed. However, if my Iron Valiant is holding a Booster Energy and the terrain goes away, the Booster Energy activates and the stat thats raised now is the Attack stat not the Speed stat. In Showdown, after the terrain leaves, the Booster Energy would continue to boost the Speed stat again not Attack. Bellow is an example on how it works on showdown, i dont have a way of uploading a video on how it works in game but its easily tested.


BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - MECHANICS (SERVER), it's because Booster Energy should be activating in a later event, more like Primal Reversion (DaWoblefet)
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According to Serebii, Bulbapedia and Pokemondb Ting-Lu's stats should be 155/110/125/55/80/45 while SD currently has 155/110/130/50/80/45

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I noticed while watching a mock VGC match last night that Chilly Reception fails if there's nothing in the back to swap out to, I recorded the interaction in game just to double check, and sure enough it still sets hail even if it cannot swap out
(recording in question)

Will edit in a few with a showdown replay, just wanted to post asap as this can definitely swing doubles matches!

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Currently Protean changes the type of terastalyzed pokemon. Ingame Protean does not work on terastalized pokemon.

A friend of mine recorded an example for proof:

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