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Pokemon Showdown Bug Reports
:sm/genesect: :sm/charjabug: :ss/orbeetle:
No, not those kinds of bugs!
This thread is specifically for reporting Pokemon Showdown bugs with battle mechanics or chat commands.

If you have a different issue, there is probably another thread somewhere related to that topic:
In all cases, be sure to read the first post of the thread you're posting in!

Please report bugs by posting in this thread, not by reporting this post (yes, it happens). But before reporting, try these steps first to see if it's actually a bug:
  1. Check the lists of Not Bugs in the 2nd post of this thread.
  2. Save a replay of the battle (use the
    button or the "/savereplay" command). If it's a visual bug, also take a screenshot to include in your post. Although not required, cartridge footage, such as a YouTube or Twitter video, can be helpful to better understand the bug you're reporting.
  3. Look up the relevant Pokemon/moves/Abilities/items on the PSdex and the first post of the Smogon Battle Mechanics Research thread. If neither explains the behavior you saw, consider asking about it in the Help room. If no one there can explain it, feel free to post the bug here.
  4. Make sure your opponent's Pokemon isn't Zorua or Zoroark.
  5. Make sure no one has reported this bug on the last page or two of the thread.
  6. Make sure this bug exists on the official server, with no custom styles enabled.
If you are posting a large screenshot, please insert it inside a spoiler or put HIDE tags around it. [HIDE]a screenshot[/HIDE]

Bug Triage Process (aka why did my post get edited)

After you make a post, it will eventually be edited by a member of Pokemon Showdown staff to update the post on the progress of the bug report. You will see "BUG STATUS:", followed by one of these criteria:
  • NOT A BUG: the bug you posted isn't actually a bug at all; Showdown behaves exactly like it would on the actual games in the situation you posted about. Alternatively, this is an intended feature in Pokemon Showdown that is working the way it was designed to work.
  • WRONG PLACE: the interaction you posted might be a bug, but it belongs in another bug report thread, like the damage calc bug report thread, or potentially a thread for a particular OM. You also might have posted a suggestion or a technical support question, which belong in their own separate places.
  • NEEDS MORE INFO: you might have posted a bug, but without a replay or screenshot, it is much more difficult to recreate and fix. Please post again with the additional information or edit it into your post.
  • NEEDS MORE RESEARCH: this bug requires additional research into its behavior on cartridge to make sure it's really a bug.
  • CONFIRMED: This is a bug! Showdown developers have added it on their to-do list to fix. Note that Showdown developers work for free on their own time, so please be patient as the bug is being addressed. We've seen your post! There may be additional information added afterwards to clarify the type of bug:
    • CONFIRMED - MECHANICS (SERVER) - this is a bug with the fundamental interaction of the mechanic. It's a bug with how the interaction works, or functions.
    • CONFIRMED - MECHANICS (CLIENT) - this is a bug with the display / visual issue of the mechanic. It functions correctly, but tooltips or other visual elements are bugged to make it appear buggy. This would include replay display bugs.
    • CONFIRMED - TEAMBUILDER - this is a bug relating to the Showdown teambuilder.
    • CONFIRMED - LEGALITY - this is a bug where a Pokemon is allowed in a format where it shouldn't be allowed, or it isn't allowed in a format where it should be allowed.
    • CONFIRMED - CHAT (SERVER) - this is a bug related to the functionality of commands, permissions, or in general how something functions in the chat.
    • CONFIRMED - CHAT (CLIENT) - this is a bug with pretty much how anything looks or feels, or a bug with commands processed on the user's side.
    • CONFIRMED - SPRITE - a sprite needs fixed or uploaded.
    • CONFIRMED - OTHER - a catch-all if another category doesn't work.
Once it's finished, you'll see your post changed to:
  • FIXED: The bug has been fixed! Thanks for helping to keep Showdown bug-free!
Old Bug Reports thread v3
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NOT BUGS (all generations)
  • Using a move like Volt Switch or U-turn into a Pokemon with Eject Button or Emergency Exit will only cause the Eject Button / Emergency Exit user to switch.
  • Terrains only benefit grounded Pokemon. For example, a priority Bullet Punch can hit Aerodactyl in Psychic Terrain, because Aerodactyl is Flying-type.
    • Similarly, if a Pokemon loses its Flying-type / Levitate, etc. during a turn and becomes grounded, it will benefit from terrains for that turn. So a Zapdos using Roost can gain Grassy Terrain recovery, because it lost its Flying-type.
  • If the user faints from Iron Barbs/Rough Skin/Rocky Helmet damage, Rapid Spin does not remove hazards, and Knock Off does not remove the target's item.
  • Air Lock and Cloud Nine do not actually end weather or prevent weather from beginning; they just stop the effects of weather while the Pokemon is active.
  • Wonder Guard is not an immunity: Shedinja is not immune to Ground, so it takes damage from Spikes. Shedinja is not immune to Poison, so it is still affected by Toxic.
  • A Pokemon taking incorrect hazard damage or using moves it can't learn is probably a Zoroark (especially in random battles).
  • Sucker Punch fails if the target uses a faster priority move.
  • If your Pokemon is holding an Assault Vest, it cannot use status moves. If it only knows status moves, it will use Struggle instantly.
  • If you can only use Struggle, you cannot Dynamax, Mega Evolve, or use a Z-move.
  • If your opponent's move "But it failed!" when the opponent only had one Pokemon left in a double battle, they probably accidentally targeted their fainted partner slot.
  • Trick Room is -7 negative priority, so Prankster Trick Room only moves it up to -6 negative priority, and will still probably go last in the turn.
  • Hypnosis, Sand Attack, Glare, Eerie Impulse, and Gastro Acid can hit Dark, Flying, Ghost, Ground, and Steel types, respectively. The only Status move that checks type immunity is Thunder Wave.
  • Sheer Force prevents the user's Life Orb recoil and Shell Bell recovery, as well as the target's Berserk, Color Change, Emergency Exit, Pickpocket, Wimp Out, Red Card, Eject Button, Kee Berry, and Maranga Berry from activating only when using moves that have a secondary effect removed by Sheer Force.
  • Speed Boost does not activate on the turn you switch in: yes, this is different from most other abilities/items that activate at the end of a turn.
  • If Fake Out didn't cause a flinch, your opponent probably had Shield Dust or Inner Focus, or your Pokemon had Sheer Force.
  • Fake Out, First Impression, and Mat Block only work on your first turn out on the field.
  • Wish doesn't take effect if the Pokemon in its place faints the turn it would've healed it.
  • Pursuit will deal double damage immediately before any switch-out, as long as Pursuit has not been used at regular priority yet. This includes U-turn and Volt Switch, but not Baton Pass.
  • Illusion, Air Balloon, Destiny Bond, Wonder Guard, etc only take effect if the damage was from a move, not an indirect effect such as entry hazards, Poison damage, etc.
  • Destiny Bond lasts until the move user makes another move (or would've made another move, if not for confusion or a flinch or a similar effect).
  • Focus Sash and Sturdy affect all move damage (including static damage moves like Final Gambit, Seismic Toss, and Counter).
  • Outrage/Thrash/Petal Dance can be stopped during effect and not cause confusion if Protect/Detect is used on the second turn of a three-turn duration.
  • Since Gen 5, a Flying-type Pokemon holding Iron Ball takes neutral damage from Ground-type moves regardless of its other type(s), unless another effect is also grounding it.
  • Roost removes the user's Flying type for the rest of the turn only if the user was successfully healed.
  • A status condition remains on a Pokemon even if it later gains a typing that makes it immune to that status condition.
  • Doom Desire/Future Sight do not get boosts from the user's item or Ability if the user is not active when the move hits.
  • Ring Target only removes direct type immunities. For example, a Ring Target Fire-type still cannot be burnt.
  • Plasma Fists sets the Ion Deluge effect, which turns all Normal-type attacks into Electric-type attacks for the rest of the turn, meaning, for example, Volt Absorb can heal from them.
  • In Random Battles, Zoroark is given the level of the Pokemon it will firstly disguise as (AKA the last slot of the team). Zoroark will reveal itself on the team tooltip if later in the battle it disguises as another -already revealed- Pokemon with a different level, since that'd mean leaking that a Pokemon has Illusion.
NOT BUGS (Generation 8/SwSh mechanics)
  • Urshifu's form is not revealed at Team Preview. You don't know which type of Urshifu it is until it is sent out during a match.
  • Speed changes cause turn order to updates instantly, unlike in previous generation. An ally Pokemon using Tailwind in doubles will boost its partner's Speed and place in turn order immediately.
    • This does not apply to things like Lagging Tail, which will not force the target to move last if given via Trick until the following turn.
  • Heavy-Duty Boots prevents all hazard effects, which means it won't take damage from Stealth Rock, have its Speed lowered from Sticky Web, etc.
  • Healing Wish waits to restore HP and status conditions until a Pokemon is sent out that can be healed. If you send out healthy Pokemon, Healing Wish won't activate until a non-healthy Pokemon is sent out.
  • Using Court Change after setting your own Sticky Web counts as lowering your own Speed, so Defiant/Competitive will not activate, because those abilities only activate on an opponent's stat drop effect.
  • If a Pokemon with Neutralizing Gas switches out, all entrance activation abilities like Intimidate, Drizzle, etc. will attempt to re-activate, even if they had already successfully activated before.
  • Dynamaxed Pokemon are immune to effects like:
    • Phazing effects (e.g. Roar/Dragon Tail/Red Card)
    • Weight-based attacks (e.g. Heat Crash, Low Kick)
    • Flinches
    • Encore, Skill Swap, Entrainment, Destiny Bond, and OHKO moves
    • If Runerigus or another Wandering Spirit Pokemon is Dynamaxed, Wandering Spirit will not activate
    • Choice items (and the ability Gorilla Tactics) are negated during Dynamax
  • Some things Dynamax cannot do:
    • It does not bypass Taunt, and should Max Guard will be prevented as a result.
    • If you are forced to Struggle or are in the middle of a move like Outrage, you cannot Dynamax.
    • If a Dynamax Pokemon holds an Eject Button, Eject Pack, or has Emergency Exit, it can still be forced to switch by triggering those effects.
    • Parting Shot into a Magic Bounce Dynamax Pokemon will cause the Magic Bounce Pokemon to switch out.
NOT BUGS (Generation 7/SM mechanics)
  • When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, it immediately gains its Mega speed for the turn. As a result, a Mega Swampert's Swift Swim will kick in instantly on the turn it Mega Evolves, and a Mega Garchomp would instantly become slower.
    • Only Mega Evolution behaves this way; for example, if you use Tailwind in doubles, your ally's turn order will not be affected until the following turn.
  • Type-changing abilities like Pixilate and moves like Hidden Power do not change types as Z-moves.
  • Z-moves can bypass the effects of Taunt, Encore, Disable, Imprison, and similar effects.
  • Dark-types are immune to status moves used by opposing Pokemon with the ability Prankster.
NOT BUGS (Generation 6/XY mechanics)
  • When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, it keeps its pre-Mega Speed for the purposes of turn order. As a result, a Mega Swampert's Swift Swim won't kick in until the following turn, and a Prankster Sableye will keep boosted priority on its status moves on the turn it Mega Evolves.
  • Grass-types are immune to spore and powder moves, including Rage Powder. Pokemon with the ability Overcoat or the item Safety Goggles also have this immunity.
  • Sound moves, as well as the Infiltrator Ability, bypass the move Substitute and deal damage.
  • Ghost-types cannot be trapped by any means, including Shadow Tag, Arena Trap, Mean Look, Whirlpool, and other similar effects.
  • When used by a Poison-type, Toxic has a No Guard-like effect, which means it can hit Pokemon during the middle of moves like Fly and Phantom Force.
There are three types of damage: Move damage, residual damage, and direct damage.

Most abilities, moves, and items that affect damage will only affect one type of damage: either move damage or residual damage. There are zero effects that apply to direct damage. The only effect that applies to both move and residual damage is Heatproof.

Examples of move damage:
- damage dealt, during a move that hits, to the target(s) of a Physical or Special move
- includes static damage: Final Gambit, Seismic Toss, SonicBoom, and Counter
- does not include the secondary target of Flame Burst (which would be residual damage)

Examples of direct damage:
- hurting yourself in confusion
- damaging yourself during Substitute, Curse, Belly Drum, or Struggle (but not the damage to your opponent, if applicable)
- does NOT include other forms of recoil (which would be residual damage)

Examples of residual damage:
- all other damage
- includes recoil, poison/burn, Leech Seed, weather, hazards, damage from abilities, damage from items...

Things that affect move damage only:
- Wonder Guard
- Sturdy, Focus Sash, Focus Band, Endeavor
- Illusion, Balloon, Destiny Bond

Things that affect residual damage only:
- Magic Guard
- most other effects only affect specific types of residual damage, such as: Poison Heal (poison damage), Rock Head (recoil damage)
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I believe that Fling does not get boosts from held items while attacking. (EDIT: The bug is that Fling should be getting boosts from Band and its ilk, and it isn't on PS, which the calculator seems to agree with.) (EDIT 2: Reported 3 years ago, lost in the storm. I guess this new thread will stop this from happening...)

Lvl 96 60 Atk Choice Band Diggersby Fling (10 BP) vs. Lvl 99 0 HP / 56 Def Meowth: 14-17 (6.7 - 8.2%) -- possibly the worst move ever
Lvl 96 60 Atk Diggersby Fling (10 BP) vs. Lvl 99 0 HP / 56 Def Meowth: 10-12 (4.8 - 5.7%) -- possibly the worst move ever (just set a move to 10 BP)

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8customgame-1108865432 - 10 dmg to Meowth on PS
https://streamable.com/5brmz1 - Ingame clip of Fling doing 16 damage to Meowth

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8metronomebattle-1108233956 - Super Luck Sirfetch'd not critting with Flung leek (T4). Bulbapedia claims that Choice Band is boosted, but has nothing to say about Leek. I don't know for sure but it would make sense if the Leek crit boost was maintained if Choice Band's multiplier is.

BUG STATUS: FIXED by The Immortal (both bugs)
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This message pops up frequently if I push the save replay button and immediately close the resulting message and exit the battle. It took only two tries to replicate so it should be fairly easy to prove. For what it’s worth, I’m playing in safari on an ipad. Thanks!

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (SERVER), I, Zarel, know how to fix this and will work on it when I have time.
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A minor bug: the teambuilder for dpp doubles ou currently only displays nfe pokemon:
and shows everything else as illegal. attempting to validate a team with normal ou mons returns the team as being valid, and i noticed that it also has a specific banlist visible when you do /tier gen4doublesou:

meaning that dpp doubles is indeed defined. that being said, i would imagine it is likely that there is a ruleset coded in showdown that doesnt show up in the teambuilder.

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/ms max isn't working as intended as of the latest patch; rather it shows everything except g-max moves

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So I know that this is a gen 8 thread but I wasn't sure where else to post and this finding is at least relevant to national dex and especially relevant to gen 7. Recently I learned from a player I met on ladder (bramito the legend) that there is a mechanic that seems to effect speed ties between mega evolved pokemon. If one mon (Mega Latios in this example, base 110 speed) is already mega evolved and the other mon (lets say Mega Diancie, also base 110 speed) is unevolved and there would be a speed tie between the two mega evolved pokemon, the one that is already mega evolved will always win the speed tie. This is of course different from how mega evolution speed changes work in gen 6 since it only comes into play in very specific circumstances with two megas that have the same base speed stat. I tested this several times and it seems to work in both gen 7 and gen 8 national dex. I have no idea if this is an intentional mechanic or a bug specific to showdown but I personally haven't seen anyone talk about it and it doesn't seem to be a known mechanic (definitely correct me if I'm wrong). Unfortunately, I have no way to test this on cartridge so it would be great if someone could check it out. Here are some replays demonstrating the mechanic in various situations.

Mega Diancie vs Mega Latios (base 110)



* * *

Mega Medicham vs Mega Charizard-Y (base 100)



* * *

Mega Alakazam vs Mega Aerodactyl (base 150)



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Pretty sure this accepts all gens so here.

ADV 1v1 (and I also assume all other gens with these struggle mechanics) has a problem with Stall vs Stall battles Playing to 1000 turns, which I'm pretty sure violates Endless battle Clause. This in particular hinders its chances of being in a major 1v1 team tour, so it'd be great if it could be fixed.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Endless Battle Clause currently does not intend to account for Gen 1-3 Struggle mechanic endless battle scenarios. If you can propose a concrete solution that would account for this or be superior to the current Endless Battle Clause rules, feel free to create one and submit a Policy Review thread (don't create one just to complain with no solution, though) (DaWoblefet / pre)
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Frustration and Return (and possibly other moves, I didn't look) is showing up in the Generation 8 teambuilder, specifically for [Gen 8] Almost Any Ability, which is not a metagame that should allow moves not in the game.

It didn't show up on Slaking or Obstagoon (obviously), but did on Hoopa-U. I couldn't figure out what exactly the pattern was.

It doesn't validate, but shows up as a recommended move.

EDIT: Pursuit is showing up too, as seen in the screenshot

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This isn't a bug report, just a few minor suggestions to add to "Not Bugs" for Gen 8.
1) You can't dynamax to escape the trapping effect of moves like Outrage, Solar Beam, Giga Impact, etc.
2) Taunt will prevent you from using Max Guard while dynamaxed.
3) Neutralizing Gas will cause abilities that activate on entrance, like Intrepid Sword and Intimidate, to activate again once the Neutralizing Gas user is removed from the battlefield.

(1) and (2) are notable as (afaik) the only move-choice restrictions dynamax won't let you escape from, and I posted about a visual bug involving (2) in the old thread in post #3144. Re: (3), I bet Neutralizing Gas will/is/has cause/ing/ed a lot of reports of not-bugs, so including a general note about it seems like a good idea.

DaWoblefet edit: good ideas!
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Moves in the old gens teambuilder are showing up with the gen 8 base powers and effects such as Rapid Spin being 50 BP and giving the speed boost.

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Im having a problem with the replays
It shows 2 vertical columns instead of 2 horizontal rows?
and when you use the mouse to watch sets of the replay, it does not show you anything, just some mons shows the set in the battle.



oh yea that was the issue, ty
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There appears to be a bug with Metronome Battle Ranked

Edit: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8metronomebattle-1110556199 replay link

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO, unfortunately there's nothing we can tell from the replay alone here; it looks like the guy was eventually able to select his move. My initial guess is it somehow attempted to try to use Metronome with his fainted Pokemon but it's hard to say with this alone unfortunately. We'd need to see things from the perspective of the user who was unable to select their move (DaWoblefet).
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I have a bug to showcase.

So in metronome battles, it only shows the abilities a Pokemon normally gets. How it normally worked was it showed all abilities.


It also seems to show it's entire moveset, rather than just metronome. It only showed metronome before.

EVs work just as they did before however.


If you don't think these images are enough proof, go try making a Pokemon under the metronome battle format yourself! Just choose metronome battle, and go to the abilities and movesets!



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When you clicked User: False's name on Showdown, their rank would pop-up next to their name for a few frames, before it disappeared. If you do "/alts" on a person with global auth, and you click their name in the /alts-menu, a similair thing will happen.

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT, it only happens for a few frames of a recording but this is reproducible. It looks like it's removing the symbol client-side after being set.
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I am unable to save replays when using a certain team in Metronome Battle. Clicking the button gives no feedback, but an error shows up in the console. I believe this is because of the final emoji being cut off in Marill's nickname.

Do✋noteatfish (Marill) @ Eviolite
Ability: Ice Scales
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Sassy Nature
- Metronome

after u drink water (Latias) (F) @ Soul Dew
Ability: Ice Scales
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
Sassy Nature
- Metronome

EDIT: Apparently the forums do not show my emoji properly.

Do✋ not  eat  fish  after  u  drink water  bc  it can  swim in  ur stomach  and u will  feel  gulugulu in ur stomach
jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4 Uncaught URIError: URI malformed
    at encodeURIComponent (<anonymous>)
    at e (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4)
    at Ab (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4)
    at Function.n.param (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4)
    at Function.ajax (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4)
    at Function.n.<computed> [as post] (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:4)
    at child.uploadReplay (client.js?a4b4268e:1278)
    at triggerEvents (backbone.js?8a8d8296:369)
    at triggerApi (backbone.js?8a8d8296:356)
    at eventsApi (backbone.js?8a8d8296:155)
EDIT: I have made a paste with the emojis included. https://pokepast.es/f117f92bc3460e26 DaWoblefet Don't know if edits alert

[addendum from DaWoblefet] it is the fish emoji in particular that's causing problems. In HTML it's &#128031; hex 0x1F41F. You cannot upload or download a replay with this symbol in a Pokemon's nickname. It looks like the character only affects replay uploads if the Pokemon was ever sent out on the field. Notably, a replay can still be saved if the nickname is just the fish emoji, so there's likely multiple issues at play here. Probably related: in the battle itself, the fish emoji character does not display (using latest Chrome):

[addendum from Zarel] the nickname limit is 18 characters, which certain emoji counting as two; the nickname was getting cut off halfway through an emoji, leading to all the bugs.

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Z-Moves do not display a base power, tested in both Gen 7 OU as well as National Dex OU. This bug affects both formats.
z move bug.PNG

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