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Model Fixing:

So here is the deal, the models on the simulator are compressed versions of the pkparaiso and kalaxe models, they have a reduced colour count which allows the simulator to be lag free. Sometimes that causes graphical problems. Since the compression was done by a script they miss somethings. So if you see a graphical colour pop out or some random colour change we may be able to fix that.

But I first need to know what is wrong.

So tell me what Pokemon write the name of that pokemon, the front or the back, and what exactly you think is wrong.

Example of things I can fix:



Before you post check the latest ones, and this chart here:

there are sprites here:
also here:

How to compile an animated model with no background:
  1. Record an animated loop of the Pokémon using a 3DS capture card or an emulator like Citrus, on the Pokédex menu screen;
    • Remember to properly zoom in/out;
  2. On Photoshop, remove the background, frame by frame;
  3. Save those frames as PNGs;
  4. Compile them together over at EzGif;
  5. The animation should be 30 FPS;
  6. GIFs do not support partial opacity! If you want to make something like that for, for example wings, you must save it as an Animated PNG (APNG);
    • NOTE: Pokémon Showdown at the moment does NOT support APNGs;
  7. Congratulations! You're done!
  8. If you want to take the extra mile on editing the Pokémon itself, here's a tutorial on it
Shiny Making Guide:

Ok so because people want shinies I am going to give more shinies, except I am not going to make them... YOU ARE! Don't worry I can teach you every step of the way how to make shinies for PS!

This method won't work for every Pokemon, some just won't be happening because the regular to shiny switch doesn't match colour to colour (Charizard), don't you dare request I make them, if you want them you gotta make them yourself. But now you can!!!

First you need:
1. Photoshop: Well not really, you can get a trial version for 30 days ( ) but if you absolutely cannot use Photoshop you can only make shinies for Pokemon that already are fixed as you can see on our chart.
2, Aseprite: An animation and pixel editor, very useful, also free. Download it here:
3. The unmodified animations here or the already fixed ones on our chart here: For Pkparaiso just kep note they do have a page for shinies but it's mostly just Kalos only pokemon
4. Imgur or another image uploader

UPDATE: Like 99% of the shiny fronts exist now on pkpariaso's shiny page:

so consider that when making them.

Check the chart in the first post for the mon you want to make shiny, if both entries are not fixed then you need to use Photoshop to do a proper colour reduce.

Go to: and find the front and back of the Pokemon you want, save them onto your computer. Then open them up in Photoshop.

Now here you can zoom in and reduce the colours. Make sure you're under GIF, then you may want to choose between Perceptual, Selective, and Adaptive (never Restrictive). Press play at the bottom right and see how they run. Make sure you restrict the colours to 16. For the most part this is all you'd need to do, but you can also remove colours, and go to higher colour amounts (32 or 128) and lock certain colours in so they don't get cut when you reduce again to 16. Make sure Dither is set to 0% along with Web Snap and Lossy, those aren't helpful.

Anyways just save that as the new version of the image, put that somewhere where you won't mix it up with the original rip. Make sure to upload this new fixed version so we can add it to PS too.

Now with the fixed animation you just made in Photoshop/grabbed from Pokemon Showdown you'll probably also need the shiny alternative. I tend to just grab the rips on the serebii dex:

The quality of some Serebii rips is really bad but the colours are close enough. Save the shiny you want on your computer so that you can open it.

Download and run Aseprite, open the fixed front, fixed back, and the serebii rip.

Now for your Serebii sample you'll need to change one key feature, with the serebii rip open go to the toolbar at the top and click Sprite > Color Mode > Indexed (No Dithering)

Now on the right toolbar go click the eraser and chose the eyedropper instead. Then near the top left of the screen above all the squares of colour click the Edit Palette button. The edit palette window is your friend use it wisely.

Here is the part where you have a bit of artistic freedom. Zoom in with the mouse wheel and compare the Serebii shiny rip with the animated front, grab an appropriate colour from the shiny, click Copy on the palette editor, then go to the animated sprite. Find the appropriate colour with the eyedropper again and click Paste on the palette editor to replace the corresponding colour. Now go to the back and using some artistic liberty replace the corresponding colour.

Now keep doing this and you'll probably have a good front, sometimes the backs have more or different colours. You'll have to wing it in the Palette Editor. Use the RGB or HSB mode and play with the sliders to find a good replacement colour that is about the same as it was originally. This takes a bit more trial and error. HSB option is your friend, use it well.

Once they are done and look fine SAVE AS and upload everything you touched so I can add it to PS.

If you don't/can't use Photoshop but would like to make certain mons shiny, start by doing at least one that is fixed on the chart, and then you can ask me to prep whatever pokemon you want on Photoshop for you. These are the only requests I'll allow in this thread, so first you gotta scratch my back before I scratch yours! If you can't use Photoshop AND for some reason you can't use aseprite sorry you're out of luck.

In the event the Pokemon you want just can't be properly made shiny, post here still and if you want show the attempted result so nobody else has to waste their time doing it as well. ALSO I want both regular and megas done for the mega mons.

I might add some more to this soon, we shall see. Ask me any questions and I'll update this as well. Post your results here, and so long are you aren't colour blind I will add them to Pokemon Showdown!

To do list:
  • Mega Steelix, Torkoal re-recording of a longer cycle
  • Re-record models that look too small (Celesteela, Buzzwole, Xurkitree, ...)
  • Re-Record models that need a better repositioning (Mewtwo, ...)
  • Re-Record Mega Diancie's back
  • Add missing new Shiny Kyurem-W backsprite
  • Fix the missing shiny backsprites
  • Fix Minior switching colors when going through Meteor and normal modes [*]
  • Fix Minior-Blue and Minior-Violet having swapped party models [*]
  • Add female Pokémon models


Treecko edit: Nothing from the Typhlosion line is supposed to have fire on its back.
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On your sheet it says the back is fixed, but not the front. Roserade's body and its roses are a tad flashy.

Pyroar's flames flash slightly.
The Haxorus sprite flashes under that shoulder plate:

Also, back sprites with really long tails (like Mewtwo's sprite) look out of position because their tails causes their bodies to be shifted rightward.

Thanks for your time, Layell!
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Jumpluff's eyes are shimmering.

The main body of the sword is changing colour.

Fraxure's head is flashing.

Glaceon's head is flashing slightly.

The bottom of Dunsparce's head is flashing.

Terrakion's back sprite has is brown thing flashing and his front sprite has those grey particles

Mega Gardevoir's dress flashes in its front sprite

In its back sprite its head flashes

There's slight flashing in Krokorok's body.

I don't know whether the right wing is supposed to be like that on Volcarona.

The two purple bulges on Cresselia flash.
Xatu's back sprite's tail area looks weird (lighting shifts uncontrollably).

Also, Milotic's back and Aurorus' back both flash.

The highlight on Ariados' back flashes.

The highlight on Abomasnow's back flashes.

The crystals on Mega Abomasnow's back also flash.

Sawk's front sprite flashes on its forehead.

Because of the black pixel outline on Swalot's front sprite's whiskers, the whiskers flash between white and black as they move.

Vilepume's front sprite's eye disappears from time to time (mainly because it moves and flashes).

Regirock's back sprite flashes on its tail. (I know right? Regirock has a tail!?)

It's not flashing, but the lighting on Crobat's back sprite changes pretty drastically as he flaps them.

The lines on Togekiss' back sprite momentarily disappear due to the shifting positions. I know the lines on some other Pokemon look funny when they move, but the lines on Togekiss actually disappear and reappear.

Talonflame's back sprite flashes on the gray part near its tail.

Cobalion's back sprite has black spots flashing on its legs and a black dot on its underside.

Donphan's back sprite flashes with fuzzy patches.

All in all, I think the number of sprites with flashing issues far exceeds those without. Why don't you assume they're all problematic until proven otherwise? :P

Sorry, I know this is probably a lot of work but there are thousands of Showdown users appreciating your work (me included)!
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