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PS! Model Mod & Fixing Thread


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So, the best as I can reconstruct what happened:

You only fixed Scyther's shiny sprite, and left Scyther's regular sprite (and female sprites) unfixed.

Ridaz got confused, and uploaded these as regular sprites.

Anyway, these look kind of weird on darker backgrounds. I think I would prefer these wings to be the correct color of yellowish-white, rather than transparent:


I've reverted these, since they look out-of-place without a full set. To be clear, a full set should be eight images:

a full set should be eight images:
Arceus doesnt have the full set, missing the shinys frontsprites that I made, they are somewhere in this thread.

on the other hand, there are still errors in the gender differences, it seems that what I reported to ridaz has been fixed in part, but not all.

First of all: many sprites have their forms switched, I mean, the female form is named with xxxx.gif and the male form with xxx-f.gif. Why? because the guy from pkparaiso was capturing sprites as he wanted and in some of them he captured a male sprite and the shiny captured the female.

Next I leave the list of wrong pokemon by folders:

xyani-back-shiny /
Pokémon that we have switched forms:

Butterfree, Beautifly, doduo, girafaring, giglar, goldeen, hypno, ledian, milotic, piloswine, ratatta, shiftry, ursaring, vileplume, roselia

Other errors: politoed-f is a frontsprite.

xyani-back /
Pokemon that we have switched forms:

butterfree, beautifly, dodrio, girafaring, gloom, hypno, ludicolo, xatu

xyani-shiny /
Pokemon that we have switched forms:
Girafaring, zubat

xyani /
Pokemon that we have switched forms: zubat

I think there are no more mistakes.
I noticed that Archeop's model sprite had two blue pixels just kinda floating in the top right corner, so I removed them.


I don't think gyarados' forehead is supposed to do this.
Aipom-f is moving slower than Aipom-m.
The opposite is true for Ambipom: the male sprite is moving slower than the female.
Is it just me, or does Buzzwole's sprite look a bit... small?
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Hello !
Some informations about missing or switched sprites :
- Shiny Alolan diglett and dugtrio's back aren't shiny.
- Unown F shiny's back is replacing Unown G shiny's back
- Unown G shiny's back is missing
- Shiny murkrow female's back is replacing Shiny murkrow male
- Shiny murkrow male's back is missing
- Missing female murkrow's back
- All the other than normal Arceus shiny forms front are non shiny
- Shiny Passimian's back is replaced by the non-shiny version

Edit :
- Shiny Snover female's back missing
- There is one non shiny Sprite of Popplio in sprites/xyani-back-shiny/
- There is also the shiny sprite but with an incorrect name (Poplio)
- Non shiny sprite of yungoos in sprites/xyani-shiny
- Non shiny sprite of sandyghast in sprites/xyani-back-shiny
- Missing totem sprite of Ribombee in sprites/xyani
- All Pheromosa sprites have a really bad transparency problem
I saw other bugs, like some female and male sprites switched but I have to remember :)
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